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Nipple pain before AF?

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I got my first PPP last month when DD was 11 months. Now I can tell I am in PMS cycle though AF has not arrived yet (wondering if it takes time for periods to become regular PP while BF?). And again, just like last month, I've noticed, it HURTS so bad to breastfeed! It's really awful. It feels almost like what I imagine dry nursing must feel like... like she's chomping (she's not, her latch is fine), each moment of it makes me wonder if I can keep going, until finally let down comes and then it's not so bad.... until the flow slows down, and then it feels awful, awful again. I don't have an infection (I've had thrush and mastitis, so I'm pretty familiar) and I don't seem to be having any issue with my supply ..my breasts are getting just as full, she's nursing just as much, and not overly fussy... so what GIVES? Is this dry-nursing-type sensation related to cycle hormones? Does anyone else have this problem???

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I think its entirely a hormonal upheaval at work here - i just got my first PPP ( Jan 1)  it was preceded by nearly a month of pain while nursing - i was beginning to think i might have been pregnant....then out of teh blue - whammo!  - good thing i have a 16 yr old daughter or i would have been caught with nothing!   (my LO is 16 months old!)

Now , on January 28 the pain came back - it feels like just plain 'sensitive nipples' - prior to this pregnancy i was always really sensitive prior and during a period.  Weird that i havent bled yet this month - but its my understanding that this can take a while to regulate.  and i know for certain i cannot be pregnant this month winky.gif

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I've had the same issue. Nipple soreness starts around the time I ovulate and goes away when AF arrives. I believe it's entirely hormonal. I tried taking evening primrose oil a few times a day this time around and it has made a big difference. 

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I wanted to add that I'm quite jealous that you went so long before your cycle came back. Mine returned at 4 months and has severely disrupted my pumping output between ovulation and AF. greensad.gif

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Heh heh... still don't have mine... daughter is now 2 1/2 years.  Went this long with my first born too.  He was over 2 when I got my period back... that was on purpose though... I encouraged him to eat more solid food and he would sometimes forget to breastfeed... I wanted to get pregnant again.  Once pregnant I continued to nurse him in the morning and at bedtime, but it started to get quite uncomfortable and I bribed him with treats to wean him off completely.  I encouraged him to start breastfeeding again after my daughter was born but he had gone four months without and wasn't interested anymore (he was 3).

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