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Hey Ladies, I can't believe it is time to discuss this, but is any one planning on starting Evening Primrose Oil...and if so when?  I can't remember when i started with my last pregnancy...Thanks!

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I was told to start taking them orally at 36 weeks. I might wait until 37.

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Off to google EPO...

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Me too!

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My midwife offered it with my first at 36 weeks (not supposed to start before then) but I decided against it.  I couldn't find any good evidence beyond anecdotal that it actually worked and there was some evidence that it could cause complications.  I eventually decided to just let nature take its course.

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I'm wondering about this, as well. While there aren't many studies out there, they seem to suggest that it doesn't help. Midwives seem to favor it, though, and anecdotal reports are that it can help.

Have any of you used it and believe it to help? I used it last time, but I don't think it helped so much. I don't remember the dose, but I used it orally at 36 weeks, and internally at 37 weeks. My Bishop score was so-so at 39 weeks when I had a c-section.
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To be honest cameras girl I don't think the bishop score means much. 2 hrs before Seth was born I was sent home;) The lady told me I was 2cm's and REALLY high;)


Anyway my friend  told me that 2EPOS orally at 36w should be sufficient.

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Well, yeah. Bishop's score doesn't mean much as far as spontaneous labor. They wanted to induce, though, and my cervix was iffy for that after a few weeks of EPO. I think that RRL is helping more this time. I haven't started prodromal labor, and by now with DD I was miserable. I'm sure that like anything, EPO helps some more than others.
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I used EPO for my 2nd babe and I think it worked a little too well.  I didn't need it for my 3rd and wont for this babe either, since I already have some changes going on.... from what I can tell I'm about 90% effaced and 1-2cm dilated.  

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Originally Posted by Everlong753 View Post

. from what I can tell I'm about 90% effaced and 1-2cm dilated.  

I wish I could still reach my cervix to check. My midwife doesn't do a pelvic exam until I'm in labour, but I'm kind of curious what's going on.
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For those that can reach, do you have any special tricks? I swear my arms shrink as soon as I get pregnant.
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I can reach just the outer opening of my cervix by squatting in the shower and reaching in with a couple fingers while my other hand grabs the wrist to help push my fingers in farther.  Its really high. I would say I am 60% effaced at this point.  I have always been 100% effaced and 4-5 cm dilated before labor starts.  I can feel the dilation start happening shortly after I hit 30 weeks, but always have carried to term.

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Im the same 8intulgeywood, my body gets going early.  Last time I was 4-5 cm, and the time before that I was 6-7 cm for almost a week! That was the worst prodomal labor ever (and the time I took the EPO).  Still carried that little bugger to his exact due date.  


I was able to reach it pretty well about 4 or 5 weeks ago and that was when I got my estimation. I can't reach very well any longer, which is probably good because I would be stressing if I was any more then 4cm right now.  I have too much to do! 

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I'm rather naiive about this stuff...how is EPO supposed to "make things easier"? 

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EPO is supposed to help the cervix soften, and by softening, encourage dilation. EPO has omega 6 oils that the body turns into prostaglandins, and the prostaglandins cause changes in the cervix. You can take it orally, vaginally, or both.

I ended up getting some borage oil because the active ingredient is more potent in borage oil. I figured I'd give it a shot, and if it doesn't help, at least borage is supposed to be good for helping milk come in. I started taking it orally today, and then will probably do suppositories when I'm term on Sunday.
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