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My normally mellow newborn screaming while nursing, sleeping, etc.

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I posted in other areas of Mothering, but I thought I would post here, too.


My baby is only 16 days old and she started out super mellow, however over the past couple days she has been bursting out screaming out of no where...not working up to a cry, but a scream. She'll do it while she's sleeping and also while she's nursing--she started out nursing like a champ, but now she'll just pop off the breast and scream as if she's in pain. She'll flail her arms & legs and her body will get stiff. She doesn't do it non-stop though--it's just as if something bothers her for a little while and then it passes. She poops and pees fine and she burps fairly often. I'm not sure what's going on, but I thought the best thing to do would be to try to modify my diet. Trouble is, I'm vegetarian, and it seems like *everything* on the list of foods that may bother breastfed babies is what's in my diet: soymilk, nuts, tofu, wheat, dairy (I eat a lot of yogurt), UGH!!! I've been avoiding broccoli, cheese, cabbage, & onions, but I feel like I'll have nothing left to eat if I cut out everything. Not to mention that I'm not even sure if this is the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated--have any of you moms experienced this? Also, any vegetarian food suggestions would be great!

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I remember taking garlic pills for a cold I had coming on and dd cried for days.... are you taking any supplements?

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Its a misnomer that foods that cause US to be gassy effect baby in the same way.  If i were you - i would try eliminating cows milk and milk products - like yogurt - and start eating the broccoli and cabbage again.  It might be nothing - shes so young, she has a show-room new digestive system and perfectly normal functions can sometimes scare baby - causing her to scream.   Is there any sort of pattern?  When my LO was that age he would sleep from 7PM - midnight or so - then wake up and it was like he forgot how to nurse-, it would take me 30 minutes of trying to get him to latch on - he would be screaming his head off - i knew he was hungry - my mistake was sleeping through his early feeding cues - im sure if i had woke him up at 11PM he would have been OK.

Cows milk protein is a big irritant at this point, it might be worth it to eliminate it for a a few weeks and see if it helps - then gradually add it back in. 

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Also, keep in mind that cow's milk protein and soy protein share 65% of the same composition. Therefore....if a child has an intolerance to cow's milk, he or she very possibly has one to soy as well. Not what you want to hear as a vegetarian who relies on soy....but still worth checking into. My DS was intolerant to both, and still at 25 months can not handle soy but has just recently adjusted to cow's milk products (cheese, yogurts). Clues to look for are back arching, body stiffness, screaming, your intuition of 'something's hurting her', mucous or tiny specks of blood in stool, green stool, frothy stool. It may be too early for the stool symptoms to appear, but keep an eye out for them. Good luck. 

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Sounds like she just has gas. Nico screams when he has to fart and then he's better. Try burping more between breasts. I'm also a vegetarian and have wondered about all the legumes and broccoli i eat... but it's very normal for newborns to have TONS of gas. I'd wait a few weeks before altering your diet and making yourself too crazy. 

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search gripe water on here- and try that.

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My guy does that right before he farts! 

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Originally Posted by Kindermama View Post

My guy does that right before he farts! 

Same here!!  


My little one does the same thing as yours... I asked my mw and she said that type of behavior is normal as their guts go through maturation... She told me I could eliminate dairy followed by gluten to see if I can find the culprit, but she thinks I'm going to drive myself insane and that it's a phase that will probably pass.  Good luck!


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I cut out dairy and soymilk and since yesterday she's been back to her usual easy-going self. I'm keeping a food diary for now--midwife says that the culprit usually rears its head around 12 hours after you eat it. Hoping for a few good days in a row and then I'm going to try to reintroduce nuts & soy products one day at a time...I did get Colic Calm (a homeopathic gripe water) in case it hits again--curious to see if it works. Good luck to the ladies who are dealing with this as well!

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I used Colic Calm a handful of times with my last LO. It had an instant calming effect on my daughter. 

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How is your LO's poop? Any mucous, froth? With DD1, I had a major oversupply issue and overactive letdown. This would cause her to pull off while nursing and scream and gave her tons of gas because she got too much foremilk, She had green, frothy poop. I had to block feed to get it under control. When that cleared up, we realized she had food intolerances (poop turned from frothy to mucousy) and I had to cut lots of stuff out of my diet. Hopefully it's just the dairy since that seems to be helping!

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