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Cloth diapering so bulky for us

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I don't know how old he is, but I had some similar concerns when DS was about 4 or 5 months. We were visiting family and everyone got into my head about how he wasn't sitting up (assisted) because his diaper was too big. Well, within weeks he was sitting without assistance and he was an early crawler and walker after that. I really don't think that cloth hampers gross motor skills-- after all, that's how people lived and learned to walk forever before sposies came out. I've also heard from others that some physical therapists actually recommend CD if a baby is having problems.


That said, you don't want your babe drowning in that bulky diaper! I started pad folding my small PFs into the cover. You simply fold it and lay it in. At night I still snappi, but during the day when his absorbency needs are less this works great. I have never seen Nicki's so I can't compare it to anything else, but I do like the GroVia and use that a lot during the day. We also have Thirsties and had Bummis. I don't love Bummis because the PUL is a little thicker. Thirsties would probably be good for pad folding because they have gussets so you will have better poop containment.


If you are interested in branching out to pockets, Fuzzibunz are probably the trimmest cloth diaper I've ever seen. I have a small stash of pockets and AIOs that I use for going out. I find they are easier to manage and remember to bring with me!

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I felt the same way so we use a fitted AIO, I move the snaps around so the babies have wide leg movement options.

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I think it's the folks at Green Mountain Diapers that advise you that anyone who tries to sell a "less bulky, more absorbent" CD is full of it.  It's just not the way it works.  Yes, the CDs are way bigger than disposables, but I got used to it (as did my son).  Initially I was concerned, because he wanted to reach his feet so badly and could only do it without his diaper.  That took about a week or two for him to figure out, then he had no problem getting to those toes. 


A nice treat for baby is to give him some open air time - then he can wiggle around to his heart's content, plus his skin gets a break.  I usually do this with a prefold just draped over him in case he decides to try to hose me down. 

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I think it's more the stiff snap/velcro area on the cover that's the problem for sitting actually.  DD can tripod while diaper free but definitely not with her CD on.  I hear Dappi pull-ons are better for this and I'm thinking about getting some.

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I've sometimes thought that DS's diapers were a little too bulky, too, so we've always given him plenty of naked time and that's when he really gets going.  He's 7.5 months and stands independently and even takes a few wobbly steps (with or without diapers) so I know over all he's doing just fine with gross motor skills, but I'm not crazy about the bulk.  Recently I was reading another thread on here about diaper folding and someone suggested the "bikini twist" fold- it is AMAZING how much less bulky his diapers are when I fold them this way.  You can find how-to videos on youtube- it's really simple.  


Oh, and we use prefolds with Thirsties covers... :)

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I was going to suggest the bikini twist as well.  :)


Fuzzi Bunz are great too, that's what I always used with DD when we went out.  I'll most likely do that again with this LO.  They can be costly, but you can usually get them used for around $10 each.  You'd just need 3-4 (if you wanted to use them for outings only) so that's more doable than a whole stash full.  You can also find some nice pocket diapers on Etsy and HyenaCart too.

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