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Looking for a good deal on infant prefolds

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Is there anyway to find a deal with out individually checking every diapering site? I have most of what I need for baby #3, but another dozen infant prefolds would be nice as I only have 2 dozen. I know some folks like diaper swappers, but I tend to get too caught up in the hype of the latest and greatest and want to keep things simple.

I am fine with seconds or pre-owned diapers. Any tips?


Thank you!

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cotton babies is nice because of free shipping.  I find the cost of shipping prefolds to make buying used pretty unreasonable.  Have you checked your local craigslist?  If you have a local cloth diaper delivery they might sell you a dozen for a good price.  Otherwise I like Green Mountain diapers

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Shipping prefolds is pricey, since they're bulky. I second the suggestion to find a local shop and buy new or diaper service seconds. Craigslist is a good option, too. When buying used, even if the prefolds have buildup, they're pretty easy to strip and "fix" whatever might be wrong. As a bonus, you won't have to prep them!

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I love this retailer and they have free shipping on every order http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/prefolds_flats.html


You could always buy a few a week. That's what I did to get my stash built up :) 

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THANK YOU, SandyBeachBums, for posting about Cotton Babies!  This looks like a wonderful company, and I think we'll save a lot of money with them.  We'll be placing our order on payday!

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I ordered some of our first diapers from Cotton Babies 5 years ago. I keep going back for more! I found someone locally to buy some prefolds from, but I will probably get a few more from Cotton Babies.

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Another vote for cottonbabies here! We ordered almost everything from there and had great service and great products.
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Okay, I decided against buying the used prefolds and instead getting new ones from Cotton Babies. Before I bought, I looked and found a coupon code. type in BESTDEAL at checkout for 5% off. I didn't buy a lot, but I figure saving $1 is better than not saving any!

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