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The IRS's where's my refund updated our status to say our refund is scheduled to be deposited tomorrow, Feb. 7th.  That was fast! I wonder if it will really be in our account then, or not, b/c originally it said to expect our refund February 15th.

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Still nothing here. It's not even registering that we filed. We also filed on the 31st. I don't know!

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I e-filed last week. We're getting a pretty large refund thanks to several tax credits. We're using the money to pay off debt. Thanks to my new job and my husband's raise, we made $10K more this year than last year. We're finally in a place financially to start snow balling debt!

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Our status changed from a generic "On the 14th" to the specific amount to be deposited tomorrow.  I really hope it goes through!  Our return was accepted the 31st.  We got our state today.

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The eagle has landed! lol.gif. We really did get our refund today. Hooray!
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I hope I can say that tomorrow!  Congrats :)

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We filed on the 3rd and the IRS site is saying we will get our refund on the 21st.  State was deposited yesterday!  I was really impressed with how fast that showed up.


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Sent it thru on Sunday the 5th of Feb. It was accepted right away. But no deposit date. I am thinking by the 17th.

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So if I did mine on the 31st why is there no info for me yet? It's driving me nuts.   wild.gif

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That's odd that it's not registering that you filed and letting you know when to expect a refund.  I'm surprised it went so smoothly for us; in the past, the where's my refund would set it back a week or so and say there were processing delays, or something. 

Hope you find out soon!


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Our eagle has landed too!  I cant wait to fork most of it over to our mechanic so he can do some much needed repairs on our car.  We will be renting a car while ours gets fixed.  We are also getting our Bernese neutered (expensive because he  has an undescended testicle, but needs done badly!)  I'm so thankful that we can do these things now :)



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Yay!  It makes for a happy day, for sure. 

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Well this morning it finally says that they are processing it! Yay! Estimated date of arrival is Feb 21st unless we owe more taxes. So here's hoping that our first time filing we made no mistakes. I can't wait to pay off my two credit cards!

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Checked my online banking and it looks like we got our STATE refund. So now were just waiting on federal. Yay!

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Ugh.  I hate these threads!  Every year we wait for a K-1 that does not come to us until April.  We have all the rest of what we need by the end of Jan and then have to sit on it for 3 months.  So hard to wait when we have $$$ coming back to us!

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what's a K1? Never heard of it.


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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

what's a K1? Never heard of it.


Just another tax document!  It's a form documenting your income from a partnership.  Since they are prepared by an accountant and don't get sent to the IRS, it is my experience that they run late, unlike W-2s and 10-99s, which seem to go out by the end of January.

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"Where's My Refund" finally has updated our info.  It says we'll get it by the 21st, but all the calendars I've seen for the IRS says we should get it around the 14th.  I'm hoping the "Where's My Refund" just overstates the date.


We got our state yesterday YEAH!!

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Ours says the 21st. Not sure about the state though.

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I got my federal return today.
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