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Evap Line or Super Faint Positive?

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Unfortunately I don't have a picture to post.  I did the Dollar Tree (new brand) test this morning at 10 DPO.  At first glance was super negative.  When I took it apart, if I looked really hard I could see what looked like a gray evap line. Ugh BFN!


I (of course) dug it out of the trash later and could see that the grey evap line now looked pinkish.  But it was not dark enough to get a picture.


I then decide to pee on a OPK.  I expected it to be negative. In fact, it was just a shade lighter than a positive.


Looking at fertility friend's pictures I'm not sure where my test would fit in.  It looks like some of the evap lines and like some of the super, super, super ( barely visable) BFP's.  


I'm gonna hold out until AF is due, and if she doesn't show up I will test again.  I was just wondering if anyone had some experience with this.

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I haven't had experience with this exact problem, but I do have problems conceiving and so I know a little about OPK's and pregnancy tests. The general rule is that you're not supposed to look at a pregnancy test after 10 minutes have passed so I don't think you should take what you saw as anything. With that being said - I'd probably test again in 4 days (first day when you're supposed to get your period). Also, how faint a line is on the OPK isn't really a good indicator of anything - as long as it's not equal to or darker than the 1st line, than the test is negative. But I'm assuming you got a positive OPK 10 days ago, right? So, maybe in 4 days, you'll get a better answer. :)  Good Luck!

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The rule with HPT's is that you cannot go by anything that shows up outside the time frame and definitely do not take the test apart.  If there is a dark enough line to be considered positive then you will be able to see it clearly in the test window, within the proper time limit.  The dye can migrate after the time limit and make you think you have a colored line.  And while OPK's can act as a pregnancy test, they do so only well after an HPT would show up positive anyway.  What it is picking up now is just random levels of LH and/or other substances that trigger the test.  Definitely do not go by that.  So like the pp said, test again in a few days to see what's happening for certain.  Good luck!

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I'm going to be the voice of dissent. I took a DT test at 9 DPO. It looked like a BFN after like 3 mins or so but I shoved it in my pocket and went to work. I pulled it out of my pocket a few hours later and could see the faintest hint of something. I was on my 3rd cycle after a miscarriage and I wanted to know as soon as possible if I was pregnant so I could get my doctor to start progesterone supplements. I messaged my doc (she's also my close friend) and she told me to come in and she would do a blood test. That evening, I took another DT test and the line was a bit darker. The next morning when she called me, my hcg on the beta was 20...just barely pregnant but pregnant indeed! It shouldn't have registered anything on the DT test but it did. Don't want to raise your hopes needlessly but it's possible it is something. Good luck!

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Annie... I totally agree that this happens, but the the idea here is that the OP's test must be considered negative at this point.  If there was something there, then a test the next day should show up better and then you know, just one day later.  But reading the results any way other than the test manufacturer intended cannot be considered accurate.  Of course if you have a medical reason that you need to know ASAP (as you did) then even if you only suspected you were pregnant it was smart to request a blood test.

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