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So, my kids are now 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 and up til now i've been able to rely on breastfeeding alone to keep my weight down. That's not working so well anymore. LOL. I eat fairly well but I just feel "weak"--I want to tone up and lose about twenty pounds just so I have the energy I need to take care of my kids, homeschool them, and everything else I'm doing.


If anyone has any suggestions on a good gym I'd appreciate it. We're on a very limited budget (DH makes about $30,000 a year) and i'm a SAHM, but I just do not have the motivation to get out and walk or run on my own....if i was in a class on a gym, i'd have something to force me to keep with it. Plus, it would be good to get the kids out as well since we homeschool and they're not currently in any activities outside of church.


Also- do you know for places that offer childcare, do they require proof of immunization, and if so do they accept waivers? Since both kids are vax-free and will remain so? I live on the NW side of town, near Bradley and 215.