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Hey June Mamas!


So, this is the thread for signing up for the bead swap. Basically, this is what will happen:


We'll all sign up for the bead swap and a the end of the sign up period, around the beginning of April (does that sound good?) we'll tally how many people we have in the bead swap group and each mama will go out in to the world and buy a bead for each woman in the group. For instance, if 20 mamas sign up, each mama in the bead swap would go out and buy 20 beads. They can all be the same (I think that is preferable, so we all have a similar necklace in the end???) but if you find a bunch that all look different and they call to you, that is AWESOME too! :) No stress, only fun and happiness.


After you've collected the beads you wish to submit in the swap, you will send them all to our awesome mama Rebirth, who has generously offered her time and effort in stringing and sending out the necklaces. So after she receives the beads and makes a necklace for each mama made of all the different beads sent by all who are participating, she'll send the necklace out to you in the mail. How much fun is THAT!??


A bit of a note: Rebirth sparked this whole idea, which I think is awesome, because she had such an awesome experience with this in a DDC she was a part of previously. She said one of the nicest parts of the swap, was that each bead that the mamas sent in had a note with it which contained positive affirmations, lovely words, etc..just a short little note. Rebirth said that she still cherishes those notes. I think that sounds really great and I plan to have a note to accompany each bead that I send in...totally not mandatory, but I wanted to throw it out there because I think it's really beautiful!


If you would like to take part in this bead swap, please post in this thread saying so! I will update the thread often to keep a tally here in the original post of everyone who is taking part.


YAY June Mamas! luxlove.gif



~~ June Mamas Participating in Bead Swap ~~  - 25 mamas so far!


ORANGE - indicates that you have received the shipping info PM. Thank you for replying!


GREEN - indicates that you have confirmed your package as shipped!


PURPLE - indicates that your beads are confirmed received by Rebirth! (If your name is not purple, don't worry...a few packages came through with no SN in them and we haven't quite matched up name and SNs....but our "numbers" are on track, so we don't seem to be missing any!!).






PrincessSputnik - *



Monkey's Mum - *

















Caroline L

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I just threw in all the names of mamas who had mentioned being interested on the original thread...if you see your name there but don't want to be involved or aren't sure yet, feel free to let me know and I'll remove your name!



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Sign me up!!!!!! I love the idea!
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Count me in please!

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I am in!


Just a quick question though about the cost of shipping out the knecklaces, do we send Rebirth money to cover the cost? also how about self adressed envelopes? Just don't want to heap a tonn of work on Rebirth.

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Updated to here! YAY Bead Mamas!



I agree completely about the shipping/making it easy on rebirth. Rebirth, can you please let us know at some point what each person should plan to spend on shipping costs and how the packaging/return packaging should be like to make this easiest on you?


I would definitely like to send my package to you with smaller return packaging of some sort that is pre-addressed inside. Let us know what the best packaging would be!

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Definatly want in. This is way better then any bead swap I've seen.
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i'm in! what a lovely idea :)

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Count me in!

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I'm in of course!

As for shipping back: Yes, please send your beads to me along with a self addressed, stamped small bubble mailer. I highly recommend getting the bubble mailer (or something similar) because some beads are very fragile and I don't want to risk breakage. I'f you happen to have an old necklace box send that too to be extra safe! I have a few I've saved for anyone without. This should ensure everyone gets their necklaces safely. I'll string them with materials already in my stash as my gift to anyone who wants. Please put a note on the envelope if you want to string it yourself or have anything else to note smile.gif if you have any personal beads to add to the necklace, feel welcome to include them and I can incorporate them.

I also think it would be so nice if everyone sent an extra bead so there is a spare, just in case.... smile.gif

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah and a June suprise.
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I would love to participate, please count me in.


rebirth- thanks for sharing this idea with everyone.

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YAY! Updated to here!

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Count me in, too! When will we need to start sending the beads in?

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I would love to participate!

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Wow what a great idea! Please count me in... hoping I can buy US stamps in Canada for return postage, otherwise I'm not sure if this will work! I'll look into it!


P.S. Might be a silly question but there are many shapes and sizes of "beads"... are we all aiming for around the same size bead or will it be a mix of all shapes/sizes? Just curious. I've never done this before!

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Sign me up! Sounds like fun!

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I tink it's a good idea if everybe ships their beads by 3/15... So we have plenty of time to receive them before birth. It will take me about 1 week once all beads are here to string/pack. So that timeline means that they should be home ad received before may smile.gif

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah
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If Canada mamas need to send money and I pay shipping that would be fine.

Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah
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Aww- I wanna do it! Sign me up :-D

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Updated to here!


rebirth, how do we handle mailing them to you? Do you want to PM your address? How should we handle shipping, how much and in what form of payment should we include in the package we send to you to ensure shipping costs back to us are covered?

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