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Baby Girl is Here!!! Born 1/31 at 8:35 PM

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Wow, that was intense.


Mild contractions started around 9:00 PM on 1/30.  Slowly but surely they were getting stronger, and at 4:00 am we called the midwife to let her know that today was going to be the day.  I was able to rest very little between contractions from 4 to 9, and then they became too intense to lay down.  We had the midwife come at about 2pm, and the first thing we did was fill up the pool.  So good... I spent a lot of time in there.  Contractions stayed good and strong. Transition was long and intense.  There was a lot of crying, moaning, and just having to completely let go.  My husband was such a rock star about it.  During transition the MW checked my dilation and found there was a little lip in the way.  She tried to move it out of the way, but i just couldn't handle it. She had me feel for the baby's head, which by this time was only about an inch and a half away, so amazing and motivational. She then had me get out of the pool and move around.  My water finally broke in hands and knees position in the living room. The whole labor had been pretty intense on my back, but by late in transition I was crying about my back with every contraction.  I got back in the pool, where the contractions stayed incredibly strong, I cried "I can't do it!" many times, but I still wasn't reaching a point to push.  MW checked my cervix again and that little lip was still there, and she tried to move it again, and I tried to stop her again.  DH asked me to get out of the pool, so he helped me out, starting another contraction.  As soon as I wrapped my arms around his neck for support, the push finally came.  Pushing was at the same time the best and the worst feeling in the world, the best because I could for sure feel the baby coming out, but it is also *so* incredibly overwhelming.  I pushed out of the pool for about 4 contractions, then got back in to deliver.  I'm so amazed at how primal the pushing is to get your baby out, and how strong you have to push.  When the head was delivered, her shoulder got stuck.  A gush of blood came as I pushed and it really freaked out DH.  His words of encouragement gave me the strength to push with everything I had while the MW freed her shoulder.  And there she was.  She cleared her lungs out right away.  I was eventually given pitocin to stop the bleeding and carried out of the pool to the bed. We've been attached since then.  Her daddy is so in love with her, and waking up in bed this morning with both of them was certainly the best feeling in the world.


As a side, this little girl likes to be awake for 4 hours at a time, and is only happy when she is on my nipples.  Needless to say, my nipples are crying! Any advice?

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Yay!!  I'm so thrilled that she's finally here *and* she made it in January!


Painful nipples = lasinoh cream.  And make sure you get your full areola in her mouth.  A bad latch will kill a nipple.

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so happy to read this, element!  congrats on your baby girl!


nak or would write more but we've all been pulling for you guys!  :)

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Congrats Element!  We had our babies on the same day! Good timing.   Welcome baby girl! 


My nipples are sore too so I'm using lanolin and hydrogel pads.  Much better.  My milk is completely in so that is also helping.


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Hurray element!!  Isn't labor just the most intense and mind-blowing experience ever???  You described it sooo well!  I'm thrilled that everything went so well and that your little one is finally with you!


I agree on the Lansinoh lanolin, it is a lifesaver!  Also getting a good latch.  Wait for baby to open really really wide and then pull her to you.  Sometimes I have to break the latch once or twice until we get it right, but it's worth it because otherwise the pain is horrible.  I also agree that once your milk is totally in it makes it easier b/c baby doesn't suck as voraciously as when it's only colostrum.


Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going!!

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I look forward to reading the details, but just wanted to say congratulations element!!!!

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Juneboy, that's so cool we had our babes on the same day! I think energetically we were pushing each other along :-)

I'm so honored to have shared my pregnancy with such an awesome group of women. You guys are awesome!

My milk came in overnight, thank goodness! Not only were my nipples screaming mad, but we were also getting worried that this almost 9 pound baby wasn't getting enough. And the lansinoh has totally been saving me! Thinking of all of you and your gorgeous babies!
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element, I've been waiting to hear about your baby's birth!  So happy for you...congratulations!  Enjoy her! love.gif

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Congrats element!  No advice to add on the nipples but I hope you're feeling less sore soon.

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