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anybody feel movement yet?

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I don't :(

I'm 18 weeks yesterday.  Being my fourth, I feel like I "should", sometimes when I'm lying on the couch in the evening, I think I feel something, but I'm just not sure if it's baby or gas.  It would make me feel more at ease that's for sure.


How about you guys?

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I'm not. 17w4d with my first. It's freaking me out a bit even though many people have told me not to expect to feel it until 19w or so (plus, I'm fat, so supposedly that can delay being able to feel it). Ultrasound next Friday... hopefully things will be OK.

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I am kind of in the same boat as Kuba'sMama. I think I'm just really skeptical of anything and afraid to be sure it's baby movement. Although, I'm fairly certain I felt something the other day, I haven't felt it again. I agree it's reassuring when you get to feel the baby all the time. (17w4d with #3)

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I've been feeling it for a couple months now.


You may have an anterior placenta, meaning placenta is between baby and your stomach, so you don't feel kicks as easily.

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I have been feeling little flutters for a few weeks now. It's not regular yet, and if I'm not paying attention sometimes I probably miss it. The baby seems to be especially noticeable when I get back to work after lunch. I'm 17w 3d with my first. 


I'm quite looking forward to being able the feel the baby much more and more regularly.

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I started feeling flutters at 15 weeks. I too was skeptical to attribute movement to anything but gas/digestion until I was sure it was babe. Definitely was at about 15 weeks 3 days. I don't feel it much when I am active, I need to be sitting still to notice it. I am 19 weeks tomorrow.

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If I feel anything, it sort of feels like a slight tightening and ripples. But then if I sit there and concentrate, I can almost always feel that, so I also think I might be sort of willing myself to feel it. I have "twinges" from time to time, but who knows if they are baby movement or gas pains or a slight muscle cramp.


Descriptions others have given (flutters, bubbles, my MIL said it was like a fish swimming through your tummy) don't really connect with me yet--I just don't understand how I could feel something that subtle. I feel like I have gas bubbles and whatnot going through there all the time (or, more annoyingly, I think "Is that the baby?" and my stomach sort of jumps like a nervous response)--how could I possibly distinguish a "flutter"? I think I just have an overactive tummy (and imagination), LOL.

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I JUST started to feel definative movements in the past week. He is actually kicking my lower abdomen right now lol. I am 18 w with #3 and I was getting worried because my MW was telling me that I should be feeling movements by now because it was #3 and of course that just set me into worry mode. But we had U/S Wed and he is measuring perfectly, very active and already has attitude lol (constantly trying to cover his face when the tech was trying to get pictures lol)

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I started feeling the day I turned 15 weeks.. Just little infrequent flutters, this is baby number 6 for me :) Number 5 I felt around this time and my 2, 3 and 4th a bit earlier. My first not until my 19 week ultrasound when I saw the baby move I realized I felt it too!!

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I've felt movement for quite a few weeks now.  I'm 19 weeks.  I agree with a PP, have you had an ultrasound to see where your placenta  is?  My last pregnancy I rarely felt movement early on and then even had a hard time feeling most movements as the pregnancy progressed.  I didn't have an ultrasound, but I'm almost positive I had an anterior placenta.   It was so different from my first pregnancy and I was constantly worrying about it.


I feel movement every day now, multiple times a day.  Last week I went 2 days with no movement at all - I was so freaked out!  Back to normal now though. 

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I just started feeling flutters on Wednesday- 15 weeks exactly, but I'm having twins so I believe it's a bit different. I know it's babies and not tummy because I notice it when i'm lying still and I've just had sugar. It feels somewhere between a pulsing and popcorn popping.

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I've been feeling taps since about 14 weeks.  My placenta is high and I'm small from being so sick this time, so I'm not surprised I'm feeling it.  I imagine in a week or two it will get stronger.  I'm 18 weeks now.   


With my first I didn't feel anything until 21 weeks.  Placenta placement can have a LOT to do with it too.  

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Got the first flutters at 9w2d but now at 18w I'm finally starting to feel some movement everyday. Sometimes it's the taps (usually my bladder) but the other night, I got a whole back moving on my right side when I happened to have my hand on my stomach. So very cool.

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I wasn't quite understanding what exactly people meant when they said they felt flutters for the longest time. Then I felt some and had an "ah ha!" moment. Apparently with your first it takes longer to actually feel things, partially because you're not really sure what it is when you're feeling it, I'd guess. 


The PP who said it feels like a fish swimming through your stomach - such a great description. My little one is actually doing that right now. :)

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I started feeling mine a  just this week, was 18 weeks on Wed.


Try laying on your stomach, I can usually feel it then in the morning before getting out of bed.

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It's hard for me to tell most of the time because I've been so gassy this entire pregnancy and when I'm gassy it's hard to pinpoint the baby movements in the midst of gas movements. There have been moments where I'm gas free though (rare miraculous moments orngtongue.gif) and I've felt some clear movement! Usually once or twice a day. I'm 17 weeks now. I felt movement with my dd at about this stage of pregnancy, but didn't suffer from gas at all with her. 

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Just gave in and had some dark chocolate and definitely felt movement after that. Not lying down or anything. I guess I know what I need to do if I start to worry again.
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Wow, I posted that the baby moves here and there, but I don't feel it very often earlier today and for the past 15 minutes now the baby has been gooooing wild! I can even feel some thumps from the outside!!!!! joy.gif

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I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling baby move for a few weeks. I felt it early with my other two as well. DH and DS have even felt some kicks from the outside :) 

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Yeah, I'm definitely feeling baby more and more everyday!  I thought I felt it very early.  Then, when I sat a certain way, now more often - standing, sitting, whenever.


It's exciting.


15 weeks and a few days now!

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