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Weight loss and misery in February!

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Ha! Well, I'm still here, and I wanted to get this thread going again in our SG.


Today I finally got to a new "decade" on the scale--by .2 lbs, but I'll take it. Sick of that other number. I'm now 3.8 lbs away from my pp weight, and 8.8 away from my goal weight. If I keep losing at .2 a week (lol) then I should get to my goal weight in 44 weeks. Hence, the misery of this thread title. mischievous.gif

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I'm out of transition jeans, but my prepreg jeans still feel weird, despite buttoning up 3 days pp.  I really haven't been trying, with food or exercising, but I am slowly starting to do some yoga and pilates.  I want to loose my grad school weight. I want to be able to fit into my prepregnancy/prefinal semester summer  clothes by summer, but I'm not sure if that will happen.  Right now I'm between a four and an eight (haven't tried on any sixes yet, so not sure on what end), everything I own for summer are fours.  DH keeps reminding me I'm not even four months pp, it's okay for it to take time, but I'm so impatient...despite not working that hard.  And then he reminds me I am working, taking care of baby.  I hit the treadmill this morning.  I can only jog a mile before I feel like falling over.  I want my strength back!

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Liv, your DH sounds great. I never talk about my weight with mine, for some reason. He's always been thin and always will be; maybe that's why!

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Oh, DH has the metabolism of a hummingbird.  He eats like a pig and never gains an ounce.  It is so not fair!

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Weight loss and misery, biglaugh.gif


I am not doing anything until after a big stressful event I have next week, but after that, it's time. I am now at 10 lbs over pre-pg, which was already 10 lbs higher than I wanted to be, so I have 20 lbs total to lose. Effort will be required.

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Fish and chips and beer do not a diet make. I ate enough to feed a family of six tonight and dudes, I'm not even full. What's up with that?

See you after this week, pi--I hope you make it through the stress.

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My diet is sucking. I ate two slices of pizza for dinner. I really need to get my act together.
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Chelsea, pizza isn't the worst thing on earth. You're in WW? When I did it, it was 6pts a slice, though I hear they've changed the pts system a lot. How are you finding that? I like that it's more toward whole foods and fruit and veg are free!


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Yeah, I'm doing WW. Pizza isn't the only thing I've eaten today.....lol. I just want to snack all day long, which isn't good when you need to loose weight.
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I posted this over in the other thread, but I was recently mistaken for pregnant.  Ugh.  My stomach is just big. Last time around it was the same - I lost the pregnancy weight no problem but my gut stayed huge for like a year & a half before finally going back down.  It's so annoying. I gained 20lbs and had a 10lb baby -- why am I so big!?


I gained about 4lbs over the holidays and have lost that, so that's good I guess, but it's not that motivating to just be back where I was (pre-pregnant weight).  Maybe I will start reporting here on my progress for the week.  It might help me feel somewhat accountable.

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I'm kind of here with you ladies. I started and did 5 consecutive days of 30 day shred. woohoo! I am still eating like crap though. I'm eating pie right now. errr

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30 day shred-- i should commit to it. what weight do you use, nicole?

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dollyanna, what idiot let that escape their lips???

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I really think nursing is killing any motivation I have to eat well.  After I nurse or pump (just a piddley little bit!), I am starving and pretty much end up eating a meal or a meals-worth-of-calories-on-crap.  I'm so ravenously hungry.  It isn't adding weight, in but it isn't healthy either way.  I try buying healthy snacks, but a container of almonds is still pretty darned bad for you when eaten in one sitting!  I don't want to be making bad, hard to break habits, but the hunger pangs if I don't.  I'm downing carnation breakfast stuff like it is going out of style (4-5 glasses a day), plus meals, plus snacks.  Surely, this can't all be going to mik production.  I don't know.  I now empathize with my always hungry husband.  I thought surely, no one could possibly really need to eat this much.

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I'm using a 3lb weight right now. And my arms are dead after some of the exercises. lol

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What is the 30 day shred exactly?  It sounds...doble?

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Okay, good. I was using 3lbs too when I used to do it and would feel like a wimp--also the push-ups? Girl? Those are hard! Liv, the 30 Day Shred is a 3-part workout from Jillian Michaels (of Biggest Loser fame) in roughly 20-minute segments. It's do-able because it's short, but works because it's hard. Each workout has strength, abs and cardio in short intervals. You basically do level 1 for 10 days, 2 for 10 and 3 for 10 and it really is impressive how the levels build and you get stronger. They burn impressive calories for a short workout as well. I think I burned over 200 most times, and it takes me an hour of fast walking to burn that much, so it's a time saver. Jillian, I will take my advertising royalties in cash.


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Oh, and you can get them from i-tunes so you don't even have to go to the store.

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rosemary - I actually find that comforting 'cause despite being down 40lbs from a year ago I haven't lost any inches which has been very discouraging - it's good to hear that time may help.


liva - trying replacing the carnation stuff with a protein shake - it should help you feel full longer. Most of those breakfast shakes are actually pretty low in protein (eg. my protein shake has 30 grams of protein, one I looked at the other day had 6)


My heart is not in it. I would love to just give up but that's not really an option so I'm trying to just truck along & find my groove again.

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Any recommendations on a protein shake that doesn't taste...meh, like socks?  I have only tried one of the whey ones they have at GNC. 

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