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Day 1 of level 2. There is a huge difference between levels 1 and 2. I freely peed my underwear just now. I just had a baby, Jillian Michaels, so double jump rope and continence are mutually exclusive.

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Rosemary, I passed a shelf full of Jillian Michaels at the store today and nearly snorted out loud, all I could think of was you peeing your pants :)  


Arrowroots:  yes. baby cookies.  Which just doubles the shame.  You buy them for the kids....and then eat them all yourself.  Pi, have you ever had them in a bowl with milk?  Just sayin'....


Ok, so...post Valentines chocolate smorgasborg, time to get serious.  I have bought a lot of clothes in the last month and it would be a shame to gain back the weight that let me buy those smaller sizes!  I got a cherry red wool coat reduced from $200 to $40!  Need to keep fitting into that beauty!

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Oh the coat sounds divine. I love a bargain.

I bought all these gluten free treats for Pascal last week. Polished off the ginger snaps today, the Pirate's Booty yesterday, and the tamari rice crackers are looking tempting. I won't be buying ANY of this again, as he doesn't care about it (likes bananas, nuts and cheese). Cookies in a bowl of milk--did you come up with that yourself?

I walked all over creation today and am taking the night off from Jillian.

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Jillian Michaels is the debil. My ankles are just finely starting to heal. lol.gif

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Oh, so it was from doing the 30 Day Shred?


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katico - the coat sounds wonderful!


pi - I'm with you on exercise - doesn't seem to help a whole lot with loss but definitely important for overall well-being. My mil likes to tell me that she just walked & the baby weight came right off - nod & smile...


I just got home from my powerlifting meet today. The day went pretty well. I had dd with me which was definitely a distraction for me but didn't seem to bother anyone else. I accomplished what I had hoped which was not much more than show up! My hips are still suffering & tight so squatting is mentally tough - I really have to do a LOT of warm up & work to get deep enough (hips to knee line has to be at or below parallel to the floor) but I hit depth on all 3 attempts. My last attempt was 165lbs which is ok. If I ever get my hips to comfortably work with me I expect that number to go waaaaay up as that weight is not even noticeable work. Goals...


Bench press I am adequate at & I pushed 105lbs & missed 127 (I got greedy & it was too much). Deadlift was disappointing. I actually missed 303 on my 2nd attempt but got it on my 3rd attempt but it was hard work.I pulled 320 in December so this didn't feel good. I think a combination of too much focus on squatting & my back being tight from 3 days of driving.


It was an invigorating day though. Lots of good chatter & a boost in my motivation level. There's a meet close by in June which is far enough away I can focus some attention on getting stronger, improving mobility & losing weight which should all give me much better numbers.

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For anyone who is curious here is a mobility challenge that several people at my gym are taking: http://jfoleystrength.blogspot.com/2012/02/mobility-wod-challenge-day-5.html

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I love reading what you're up to, lifeguard. :) Sounds like you have found something you love! Lucky lady.


Rosemary : YES! The debil, I tell you. I'm ready to get started again but I don't know if the shred is for me. All this talk of even more jumping..

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Yes Lifeguard, that is so interesting. Thank you for sharing!


Shred: not necessarily more jumping, just more intense jumping. Supportive shoes are a must. I'm not sure mine are supportive enough. I wish that I could find a Zumba DVD, because cardio is what I really like. I'm the absolute opposite of Lifeguard. The thought of what she's doing...no, can't. But I don't like running, either, I like flitting and flutting about mostly. The only Zumba that I see that I really WANT is a set from Amazon that comes with a bunch of DVDs and strange hoops and sticks. And is $90--too much since I've never even tried it.

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flitting & flutting - too funny. I'm not coordinated enough for that.

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I attempted some flitting & flutting last week -- some video on netflix ondemand. She showed how to do the steps SO FAST. I flailed around like an idiot for most of it. And then about 12 minutes in the baby started crying. So that was that.


I have two scales. One is the scale I've had since post-college. It's ugly from cats clawing the textured mat surface and manual, but reliable if I make sure it's zeroed out, put it on a level surface, and stand sort of bent over. A few years ago I bought one of those fancy digital scales that allegedly tell you your fat %, etc. I don't actually know why I keep it around. It varies wildly and also averages about 4lbs above the other scale.


Regardless, I haven't lost any weight.


I keep telling myself that once I stop working I'm going to focus on this more. I'm done at the end of the month so my excuses are dangerously close to running out.

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Day 2 level 2.


Dollyanna, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN about getting derailed with exercise and good intentions--this has happened to me so many times. With a baby, it's so hard. I'm sorry it was so lame for you.


I haven't lost any weight either! And my scale has me up above the lower weight that I had when I began this thread. Gotta chuck it, but not sure what kind of scale to get. It's the scale's fault, right? praying.gif


Anyway, I'm doing much better with exercise right now. As for exercise and weight loss, I don't generally lose without it, as long as I don't overcompensate with my eating.

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Day 3 level 2. Getting easier.

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Hellooooooowwww (echo, echo)


Day 4 level 2. Hard tonight!



this is me at rest looking 4 months pg. hoping to tame this "baby"

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Go Rosemary!


I have been outside with the baby for the past two days.  We walked about five miles yesterday, three today with her in the stroller.  I hate that piece of shit.  I'm going to try to find a jogger this weekend, Once Upon a Child usually has them at reasonable prices.  I can't even go at a brisk pace on our sidewalks with the one I have without feeling like I'm rattling her brain.

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Go Rosemary! 


Lifeguard- glad to hear that you seem to getting back into the swing of things. 


I think that I have finally hit rock bottom with my weight/eating. Today I am feeling totally gross and bothered by my recent habits. My non-stop eating junk is at an all time high and I actually am sick of it. I want to turn this around. I'm actually kind of excited to start this journey, once again. Looking forward to the scale moving down, and to me feeling so much better. Now, to figure out how to get it started..........

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Day 5 level 2.

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I am very happy to report that today is day 3 of me eating really healthy!! I feel like a lightbulb finally went off in my head and things are clicking for me. No exercise yet, but I will add that in soon.
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chelsea, I think it works well to tackle one trouble area (eating or exercise or snacking or resting) at a time. It seems to be helping me. Good for you!


I'm just about to do Day 7 of 30 Day Shred.

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Think I'm going to replace my broken heart rate monitor. I want to see what I'm burning during these workouts!

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