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Finding a midwife in Jalisco?

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Hi all! So I'm living in a small beach town in southern Jalisco, and my husband and I are hoping to start trying for a little one soon. We're up in the air as to whether it would be better here or in the US, there are pros and cons to each really. What I am concerned about is that this area is so small there are no midwives. I have asked around, one person recommended a lady from the DF. But that is so far.... Would anyone happen to have any resources as to how I might find one in the Jalisco area? Thanks!

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The association Parto Libre is a good source - an association that promotes humanized birth (www.partolibre.org).  I had a look at their website and found two names for Jalisco. Here are their details:




Jalisco int_botVolver_OFF.gif




Hope they turn out to be good leads for you!!


Best wishes


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I know some good places in that area, i too lived arround and birthed in a maternity clinic in P.V., greatly, and had a doula... and theres a  couple good midwives here too.

let me know if your still interested.

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Oh, I somehow missed that QiMom had responded to my post, thanks for the links! I hadn't heard of Parto Libre it looks like a great organization, the webpage has a lot of interesting information.


jadebutterfly, I am definitely still interested. P.V. is only about 4 hours from us, so it would be a potential option... I had no idea there was a maternity clinic up there! Any information you have would be awesome. I'd love to hear about your experience giving birth here as well, if you wouldn't mind talking about it.

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Hi i very casually stumbled into your reply :) good well ill let u have the phone number of this clinic is called Hospital Versalles 01 322 224 9292 my ob gyn was Dr. Gabriel Nunio , but this is a hospital where they have real ob gyn and laboratories and OR,s but all they do is matenity oh and the pedriatician stuff, it is not hollistic or anything but what i liked about this place was that they let me say my prefernces in the way i wanted my birth to be and respected it.

I think i was the first one to be so different jajaja not the tipical hospital routine. 

I wanted a home birth, but i was 45 min away from the hosp. in case of anything and i was a first time mom a little nervous, so i decided to go there and just have the most similar thing to a easy, relaxed, respected, natural birth.  Im very satisfied with how it went...


Have you read books of natural birth ? usaually in some part they talk and educate about the options for a birthing plan sheet. 

If you dont let them know, exactly what u want, they might just do the routine and that might not be what u wanted or what is the best.


so, what i asked for :


*No epidural, (and no encoraging for it or talk about pain or problems from thedoc or nurses.)

*No Operating Room, (wanted to birth in my room ) unless a cesarian happened to occur.

*No IV, No painkillers, No Occytoccin, No inducing meds.

*No bright lights,  very dim or candles.

*Always be acompanied by my husband and doula in the room

*having my baby passed to me inmediately to me, before cleaning,

*Having the baby in room at all times since birth, sleep with me.

*Papa cut the umbilical chord, after it stopped pulsing, not inmediatelly so baby can receive all the benefits from the placenta still.


well thats all i can remember now, but anything u think is important for you, at least so they can have the knowledge of this and also ur doula if u want one. I had a great lady from close to PV.

My doula would tell me that i was contradicting with two opposite options,   with the hospital and wanting a natural hollistic birth. but it all worked out , for they respected my decisions.

So im very happy everything went awesome.

except for the part of asking to fill in documentation before the birth day... and a bad nurse trying to convince me to use an epidural, that i was crazy ...

It was the best that i could have wanted.



I encourage the use of a doula or a midwife too, it goes so much more smoothly, they work with you all , with healing any trauma that might not be to helpfull for your birthing experince, and just so much different approach, much more peaceful, respectful and hollistic.


So are you pregnant now ?

I hope this helps you !!!!!! Also there are many good places in guadalajara, many more good options.

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hi, i hope you get this in time. i had a bad experience with dr nuno in puerto vallarta. i know many who had ok experiences there. i ended up with the norma escalate, she is a md and also a midwife for the past 30 years. she is the BEST hands down. i had a great birth, it was what i had hoped for.  i get teary thinking of how much i love her. i had a water birth, 26 hour labor in a clinic she works in in guadlajara. everyone who doesn't work with her regrets it and that is my two cents. 

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