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Stormy, I'm glad you're coming back to the FB group, your voice has definitely been missing there.


And just a shout out to all the other DDC ladies who aren't on the FB group, it's not too late to join! I know some people are not fans of FB, and that's ok too, but just thought I'd send that out.

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I just have to vent this frustration/worry somewhere, even though it's off topic. I hope it's ok:
My best friend is 13 weeks pregnant. I've been trying to talk with her for basically a month, and I know she's probably been feeling lousy/sleepy, etc. Anyway, I'm still feeling a little shut out there. Anyway, I reached her this week and told her I was thinking about her tons, we had a great conversation, and I asked her to please let me know how her first ultrasound goes (it was yesterday). She said she might be overwhelmed and want to be out celebrating, and I said can you please just send me a text? She said, "oh, I'll call you, I just won't be able to talk long." Totally fair...got it. Well yesterday came and went. I sent her a text in the evening letting her know I was thinking of her and was everything ok. No response. I texted again this morning to say I was REALLY worried about her, and I understand if she doesn't want to talk but that I'm here for her. No response. I'm practically hopping out of my seat all day now worried about my friend, and feeling slightly shunted which is probably unfair, but there it is. I'm definitely going to give her space and wait for her to contact me now, but couldn't she at least text me? If she had bad news, I understand needing space, but I'm her BEST FRIEND..couldn't she just give me a tiny update? I shared tons with her through out infertility and multiple losses. Anyway, it's probably all petty, it's just that I'm legitimately out of my mind worried for her. And part of me thinks she just forgot me and left her phone somewhere and didnt' get her texts....greensad.gif Ok, back to the regularly scheduled chatting.
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Little things like that were my realization it was the beginning of the end of my best friendship with my friend.  I realized FB was getting updates before I was and I was like, what?? Why can't she send me a text? I don't need a phone call, but really?  I thought I mattered more!

It's hard.  I hope there's no bad news and that she's just busy.  Hopefully you hear from her soon, Tear!



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thanks, Carrie. That's the thing, is that I can totally see my friend forgetting me, though I'm sick worried it's because there was something wrong. I'm also more than slightly disgruntled today that I'm sitting and writing report cards for the THIRD weekend in a row. irked.gif And next weekend I get to correct all the papers that I couldn't get to this weekend because I was finishing report cards. And someone this week actually used the line "teacher's have it made because they get the summers off." I would have said something if it weren't in front of my students. We work ourselves to the end of endurance all school year! Ok...deep breath.. lol...
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Stormy I completely understand not being there as far as dealing with the c/s. Its been nearly 2 years since mine and I'm still not over it. DH won't even go there any more. He seems to think that because we managed a successful HBAC that I need to just let it go, BUT I can't. I still want to cry thinking about how DS1 was treated at birth. If I could only go back and redo his birth so he could have had the same peaceful start that DS2 had, but I can't. It isn't just the actual birth though, its all the other stuff that happened to DS1 during that first hour while he was separated from me and I couldn't protect him because I was still in the OR being stitched back together. Some of it I only found out in the last few weeks before DS2's birth because DH hadn't told me all the details, and every time we talked about it more details would come out. The whole thing just makes me feel so sad and I wish I could finally be at peace about it all, but I'm not.


So if you ever need someone to talk to (that goes for any of the other c/s mamas too) and help you process it some please feel free to let me know and we can chat about any aspects you need to just get out of your system.


Tear, I'm so sorry your friend has shut you out. I hope it isn't anything serious and she just has started suffering from mommy brain and forgot to text you back (but thought she did.)


Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


I had planned to go and see about new glasses & contacts today, but the boys have decided to tag team their naps. DH has gone to make an appointment for during the week so he can look after the boys.


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