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Perineal cold pack

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Any recommendations for a perineal cold pack?  I'm trying to avoid the ammonium nitrate instant ones.   Maybe something that goes in the freezer and is reusable.  Homemade works too.

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DDCC. I filled condoms with water and froze them on biscuit trays. Didn't actually end up using them but the plan was to wrap them in Chux and then throw the whole thing away when it had melted.


I've also seen sanitary pads wet with water and frozen.

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My midwife makes an herbal perineum tea that is used in a peri bottle to use for rinsing in those first post partum days.  She also uses some of this same soothing tea on maxi pads and freezes them. I really love them.  She doesn't soak them, just a little bit on the middle, then slips them flat in a plastic bag and into the freezer.

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My midwives gave me a couple of sterile exam gloves full of water that I could rotate last time. You could also use a balloon. This time around, I bought a cheap hot water bottle. I can put hot water in it for my labor and then put ice and water in it postpartum, so it'll do double duty.

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