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Jo - you described my year in DE, where I ate a lot of crap (hello cartons of ice-cream) because I was alone and bored most of the time. I found healthy food much harder to obtain, but more important, I recognized that I needed whatever boost I was getting from eating sh** so let myself, even though I knew it wasnt a boost at all. However, I am not genetically predisposed to girth, so I *only* put in about 10 pounds, which I lost within 2 weeks of leaving.

What annoys me is that I eat more than I need to sometimes, and this results in me feeling like I need to sit or lay down for awhile until that full feeling goes away. My on-the-fly theory is that I dont require much food to maintain my preordained weight, i.e. my metabolism is sated after X, but I reeeaallly want Y and Z. So I [sometimes] keep eating, a little here, a little there, and after two hours, I want to lay on the couch for 30 minutes. I dont do it much, as I have a life, but on days like today, when the kids refuse to leave the house, and I dot really want to clean or read or whatever, I find myself returning to the kitchen. Do men do this? My Dh might, once in a rare while, but then he enjoys the eating, and the laying on the couch. Mostly though he does other stuff (read: works on one of his bikes eyesroll.gif)

I am prepared now to admit that I am a picky eater. I like very whole food, and pretty much dont eat stuff that isnt (except for said diet 7-up, which grosses me out even as I love it bag.gif), so am not tempted at potlucks or whatever to eat "bad" stuff. I will go hungry, and wait until I get home and like what Im eating, or more often, eat simply, and everyone thinks I have an eating disorder eyesroll.gif I am not a dairy person much, meaning that cheese and all relatives do almost nothing for me...except for feta on salad which is a requirement as far as Im concerned. My big fat bomb is nuts, of which I eat handfuls a day, every day....and chocolate, which I eat with every meal+ I have discovered that the more I try to limit choclate, the more I eat, and obsess!, overall. So Ive decided that relatively ample chocolate is just going to be ok.

Gaye - I luxlove.gif veggies. They are about 50% of my diet, and Im actually finding it hard to eat at restaurants b/c they serve so little bag.gif Prepping them can be a pain, but I make big batches that last 3-4 days, and always have salad fixings handy. Lately Ive been eating a lot of fritatta w/ zuchinni that I shred. I use 2 zuch and 1/2 red onion, saute, pour egg (of whatever yolk to white ratio you like) over, let set up, then stick it in the broiler for 5 minutes. You can add cheese in or on top. I sometimes do a little feta on top. Oh, and garlic! of course! Also, brussles sprouts and bacon, as y'all know

BBM - so horrific. Im glad you have support

NRR: cold.gif and fever.gif and sleepytime.gif I have had the crappiest day of illness. Right now is the best Ive felt in 9 hours. Fever, extremely painful coughing, sleep. Miserable. I cut very short a visit to the botanical gardens that I ironically finally managed to extract my kids from the house to do because I could barely stand to be upright. hope tomorrow is better
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MelW - we xposted I relate very much to your diet/body evolution description, I just hate that it still means more than it should sometimes you know? orngbiggrin.gif for the climbing gym!!
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Just subbing.

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Well, Gaye, apparently it didn't sink in right with me, and flowersforyou.gif


I guess we're all in good company re: eating and all that. I do wish I didn't have that *robust* gene, but ah well. I'm sure on some level I was considering my offspring when I had kids with a 150-pound, 6-foot man. Who at almost 50 maxes out at 160 when he's been eating out too much.


BBM grouphug.gif I second Rescue Remedy, and have never tried anything else.


I removed about 12 pounds of sand and dirt from this house after a week of wind and sandstorms. Blech. The garden still looks like crap, but it can wait for another day. Now, off to get the potatoes and carrots for the above-mentioned hollow-boned heavy eater's afternoon meal. And then, on to the beach.


ETA: sparkle, that sounds like the same virus that's making the rounds here in the Gulf. I had it when my parents were here and took probably a lot more meds than I should have managing pain and fever. Then a week of the cough loosening and disappearing. Rest, rest, rest if you can. Sick sucks.

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Morning mamas,

BBM - Hope the run with friends helped move through a lot of the leftover anxiety.  Rescue Remedy is pretty much all I've tried, that and homoepathic arnica which is not only good for bruises but also startling frights.


Warning: rambling me-being-selfish blahblah.gif ahead -

I'm in a scheduling crisis.  Dh let me know yesterday that he's really upset that I haven't been spending more time working on home renovation projects.  And it's true, I had promised to help more than I am.  Mainly it's because I've carved out time in the morning to go to the gym to lift, and box after I drop Ali off at school.  He day only lasts from 8:15 to 11 so by the time I finish my workout it doesn't make sense to drive 3 miles home only to turn around in 45 minutes and go back.  However, it does leave me wasting time in town that I try to fill with busywork on the play or grocery shopping but there's a limit to what I need to do there.  So then I get home with her just after 11, need to get her fed, mess around with her a bit, figure out what to start for dinner, do a bit of housework and then it's time for me to head back to town to lifeguard or hold rehearsals.  Then I'm home to do dinner and then the day is basically over and I haven't lifted a paintbrush or even created a space to work in.  Some days I can get more focused but that's unusual.  And much of the time the house is on the verge of collapse under the weight of partially folded laundry and to-be-put-away dishes.  Meanwhile he stays home and slaves away alone.  Not good.  So now I'm thinking that he should take dd to town and see what happens to his day.  He also needs to get some exercise, will he fit it in then?  Will he come home?  I know that compared to some our daily commute of ~12 miles isn't huge but will he really add another 6?   And if I give up my MWF mornings in the gym (I won't give up boxing), when will I get there to lift?  All I have at home is one pair of 8lb dumbbells.  I know I can do a lot with bodyweight but it is really upsetting to have just gotten into a really healthy (for me only) rhythm only to have to give it up just as I'm beginning to see results.  But I know I've been overly selfish about my time.  Should I just decide to suck up the extra gas on the car and hit the gym at 6 when it opens and be home in time to wake kids up for school at 7?  Should I go after dinner and bring the kids with me?  They can't watch tv anyway during the week so maybe it wouldn't be so bad.  I don't know and of course dh and I barely ever get a chance to talk without the kids listening in and interrupting. 

Okay, ramble over, just needed somewhere to headscratch.gif.


Now I'm skipping church so I can work on the house.  That somehow seems wrong but what can you do?

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BBM, that sounds so scary and traumatic! hug2.gif


Plady, well...as for me, I'd probably go early and suck up the gas. It's not that much gas, and it's important. And as for giving up church for working on the house -- God understands prayers no matter where they're said. shy.gif Talk as you work. I have my best conversations with God when I'm running, which is not exactly 'holy ground' but it works for me.


JayGee, your tights rock my world. I love them. I'm convinced they've given me superpowers. THANK YOU!!!! thumb.gif


Food...ahhh, yeah. I have tremendous issues around food, starting with a mom with disordered eating who is a size 2 on a 'fat' day and has impeccable (if a bit overdone) sense of style. I have not inherited ectomorph genes -- can you say, hearty Jewish Russian peasant? eyesroll.gif  And a constant sense, since I was very young, that food is both my enemy and my secret pleasure/ally. I still eat at least 2 out of 3 meals standing up, alone, and surreptitiously. 

However, since the celiac diagnosis last spring, *what* I eat and how it affects my body has changed drastically and though I've had some unpleasant false starts and mistakes, I feel like a new person. I finally dropped (most of) the post-baby bloat, am eating a lot healthier (produce, rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, etc.). That combined with my mileage increasing has meant I've dropped about 25 lbs. in a year and a half and look better than I ever have -- even though I'm still a few pounds over what I was before I started fertility treatments to get pregnant with my first, in 1999. Three kids, many fertility treatments, and 7 combined years of nursing later, my body is again my own. And to be truthful, I no longer feel like I"m at war with it, at least right now. I like what I see (below the neck! ugh, the wrinkles that are coming out!!!) and how I feel. I could use some upper body and core work but I am wearing clothes that actually fit these days because I don't feel like I have to hide in them anymore


Unfortunately I also have a very bad diet coke habit which I am trying to break. I keep falling off that wagon though. Sigh.


I have more I wanted to say about this but I forgot what it was. In the meantime I have to get 5 children (not all mine!) to two different birthday parties which are called for *exactly* the same times. At least they're both up in Amherst/Northampton which is my favorite place to be, so I'm taking dd2 to Trader Joe's and the Northampton shopping district (funky and hippy! orngbiggrin.gif ) while dd1 and her 2 friends, and ds and his friend are all at their parties. 


Oh, did I mention dh suggested that I find a massage oil warmer, to improve...uh...post athletic cross training? orngtongue.gif Heh. 

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Plady - I'd use the gas, go at 6...
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Plady, personally I'd feel rushed with the morning gym and need to get back home. My strategy would be to get up earlier and make bag lunches for all (even yourself), throw dinner in the crockpot, and get laundry and misc. housework done to see if that frees up the afternoon for reno work. 


Nic, have a fun afternoon (and evening winky.gif)


Spatkle, hope you feel better soon. 


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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

Plady, personally I'd feel rushed with the morning gym and need to get back home. My strategy would be to get up earlier and make bag lunches for all (even yourself), throw dinner in the crockpot, and get laundry and misc. housework done to see if that frees up the afternoon for reno work. 


Nic, have a fun afternoon (and evening winky.gif)


Spatkle, hope you feel better soon. 


I'm being lazy... I agree with all of the above.


I'm skipping kettlebell this afternoon so I can get my grading caught up (last time I schedule 2 exams for my students on the same day!!!).  I'll do a workout tonight after I get the kids in bed.  I'm fighting with an upper respiratory infection that has so much freaking drainage that I'm coughing all the time... except when I'm up and moving around... not happening with my pile of grading.  Sigh.


Boot Camp starts tomorrow.  Pray for me.  LOL

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I would and do go early even though I have to be back by 6 to get dd1 up. She should be up at 5:45 but if she can't do it then she can hurry. Ds1 gets himself up and will call her while we are running but he won't cajole her out of bed. Dh showers while I do damage control. The three of them leave between 6:30 and 6:45 and I get the other three ready and shower myself. By the time I get back from school drop off it is almost 8:00 and there you have it. Ds2 and I have the day ahead of us. Too bad I could really use a nap just when it is time to start picking people up in the afternoon.

We have a doctor appt this afternoon - yes a Sunday afternoon appointment. Dd1 cannot breath and her inhaler expired in July. She told me this last night. I had her use it but it isn't helping. SHe tried both her albuterol and xopanex. Maybe if we get this straightened out she will sleep more restfully and get herself up in the morning. She is describing a pain, not a constriction, so I don't know what to think.

My weight is up. It is a combination of stress/cortisol, bad food choices, less activity (half the miles, yoga but no weight lifting...), maybe getting older... I have a list of excuses and could go on and on.
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I feel terrible because I skipped the entire month of January.  I'm sorry for being a bad dingo.  duck.gif


Mid-December I came down with a nasty cold, had a fever on Christmas Eve and was really sick for the two weeks following.  I finally got on an antibiotic for the sinus infection that developed.  Just as I was starting to feel better, our family got the throwing-up thing.  Norovirus, I think.  It absolutely decimated DD's second-grade class.  There are 19 kids in her class, and one day 10 of them were out sick.  After I recovered from that, I had a bronchial coughing thing.


So, five weeks later, I'm finally on the roads again this week.  And I'm ready to come back here to the dingos and try to catch up a bit.  I'll ease my way back in slowly.

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ick LaLa. Hope you are on the mend!


Plady: you're the friend I'm talking about on Facebook. :)  I tried hard to argue for a 3 week trip last summer -- one of those weeks bringing us to the west coast of canada. Didn't happen for a lot of reasons.  But maybe this summer? Still working out train/plane/automobile cost.




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I'm not doing squat today.  Last night was inventory.  I am not sure how many things we have in the store, but it is measured in the 10s' of thousands for sure.  I was scheduled 8:30-3am, but, due to a really annoying and inaccurate CC employee, and a lot of mistakes on the inventory company, we ended up having to stay till 4:30.  I finally crawled into bed around 5:20 this morning to pass out for a few hours.  Needless to say, just being conscious is an accomplishment today!

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Dimitrizmom, good luck at bootcamp!


LaLaLaLa, I'm glad you're on the mend- it sounds horrific.


bec, glad you survived inventory. I hope you have an amazing sleep tonight (my post-night shift comment has often been: "I *love* sleeping in the night time", because it feels like such a treat and relief after staying awake all night long).


Climbing was fun. I was called to pinch-hit for a friend who got called in to work, so had two six year olds and a 2 1/2 year old. My oldest made it up to the ceiling twice and was very proud of her self, and the youngest had a blast, too. I even got the chance to do a few climbs thumb.gif, and find a few new tiny muscles to get sore. A friend (more technically: my husband's colleague's husband) came to help belay after I called him for advice about whether there would be a harness small enough for my youngest. He's a bit of a climbing evangelist- he has tries to get everyone out climbing. His wife has made jokes to me before about him "spending time with a woman in a harness", so I felt a bit guilty, but was so glad to have the extra help Sheepish.gif.

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MelW - joy.gif for a fun day

La4 - that does sound horrific. I have the last one on your list right now, and that's awful enough, thank you redface.gif

Bec - hope your day of rest sets you up for something good tomorrow

NRR: I hate illness, hate hate hate. I am so miserable. Yesterday I had a good cry on dh's shoulder like an over-tired child because being sick makes me feel scared, reminds me of how vulnerable we are, etc. Especially as this illness is so reminiscent of EXACTLY one year ago when I lay in bed feeling like death warmed over and turned out to in fact be very sick. Why do I get knocked on my arse so badly the past few years when I spent a life-time being pretty unscathed. Sux.

On the upside, if there is one, my dd2 (newly 4 and so friggin cute) is at this moment passed out next to me in my bed. She has the same sickness, as do dh and dd1 (she started it disappointed.gif). We cuddled and talked for awhile (5pm) and then she was out luxlove.gif

Exercise this week would be very appreciated but unlikely
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It has been a nice rest day.  Tomorrow, I have work and tri class in the evening.  We will be swimming.  I haven't been in the pool for a long time, so that will be interesting.  These overnights kill me.  I do fine while at work, but am so shattered the following day.  There is one more coming up in a week or so, as we do our twice annual floor reset.  As far as I know, that is it until fall! 



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La4--hope February is full of good health for you.

bec--hope you can catch up on that missed sleep this week.

Plady--Can your DH drop her off twice a week on your non-gym days? Or can he do pick-up some days so that you have a chance to work on the house while he gets a break? If not, I'd drive.

sparkle-- goodvibes.gif I hate being sick too.

mommajb--hope you were able to get your DD's breathing issues sorted out.

goodvibes.gif and grouphug.gif and clap.gif and joy.gif to everyone else, as you need it. I've been neglecting personals for far too long.

RR: 11 miles, 8 outside and 3 treadmill. The original plan had been to run to a Target 4 miles away where I could refuel and use the facilities, then loop around and stop again around 8 miles before heading home. Unfortunately, it turned out that trail was still full of snow. Stupidly, I tried running on it for a bit. It may have been good for plyometric purposes (18-24" of snow makes for some good high-knee running) but not so much for a planned 12. After that I stayed on the neighborhood loop, but ran out of time to finish before we headed to my sister's for dinner.

NRR: I'm running away, changing my identity and I'll miss you all.

There's always the chance that things will look better in the morning, but I'm kinda done. Between the enforced togetherness of a snow day plus a weekend, fighting my oldest on everything from brushing her teeth properly (yes, she still has the blasted loose tooth because getting her to wiggle it is a fight just like everything else) to doing the research project she was supposed to be working for two weeks on to combing hair to anything, and then having to deal with J and the fact that she did not go to sleep until 12:10 am this morning....I'd like to bleepity bleep bleep bleep bleepity. That's 17 hours straight of parenting. Really intense parenting. And I'm angry at R for being such a PITA all weekend (and before that, because she wouldn't give me a straight answer every time I asked about what she'd accomplished so far, what her 5 facts were, etc) about the project and sucking up time that I could have used to run this afternoon, but that instead was spent with her father and I sitting in her room, pretty much ignoring J and all but forcing her to write down 5 sentences on 5 notecards for the project. banghead.gifCuss.gif And then J wouldn't sleep and I tried nursing her, having DH lay down with her, letting her play, giving her a snack, checking her diaper and having her potty, putting her in the bed on her own, letting her cry for a while while telling her to go asleep, laying down with her in the bed while she screamed bloody murder ('cause I refused to nurse her again, having nursed her no less than 3 times in that hour without no resulting sleeping baby), getting up and ignoring her, giving her coconut milk, and finally, giving up and running on the TM--at 11:30 pm. banghead.gif

It seems like anyone who was a better parent than me would either handle the situation so that child 1 did her homework sooner and/or without the crap and child 2 slept sooner and/or without the crap, or that perhaps that person would do neither of the above but not feel the need to curse about it while wanting to cry and simultaneously run away, so I'm thinking that person should come mother my children and be a better wife to my spouse and I'll live in blissful if somewhat lonely solitude somewhere far away.
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post
...I'm thinking that person should come mother my children and be a better wife to my spouse and I'll live in blissful if somewhat lonely solitude somewhere far away.

Commune. This sounds so trying, Real. It can't go on forever. I wish it would just come to a sane stop.


sparkle, LaLaLaLa, Dmitrizmom, healing goodvibes.gifto you all. Sparkle, I was running on the beach and thinking about how threatening that illness must feel right now. hug2.gif Please feel better.


Plady, I probably wouldn't do early because I don't do well with time limits to my workouts. I might try integrating dd into some of the chores. But I know that rift-y feeling, and I hope you and dh can figure it out, because it's so great to get the chance to work on those projects together. (If that's your thing. Dh and I have fun with some of that stuff.)


RR: An hour on the beach. Tide was high/just receding. Fishers pulling nets, lots of people, and a lot of loose, shifty sand. Gorgeous.


Back to the writing...

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((real))   May today not be a snow day and may today go better.

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