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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
Summer camp: Yes, of course there are other camps. There are hundreds. This one was unique and served a particularly difficult-to-serve aspect of DD and offered her a perfect social environment. Because the same kids go each year from 4-8th grade, there's also a significant continuity there. I'm now going to have to find camps that will likely draw that kind of population, but there won't be that three week continuity or the 4 year continuity. Hmmm, camp at kerc's is an interesting idea....

I get what you're saying, Geo. When you find that perfect fit, it sooo sucks to have to start back at square one looking for its substitute. But I do hope you can find something excellent for her this summer. And of course, along that same lines, I hope all the testing and new insights translate into finding her educational sweet spot, too. Also, on another note, I accidentally bought sunflower oil (meaning to buy canola) at the grocery, and the label says something about omega-6. Not that you'd be slathering anything in oil, but apparently, there's another source.


Gaye, the photos look fun and the report sounds like pure relaxation. I cannot wait for some girlfriend time when my friend comes next month--and then over summer, too! 


So, two days with no running. In fact, no outdoors. The haze is lifting today, the temps are dropping, but it's still iffy, and I am wheezy and my eyes are pasty. Gross. Depending on how things look later in the AM, I might try the beach, but no plans to be out there inland. Still too dusty.


More discussion with dh on school and future. Now it's to the point where he understands my points, he shares my same POV on the negatives...he just has no faith in a new-fangled system, and whether he admits it or not, he doubts my ability. Meantime, I've begun working with dd on French, and will increase exercises with both kids in Arabic. Just vocab. I don't care if they can't speak yet (they can recite Quran, they can read better than I can, but still no grammar; I am the opposite), I want them to increase vocab enough to understand, say, a newscast, a menu, a sitcom. And dh has at least seen my ability to keep ds on task, completing his projects on schedule and following logical processes. Sigh. I wonder whether we're heading toward resolution, and it's just going to be a kicking-and-screaming process for dh to accept a new concept in education.


In other news, dh's boss had a heart attack last week. That was followed by a (previously scheduled) visit from US execs. And dh likely leaves today or tomorrow for a biz trip. He's begun selling stuff anticipating a move to a flat. All this, and he can't seriously approach the school discussion with me. I wish I understood his fear so I could extinguish it.


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Jo - wow, a lot going on behind the curtain. So does the selling stuff in anticipation of moving to a flat correspond with you leaving? Will you be in that flat with the kids? Is this along the same timeline as when you come back to the states in May/June? Interesting. And what is the significance of the heart attack? More work for Dh? Trouble with the company? And the sandstorm - what a challenge just to go about your daily life grossedout.gif Is there a gym you could go to? Are you averse to that idea (I could imagine something along the lines as the rest of the community you describe, and not wanting to spend time there). I hope the school thing gets progressively clearer for dh and easier for you goodvibes.gif

MelW - I hope you're watching that hip winky.gif ...and having a wonderful visit

Plady - your s*** and you're s*** biglaugh.gif Another one to put on the wall when I start teaching again. What's new there? Did you work out a solution with DH about the exercise timing and the kitchen and spending time together?

Gaye - Looks like a blast, and a great/perfect way to transition into your new life orngbiggrin.gif Congrats again

Geo - 8 w/ the RP? so this means that the foot pain is resolved? joy.gif Phew. I hope you find a camp that works nearly as well. As for the pelt; cool present, but should I be sad? And you dont want O-6's, dont listen to Jo (sorry Jo, you get it right 99.9% of the time winky.gif)

Mel38 - how did the big project go over with the new clients?

La4 - You are still conspicuously absent - I sure hope your health isent to blame goodvibes.gif

Mamajb - And goodvibes.gif to you!! Are you hanging in there? Have you survived? I'm crossing fingers that the worst has passed and you are getting a break!

JG - Enjoy your weekend, and that burger! lol.gif

NRR: I think it is truly over. I went to bed Friday at 4pm after a day of body aches and exhaustion, the same that has been on again/off again for these two weeks. So yesterday when I felt almost 180 degrees better, I was leary, but it held out. Went for a "hike" with the family for nearly 2 hours in the afternoon, which was wonderful (especially as we dragged them on a long one, and they had fun, and b/c there was a lot of snow on the route, and Daisy, the dog, had a BLAST racing around in it. I did spend 2 hours in the emergency department in the morning getting a chest XR at Dh's insistence, b/c he was starting to get worried about another pneumonia (even though I intuited it wasnt... not worth much as that's what I thought last time). Short story is I felt great all day, barely coughed, and feel great this morning joy.gif Hoping for a work-out tomorrow, as I'll take one more day of rest

Downton Abbey Season Finale tonight! Just sayin'! I'm a little Verklempt! lol.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post Just sayin'! I'm a little Verklempt! lol.gif



Hi Dingos.


Jo, wow. Lots going down over there for you. Can we send our dh's to education re-education camp together? Sigh. Bleh.


I still need a job. I am waking up in the night sweating and nauseated with worry over not having my own income. Crazy but there it is. 


Geo, I hope you find the right camp. I know how it is, actually. Lots of camps, but not many options if you're looking for something specific. 


I have ds and his little friend here right now giggling over the pictures of ninja sharks they're drawing. So cute...until they start throwing stuff. I may boot them outside, it's beautiful out. I am not complaining at all about the 'mild' winter we're having -- after two years of Florida sunshine it still feels mighty cold enough for me. But even I have to admit that it's not as cold as it could be. 


However, after a REALLY great 10 miler this morning, I am itchy as all heck. I have showered, lotioned up, etc. and still I am itchy. I feel like a prune and my wrinkles on my face are really showing with the dryness here. But the moisturizer I was using came up on the EWG toxic list so I need to find something else I can afford. Hmm.


I have to say, at no time during the week am I as happy and upbeat as Sunday...after I've had my long run, showered, dressed, eaten, and had a cup of coffee. energy.gifIt's like magic.

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Back from our night away and just catching up.  We had a great time in French Lick and it was nice to see some people and places in Bloomington we've missed over the last 14 months.  And yes, my elk burger (minus bun, plus mushrooms and onions) was totally delish!  Unfortunately, DD2 developed a fever and a bad cough on the drive home last night, and now DD1 is feverish and coughing too.  I'm staying home from church with the two of them this morning.


Jooj ~ so is your DH renting a flat in anticipation of you and the children returning to WI, or for some other reason (safety?  job?) I hope he can get past the mental hurdle regarding education.


Nic ~ your run and Sunday morning sound absolutely perfect love.gif.


sparkle ~ so glad you're feeling better!  Enjoy the season finale tonight!


Add me to the "inspired by tjsmama's pics to want a tropical winter vacation" list!!!  I wish we got a February break here like we used to in New Jersey.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Time for me to head back upstairs and entertain two mildly sick girls.

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JG - Ugh, sounds much like what everyone I know is getting. The almost-croupy relentless cough w/ fever. In our experience, the fever is short lived and the cough finally dies in week 3. Bleh. Burger sounds delish orngbiggrin.gif
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Yegads, sorry I disappeared.  My computer got deeply messed up with a virus (or fake virus or something).  At any rate, it was offline for several days!  I will try to catch up tomorrow!

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Honestly, that seems wise.  You don't want to get into something where you will be losing sleep over it.

Um, yeah, we just signed the papers today....they took our offer....that we made after changing our minds back.... bag.gif and joy.gif (Dh is currently at work doing an impromptu shift, the first of many overtime shifts he will pull until May when we close). omg, it's a REAL house, like, for reals faint.gif
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Congratulations, Sparkle!!!!!



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Oooh, sparkle! I want to see! I was hoping you guys would throw a real lowball offer and have it work. It's a crazy market; worth it to try anything. Woot!


Nick, I agree that it will come to you. I know that feeling of waking in a cold sweat over something that feels so dire. It will find you, mama. I'm glad you had such a great 10-miler. Hope the itching is long over.


Still health warnings for the wheezy among us. Apparently, lots of people have been in to the various hospitals with a range of dust-related ills (allergies and asthma). My eyes were pasted shut this AM. Yuck. We'll see what I manage today, but I'm not going to stress if all I do is walk along the beach. (Rough seas, too.)


The switch to a flat is something we'd been discussing, but of course the size depends on whether 1 person or 4 will live there. Flats here are OK, in big buildings with balconies, lobbies, swimming pools, gyms, saunas, and even shops on the first floor or very close (so you can order your groceries delivered eyesroll.gif). We'd decided that for the money, the villa's not worth it. The "gardens" are basically giant litterboxes for the 15 stray neighborhood cats. The neighborhoods we're considering are about a 10-minute drive for dh, where now his drive is about 30min and through a toll gate. I'd be within 2km of a metro station. That would open possibilities for me to take the kids on outings. And beach would be a little farther than right across the street, but not more than a 10-15 minute walk. Dh was originally looking at total shoebox hole apartments in bachelor-housing corners of the city and I told him if that was where he planned to move, then indeed we would not be joining him. He changed his search criteria pretty fast. Now, how to do the same with the school conversation? mischievous.gif

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Jo - You suggest that it's either US public school or homeschooling with you in his flat?  I hope you find a happy medium, maybe a flat with a gym and allows cats?


Sparkle - Congrats!!  That's super exciting!  Can you direct us to pix?


Mommajb, Shanti - Hope you're both out of the weeds.


Gaye - So jealous.


Bec - Glad you're back!


RR: Didn't get anything in since boxing on Thursday.  We spent the day off-island on Friday, then I volunteered at dd's last swim meet although she was sitting it out with a cough.  That ended up just being a drag and by the time it was over I was exhausted and cranky and couldn't see keeping the kids for another 45 minutes at the gym when they'd been waiting three hours for the meet to end.  Today, nada again.  I have been getting painting done although dh and I have yet to actually work on the same room at the same time since he told me how much he wanted to.  It's getting to be garden season and so he's been out getting things ready.  I have mixed feelings about the garden.  It's okay if we have a garden but last year's farm plot went way beyond our ability to control,contain or enjoy.  So, in answer to Sparkle's question, I'm not sure we've found the balance.  But I've only missed the one workout since the crackdown so that's something.


Time to go spend quality tv time with the family.

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sparkle--The marathon is the Steamboat Marathon, in Steamboat Springs. And congrats on the house!

1jooj--once again, that's a lot to deal with. As always, I hope the school situation resolves in your favor with a minimum of drama.

Nick--I really hope you find something on the job front. Maybe an independently wealthy donor, no strings attached? lol.gif Kidding! Glad you are having a good Sunday.

JG--hope the kids are feeling better quickly.

Plady--that all sounds exhausting. Glad you're not missing a bunch of workouts though.

RR: 6 with J in the jogger.

NRR: Running with J was kind of a mistake mostly because I didn't get out the door until 5 and then she fell asleep. She was very specific about coming with me vs staying at home with everyone else so I caved. And then she didn't fall asleep again until 11. banghead.gif And for more I-suck-as-a-parent stories, most of the reason I didn't get out running until 5 was because there was the hour-long violin practice/battle (which, to be fair, improved after the first 20 minutes of actual practicing), and then there was a lengthy discussion about R's science fair project (the project has been awesome, but assembling the poster? She'd very happily throw some sloppy work onto it and be done), after which I ran to the store to pick up paint samples for the dining room and foam letters for the science fair poster. I can't figure out if the fact that the children suck every ounce of energy from us during the weekend is because they're intense or I have no boundaries. Pretty sure the former. Then again, I'm not sure what to make of this situation: I'm accompanying on some of R's choir pieces, so on occasion I like to practice piano before the kids are in bed. Without fail, J is yelling to play piano instead. I'll let her play until she loses interest. Then I sit down to play. Then she yells to play again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Eventually I give up because the other option is to play with her screaming and pulling at me, and well, that doesn't work so well either. Is part of having a (nearly) 2yo? I think I've blanked out R's toddler years.

I'm so ready for February to be over.
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Real, you don't suck. They do sound intense. And boundaries necessarily are so variable from family to family and kid to kid. And yes, isn't it weird how February is the shortest month of the year and yet in so many ways, feels like the longest? Thank goodness it's not two or three days longer.


Beach run shortened to 3.5 miles due to weather and sand conditions, but I did it, felt 200% better about almost everything in my life by the end, and capped it with some yoga, abs and upper body. Much, much better. Weather predictions are not looking good in terms of dust and blowing sand, but the air at the beach is coming in from Iran, so it's much better than the desert winds inland. And the sea spray is energizing. And the feet love being shoeless. I know, shut up already. I am still so amazed at how good it feels in a general sense. Happy toes.


Plady, I think that's where we're headed in the standoff. I hate that he seems willing to call my bluff, because I don't really want to live separately. That said, I got a note from my former boss welcoming me back whenever I'm ready. Bolt.gif


Re: vacations, we just got a "spring break holidays" brochure, thrown over the transom (we don't have mail delivery, but junk mail is literally thrown over the garden gate). Everything looks kinda pricey. Guess I can wait for summer and lots of cabin and camping time.

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Jo - Your former boss from WI?  ((hugs))  Thinking of you, mama.  I'm hoping for everything to fall into place perfectly for the whole family.


Sparkle - Congrats!


Secret Sprintee - My first box is out today, finally.  Sorry!!!


It's supposed to be a high in the 40's the next few days and the sun in shining and sometimes it doesn't even feel like February.  Val had her 3rd birthday on Saturday which started with a kids yoga class taught by my friend, home to decorate/clean/cook, and then the party for family.  It was a fulfilling but busy day... in fact, my whole last week felt like that.  It zoomed by but was so packed with good stuff.  I'm hoping this week is a little more relaxed, but we will see.  


Still awaiting that goat baby... I think we are getting closer at least.  No show or anything, but her udder is getting bigger.  Our egg production is finally going back up - 8 yesterday. :)  And our ducks are loving walking around the yard to play in the puddles, eat the stray pieces of grass, and perching on the outbuildings.


It feels like a good day for yoga booty ballet! :)

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We feel very lucky. We have been looking religiously for 3 years, and have bid on 2 houses in that time that didnt work out (one on inspection and one when the seller changed their mind), and in that time saved as much as we could (lots of overtime, every extra dollar into a house savings account) because we had finally decided to put an addition on our house and Dh wanted to be able to pay for it in cash so as to keep our mortgage payment as it is (low). So we now have quite a lot for a down payment, which is what makes a purchase like this house possible because it will make our mortgage reasonable. As soon as we got the call Dh went to the online schedule for work and picked up as many extra shifts as he could between now and May, when we close. Another serendipitous thing; his workplace is short-staffed and in the process of hiring several docs, so he has a limited time to work extra shifts.

The current owners of the house have owned it for 27 years and raised their three sons there, two of whom were born in what will be DD1's bedroom. The wife is a midwife. They are very happy that a young family will be growing up in the house - I think that's part of why they were willing to sell for less than they wanted. Their realtor is the owners brother, so I can imagine that he shared with them a little about us, and maybe they liked what they herd.

As a final serendipitous note, the day we called their realtor/brother (we represented ourselves) I was looking at my treasure map from last year (as the new "years" one is soon to be made) and I had written "My house is exactly what I want" - I read this and thought "hm, the one thing on here that didnt happen ... well, maybe its about me changing my perspective on the house I already have ..." We went to see the new house the next day, and I thought "hello".

Anyway, very lucky, very grateful.

Edited to add: Treasure Map 2012 starts at 10:37am EST March 22, for those interested. Ive done it the past two years and had very good experiences, even just the carved out time to make the map, focus on my goals for the coming year, and exercise my creativity
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Sparkle, do you have to sell your current house now?


Just back from a morning outside at the Winter Festival in the local big park complex. The kids did crafts, went on a hayride, and watched a dog-frisbee show. I left oldest

dd with her friend and friend's dad to enjoy the magic show and we came home. It's not so cold by temp but the wind is chilly. cold.gif



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sparkle ~ I'm doing my map with a group this year and I'm very excited!  My map from last year is pretty much right on... a few things I expect to tie up before the new one is made and a couple I expect to take with me onto my next map. :)  

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Um, yeah, we just signed the papers today....they took our offer....that we made after changing our minds back.... bag.gif and joy.gif (Dh is currently at work doing an impromptu shift, the first of many overtime shifts he will pull until May when we close). omg, it's a REAL house, like, for reals faint.gif


I didn't say anything.  Nothing to see here.  Nope, nada.  No negative thoughts.


Honestly, though, you said it was a stretch, though it sounds like you have done this very wisely, and with the downpayment saved and underbid, and it sounds like you have a HOME.


And I ended up only taking 2 weeks off for the foot.  I got new shoes, super duper anti-inflamitories, and religious icing, and I was back to 5-8 miles after 3 weeks.  Finally today, I've resumed walking to work, which oddly was the hardest thing to recover.  It's been a crazy few months.


So how do you get your mail, Jo?  I just remember in Turkey having to flirt with the mailman to get my mail delivered consistently, otherwise he'd hold it until he had enough to bother with. 


My parents have been here for the 3 day weekend.  My kids are over the moon, and I'm constantly getting criticized for hearing the constant stream of criticism as criticism.  Seriously, evidently DD has no problems or issues that couldn't be fixed by a different school and of course the different schools would take her because she's an "interesting case."  I'm babying DD for how we deal with her food issues (the kids now eats ASPARAGUS now for bleepin sake), blah, blah, blah.

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Ladies, this job is sucking my ability to exercise regularly!  It was another late night last night.  It was a markdown night.  It should have ended around midnight, so would have given me enough hours to sleep in and be human today!  No such luck.  Things went wrong, files were in the wrong place, and we ended up getting out of there around 3am, having started at 6pm!  That much time on my feet without a break has left me with a sore low back.  I do have tri class tonight, so I'll get something in, but man, it is tough!  I really bow down to those of you who manage careers, kids and running. 


SS package will go out today, tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday.  Sorry!!!!!


Valentines - I did the store bought ones this year.  Just the valentine (they came with either a sticker or a tatoo).  I think I will suggest the kids make their own next year.  They will like that.  And, Kerc, I would be very tempted to reply that your child certainly did make the decision to write a nice note on her cards to make all the other kids feel badly.  Mommy wars indeed.


In other news, I lost another pound!  I'm down over 12 pounds now!  DH is down about 17 pounds.  He goes back to the doctor this afternoon.  I'm hoping that all of his issues will be resolved and he can schedule this shoulder surgery!  The difference in him is dramatic.  In me, it really doesn't look different (at least, I can't tell the difference). 



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Congrats sparkle on the new home and fulfilled treasure map joy.gifI'm holding you to your word that the cough on this thing ends in week 3. It's still hanging on here.


real grouphug.gif I have no luck with piano while kids are awake, either. My youngest sees a lap to climb on and an opportunity to bash the keys. When I asked her recently why she got so angry whenever I tried to play, she said "because sometimes you play piano when Neela plays fiddle and it makes me feel mad". Total toddler jealousy. We occasionally have luck with giving her assorted percussion toys to play with, but it's pretty time limited. You have intense kids, and its hard to deal with them even when you're not sleep deprived.


Geo, congrats on surviving the stream of criticism weekend.


Jen, I love, love baby goats! Excitedly awaiting the news love.gif



I had a phone call on Friday from my preferred supervisor at my top choice grad school program offering me a seat and wanting to talk logistics of supervision (she's just had a sabbatical accepted starting in July, but plans to be mostly in town and is still willing to supervise but proposing a co-supervision). I felt really ambivalent about grad school in general and the possibility of further family upheaval and spent the weekend quietly considering and kicking myself for not having asked about funding when we chatted. This morning I got the official email offer, with a good scholarship offer and guaranteed TA-ship attached, plus the possibility of research assistant work. There are a lot of things about the timing that could be good: I don't have a permanent position at either the hospital or the college right now, so I'm not leaving a secure job to do this. There is a retirement in my department planned for right after I would get back (it's 12 months coursework on site, and thesis can be done by distance over the following 6-12 months), I keep my seniority at the college for two years and would be very likely to get the position when I return, plus be positioned for more work actually having a masters degree.


The downsides? Figuring out what my husband would do for work and moving the family to the other side of the country where we have very limited support for 12 months. The financial hit of being a grad student on a pretty limited scholarship/TAship income, likely the need for some student loans. The fact that we've never stayed anywhere for more than two years in my entire adult life is starting to weigh on me a little bit. I'll hit two years in this house in April.


But after spending the weekend kind of stressed about it, this morning I'm feeling a tiny bit excited. I've been out of school for almost 11 years, and planning to go back "soon" for about 9 years...

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sparkle ~ congratulations on the house!!!!  Tell us a little about it!  I want to hear the details orngbiggrin.gif.


MelW ~ wow!  What a big decision.  What province would you be moving to?  What does your DH think about the whole thing? 


bec ~ way to go on the weight loss for both you and your DH!  I thought work was supposed to slow down after the holidays, eh?


Geo ~ do we have the same parents???


JenLove ~ I want to do a map this year too.  Do you know of any good website with information and instructions for me?


Jooj ~ so glad things are looking up thumb.gif.


RR ~ nothing today, but I did squeeze in an hour walk yesterday.


NRR ~ DD1 has had a fever and sore throat all day.  She's definitely home from school tomorrow (so no Boot Camp greensad.gif) and I am taking her for a throat culture.  DD2 feels much better though.  Just a little runny nose and occasional cough.  DH and I got SO much done here at the house!  Moved furniture we've planned on moving, tons of cleaning and organizing.  And DH hired the same landscape contractor who did our big backyard project last year to make me some terraced gardens for vegetables!  They started work already and it's going to be so cool!  I can't wait until it's time to plant.

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