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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

It seems like anyone who was a better parent than me would either handle the situation so that child 1 did her homework sooner and/or without the crap and child 2 slept sooner and/or without the crap, or that perhaps that person would do neither of the above but not feel the need to curse about it while wanting to cry and simultaneously run away, so I'm thinking that person should come mother my children and be a better wife to my spouse and I'll live in blissful if somewhat lonely solitude somewhere far away.

I hear you! Some days, I wish for Mary Poppins to come and take over. So sorry this was your day - it sounds like a truly awful one. hug2.gifLet this one be better.


And to all who are dealing with sickness, here's to speedy and full recovery.


Superbowl party was fun, lots of people, fairly unhealthy food, but I stayed away from it for the most part. Had some corn chips and bean dip, and one small brownie. Otherwise, I just munched on lots of carrots and had a glass of wine (or 2...).


Yesterday, I decided to do a long run in the morning. I was shooting for around 7 or 7.5, but ended up running 8.5 before I was back home. I was a little tired there at the end, but I did 3:1 run/walk intervals, so I never felt exhausted or anything.


So Valentine's day is right around the corner. DS is making little ladybug magnets out of plaster of paris. DD wants to sew puffy hearts, but just the thought of cutting out 30 - no, 60! - heart-shaped bits of fabric has me dreading this project.

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Real ~ Mama, you need a break.  The sleep issues with J alone would be enough to put me in the nuthouse.  May today be better grouphug.gif.


Mel38 ~ ack!  Valentines!!!!  I need to get on that this week....


jooj ~ that sounds like a fantastic hour on the beach


Lala ~ I really hope you're feeling better.  That sounds awful.


sparkle ~ I hope you're feeling better too.  I can definitely understand your anxiety about getting sick after last year.


kerc ~ your trip idea to SJI has me thinking too....  This summer is definitely Colorado though!  Is that on your list?


RR ~ nada, but I did make a pact with DH that we would both workout in some way every day this week.  Once the fog clears this morning, I'm going out for a walk.


NRR ~ waiting not-so-patiently for my MRI results  The nech said either Monday or Tuesday, so now we wait....



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Yesterday I woke up to news that my Gram was doing poorly.  She has alzheimer's and is in a nursing home, so we knew it was coming eventually.  She is at the point now where she is barely eating or drinking and she's dying because of that.  We're in the waiting game stage right now.


JayGee ~ thinking of you and your results!


Valentine's!  Yes!  We did start some of ours that we are mailing far away, but otherwise we have until Thursday to finish the ones for the homeschool party. :)


Real ~ {{hugs}}

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real - hugs...we all have good and bad moments, they do not define us as parents, they only define the moment.  You are a good mom. You care.  This is more than many.


Jen - I'm sorry to hear that.  I hope she finds peace.


So, how about if people want to do secret sprinter they message me the following:



real name



dislikes/things to avoid (i.e. I would not want anything with sugar).


How about a deadline of Thursday to get this to me, I can compile the info for pairing and get going on it?  If people aren't interested, that's okay, just let me know...



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I will stay caught up on work this week. I will stay caught up on work this week.



BBM: I'm out on the secret sprinter. I just cannot make it happen.


Jenlove: thinking of you and your grandma. Wishing you both a peaceful time.




On diet coke again: apparently when I'm thirsty I now crave diet coke?  Which maybe is why I was drinking so dang many. But seriously, how much water does a normal 160lb person need in a day? Would it be unusual that I've been up for 3 hours and have already emptied my 20 oz water bottle twice?

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hug2.gifReal, those marathon days of difficult parenting will drive anyone to wanting to run away. I've had a few of those recently myself and they take a toll.


RR - You would never know that I live in what is normally one of the highest snowfall regions of Canada. The grass is green and I picked some fresh mint from my garden yesterday. I think it was five or six years ago to the day that I got stranded in a blizzard for 2-3 days and here I am gardening in February. Not that I ever want to repeat that blizzard experience but a little winter would be nice. I will get out there to do some more on the C25K again but I would rather be snowshoeing. I can do a great workout without aggravating my asthma, something I can't say for running.


NRR - dd is back to school today but was clearly nervous and reluctant. Her neck looks a million times better but it is still quite startling to see the scars. I really hope they will fade to nothing quickly. dh is off to work for a few hours today so I am looking forward to a little time at home alone to get some work done. If I get through my list of phone calls and photograph and list some more yarn for my Etsy site, I am going to see if I can get my spinning wheel working. Something isn't right and it is driving me crazy because I really, really want to be able to spin. 


Last night it became quite clear to me why I went gluten free. For her birthday last week dd wanted a turkey dinner. Someone had given us a stuffed turkey before Christmas. I cooked it because it was easy and I didn't want to waste it even though the idea of cooking a turkey from frozen with pre-made stuffing grossed me out. She was happy with the dinner and I ate mostly veggies and salad that night. I made soup from the leftovers and some of the stuffing landed in the stock pot. The soup was delicious but not at all gluten free. I loved every bite of it and then bloated like nobody's business last night and feel like someone used me to mop the floor today. Jeans that were loose almost to the point of falling down on Saturday are now as tight as can be, just because of two bowls of turkey soup. I have also noticed when I bake for my family that I sneeze like crazy whenever the flour is out, something I never used to do. I really need to get another baker going in this house!

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Kerc, that does seem like a lot of thirst for such a short time. Maybe you were a little dehydrated? I don't know, but there are times when I crave a carbonated soft drink, and I don't think it is so much the thirst as that prickly feeling that I am craving.


BBM: I can't do the SS. I love that you all do that - and I dream of being such a together person that I would be a good SS when I see how much joy it brings to all involved. I am just not that "together" right now.


Jen: I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. greensad.gif Are you close enough to visit?

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OMG, here's how sick/tired I am: I'm >this< close to crying watching - wait for it - Tangled!!! And Ive seen it several times w/out this reaction fever.gifdizzy.gif

Kerc - I dont know - I frequently drink 32+ oz. in 3 hours. Ive been up for 3 1/2 and have had 40+ so far. I drink the most in the morning hours, I think b/c I/you have gone many hours over night exhaling moisture....

Real - A different mommy might hold R down and pull the tooth and lock J in her room with the lights out until she fell asleep. It is exhausting being a respectful, responsive parent - heck, its exhausting being a parent - without the fights and long hours and sleeplessness. You are doing better than any sub would or could hug.gif and grouphug.gif You are an amazing mom. Sorry you cant run away redface.gif

Jo - its not terror so much as overwhelm. Just the smell of my own sick self reminds me of the total surrender to illness and treatment, and loss of self that being in the hospital was, which reminds me of the vulnerability of us all and the fragility of humanity, and then I am just a sad, empathetic, pathetic mess.

NRR: home with dd2 today. Funny moment: she wanted food. I said "...cant have this orange b/c it looks bad", and she says "yeah, me and dad had one yesterday and it was DO1 disgusting!" (pronounced Dee.oh.one) I said "DO1?" and she said "yeah!" Like we all know how bad something is when its category DO1! lol.gif
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Just a quick note on water consumption... rule of thumb I was taught is take your weight in pounds, divide by 2.  The resulting number is the amount in oz you should be drinking per day (without activity!).

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Feel better Sparkle!

Waiting for your report JayGee.  I'm also distracted completely by DD's lack of report in my inbox.  Promised this weekend, then for this afternoon...

kerc, that amount of thirst makes sense for winter dryness.  Your body might also be shifting equilibrium as the Diet Coke stuff leaves your system.  Any dietary change in me seems to be marked by thirst.

Lisa, you need a neighbor who welcomes all the neighborhood kids in with open arms. 


Our big meetings with the school are on Wednesday.  DD first, DS second.  I'm a wreck.


Big Important Question:  Now that DS is in kindergarten and all, I suspect it's time to be more manly with the valentines.  Can he give out Valentine-themed pencils?  Can he pass out hand cut-out hearts?  We've in the past made pairs of hearts, taped them to a pencil or stick of gum, and added red, curled pipe cleaners to make butterflies.  I'm thinking no pink, no butterflies, but is it ok to also do no store-bought transformers?  Difficult waters we tread here.

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JG - ditto...waiting...

mel38 - awesome 8.5!! So glad your knee is cooperating

Kerc - yeah, I was thinking winter dryness too

NRR: must be on the upswing - cleaned the tub tile w/ a toothbrush today lol.gif

edited to add: just remembered why I came (in addition to JG): article in the nyt today about how massage helps sore muscles. study using muscle biopsies (eww) at various stages of work-out and recovery show decreases in yucky stuff and increases in good stuff
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Mel ~ Yes, I'm close enough to her and I'm going to see her tonight.  I was so afraid of walking into all of it and being vulnerable and seeing her like that, but J talked to me and it changed my perspective a bit. <3

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real grouphug.gif Praying for sleep and no more snow and a break for you!


Jen, wishing you a peaceful visit and goodbye for your Gram.


JayGee, Geo: fingerscrossed for good results, and SOON!


sparkle, healing vibes headed your way, too. I haven't seen Tangled, but can imagine lol.gif


Geo, my daughter's kindy class was about 50/50 with transformer/superhero cards and homemade from the boys last year. Homemade including some hearts and pink and no raised eyebrows seen from kids or parents. Blue/green hearts maybe? This year we did lino-prints. The kids drew them, I cut the lino and they did the printing. I should have bought cardstock but didn't want to leave the house, so we used printer paper and made four on each page. It's quick and easy mass-production but with a handmade touch. The girls also made an huge banner for our front window that says: "It's Valentines Day! Get happy!" They had me write it out and they coloured the letters and added decorations. Too cute.


BBM (and other dingoes): What's involved in secret sprinter?


Today we're housebound, despite gorgeous sunny weather with a sick oldest kid. She's got up briefly for breakfast and again for lunch, and has just now migrated from bed to the couch. I did a bit of yardwork and biking up and down the street with the youngest, and am both grateful for the Nike exercise apps and resentful of not being able to get out for more exercise. I've convinced the kids that a short trip for more smoothie supplies is in order.





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Geo - stickers? get an assortment at Michaels or somewhere? Personally, I hate the pencils redface.gif
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Geo - stickers? get an assortment at Michaels or somewhere? Personally, I hate the pencils redface.gif

And I'm starting to view stickers as evil mass-reproducing rabbits. 


Report came.  We need some editing from the psychologist, and Whoooeeee, there are some whoppers in the scores.  Stuff he didn't tell us last week.  I wonder -- does the kid have face blindness?  No autism apparent, but a section on recognizing and learning faces and names came out 0.4%ile.  (not a typo).  Really?  The thing is, it fits.  The kid doesn't recognize people, explaining much of her social struggles.  Her best friend is the tallest kid in the school, which means she's clearly recognizable without the need to recognize the face.

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valentines: I've got nothing.


so helpful to have the numbers on the water.

it's not like i'm either NOT peeing or peeing all the time.

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Secret Sprinter - you get assigned someone that will send you a little pick-me-up about 2-3x over the next 6-8 weeks (?) and someone is assigned you...so you receive 2-3 pick-me-ups.  It can be a fun little thing to do in the darkest days of Winter.


So far I have doing SS: me, JenLove, Geo, and Shanti...


The anxiety is improving, I still have some weird triggers, but overall improvement.  The water reports are interesting to read, makes me realize (yet again) I do NOT drink enough water.  I do when I work because I have a big tankard of water, but when I'm at home I just forget.


Sparkle when I'm in a more vulnerable place movies like Tangled can totally hit me sideways!



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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post


Report came.  We need some editing from the psychologist, and Whoooeeee, there are some whoppers in the scores.  Stuff he didn't tell us last week.  I wonder -- does the kid have face blindness?  No autism apparent, but a section on recognizing and learning faces and names came out 0.4%ile.  (not a typo).  Really?  The thing is, it fits.  The kid doesn't recognize people, explaining much of her social struggles.  Her best friend is the tallest kid in the school, which means she's clearly recognizable without the need to recognize the face.

That's amazing, Geo! Where do you go from here?


I prefer stickers to pencils, if only because they're more easily "used" (stuck on paper) then recycled. We've developed quite the stash of never sharpened pencils from birthday/valentines/dentist/goody-bags.


Smilies for Nora: Sheepish.gifgrouphug.gifkissy.gifkiss.gifBolt.gif

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Thread Starter 

Geo, I think only recently I heard something on NPR about face blindness. As in, a really, really rare condition. I believe there was some part of the conversation that got into coping strategies and social effects. I wish I remembered more. That's stunning. Where do you go from here, indeed??


JenLove, hug2.gif to your G. Mine is sliding that way, too.


No SS for me; international mail is worse than a hassle here. irked.gif


Dh is dropping me at the vet's with the kitty this AM. He needs his paw pad looked at, and will also be neutered and registered to me. I'll be walking home from the vet's, which is a couple of miles. If I feel good enough, might swing around the track at the park before turning home. thumb.gif And I outlined the rest of the story for the manuscript. I'm far enough in that I need the outline to keep track of what I've written and what's in my head.

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face blindness. whoa. that is interesting.


oy. rough afternoon. when I was hired as a geol prof (I had a term to term contract as a geol. instructor), I was the replacement for a deceased tenured geology prof. Only, the provost (at our school basically equivalent to principal in a school system) decided to hire 2 geologists. He brought us in, never told us why he hired two of us and then three months later took a job at a different school. Unusual for a school to hire 2 people with one ad, usually you are married to each other when that happens. So....flash forward two years. Budget crisis at hand right now. The current governor of wisconsin is balancing the state budget on the backs of the educational system. So every.little.thing one wants to do has to come down to $$.  Anyhow Geologist #2 apparently told the provost he wasn't sure that our college even needed ANY geologists, never mind two. So the shit is hitting the fan. The provost repeated that wording to the department chair, who then told me. Why why why am I surrounded by men who have no idea how to play the political game?


#2 issue: math related. Apparently my kid can process math. She's not so off the chart that I'm immediately worried. But the school is not doing an awesome job at challenging her.



Can the mama-replacement we hire do a stand in in Colorado one afternoon and Minnesota the next?

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