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Nick - hug.gif I am in a very similar place. This weekend has been particularly bad around here. I am glad you found some clarity on your run. I constantly find myself shaking my head trying to figure out if I just heard or experienced what I thought I just did - lots of smoke, mirrors and charm around here. 


Real - sound like someone who needs drama and even if though you are correct, I suspect she will need to "have the last word" that will be something about how you just don't understand and she has it harder than anyone, reality notwithstanding. It is exhausting to deal with that dynamic, isn't it?


Hi Poppy! wave.gif


MelW - I actually prefer snowshoeing to running but we have had exactly four days this winter with enough snow for it this winter and I live in what is normally a heavy snowfall region. I like winter running better than summer. I make sure to use my inhaler before leaving if it is really cold but I love it. I have lots of wooly layers so I stay pretty warm and make sure to do some yoga and take a hot shower as soon as I get home when I run in cold weather. I am fine while running but can feel chilled for the rest of the day if I don't do that. LLBean had a great sale on some wool leggings and running shirts awhile ago. I have a down vest I pull out when it is colder than -15C


1jooj - excellent news with your writing! 



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Eminem v. Panjabi MC Lose Yourself Remix

Bjork - Army of Me

Bjork - Violently Happy

House of Pain - Jump Around

Shawn Colvin - Sunny came Home

Fiona Apple - Criminal

Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain

Will Smith - Gettin Jiggy Wit it

Fat Boy Slim - Rockafeller Skank

KLF - What Time is Love

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic, Sure Shot

Cure - Killing an Arab

More on this vein, Technotronic, Black Box, Janet Jackson If

A bunch of stuff that shows my age!  orngtongue.gif


I have loaded so much music into my computer over the weekend, it's crazy, I found all the cds I made of mp3s in Mexico back in the heyday of Napster.  It's kind of fun but I'm still fed up with the shuffle.  And the phone.  The shuffle is the waterproof version so it was even spendier than the usual mp3 player and of course I rarely use it because the headphones aren't so great and I spend as much time adjusting them as swimming. 


Anyway. watev.  I like checking out your list Sparkle.  For some reason that Dog Days Are Over song always makes me think of you.


Okay, I've been messing around here for too long and need to catch up.

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What to wear when its cold for aerobic wear:

you need technical fabrics. period.


On a cold ski (10 degrees F): wool socks, cycling tights + windpants, technical shirt, vest, windproof jacket that is breathable. On hands: mittens or  lobster gloves.

Hat is essential. I'm a cold girl, meaning I always feel cold. I found when it is colder than 15 degrees I like something on my neck. A buff or I have a super lightweight balaclava. I wear one of them under my hat. Heat regulation for me is often via removing my hat (stuffing it into my pocket) or unzipping my jacket. On a run my issue would be cold feet for sure. If I ran on a more regular basis in the winter I would probably run in 2 pair of socks or those cushioned ones that geofizz likes so well.  If you run near your house it makes sense to run a quick loop, warm up, drop your extra hot gear and then run the rest.  Don't forget to hydrate when you're cold. Pack a water bottle with warm water so it doesn't freeze.



Speaking of cold:   SNOW!!!  more than 2 inches. at once. in Northern Minnesota. WOOT! And its still falling. Maybe Wednesday can be a snowshoe day! 




Nik: long runs can be so brain clearing, can't they?


Poppy:  Yay! on all counts.


Shanti: so thinking of you. I was just knitting and thinking how much I would love to knit with you dingoes someday.


Lisa: lady at church has been through a lot. I personally would send a note that says, I think you misunderstood what I'm trying to say (i.e. its hard, but yes indeed computers make it easier). And then I would steer clear. (Can you tell I hate confrontation?).  Care to join the dingo knit and b*tch?




Yesterday I did a speed workout on the treadmill. (a). I hate treadmill runs over 2 miles. (b). I hate speed work. (c). I had to take my kids to the babysitting. Today my legs are barking, but other than that, I'm so glad I did it.


In the last two days I have had 2 diet sodas. Both days I have been absolutely ravenous (but also eating a ton). Are these related?


Husband skied his 2nd xc ski marathon yesterday. Go dh!  And now, its my turn to hog weekends with my plans. Of course, now its snowing -- if we had had normal snow, training for said marathon would have been 2 hours on a saturday. Not a whole saturday (2 hrs to drive there, 2 hrs to ski, 2 hrs to drive home...).



Let's do something totally novel -- goals for the week -- list as many as you want running related and one personal goal.

Here are mine for the coming days:

Running related:

Monday: ski if I finish my work at work + treadmill run during swim lessons

Tuesday: sign up and join running club 1/2 training plan.  also ski at night before beer.

Wednesday: rest and/or ski/snowshoe

Thursday: ski + running group.

Friday: rest.


Personal related:

I will not avoid my (work) email until it builds up and is insurmountable.

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real, I like confrontation about as much as kerc. I would write a note in a pretty card, so the card provides the "sorry" cue. Wouldn't waste too much time on the messaging, because I suspect you're right.


BBM, I would definitely advise starting with pubs she would read. There are also children's lit mags, including Stone Soup. I'd absolutely encourage her to submit.


poppy! joy.gif Congrats to you, dh and S! That is a great bunch of family news!

kerc, on the soda, maybe too many variables. lol.gif But some research apparently suggests it messes with sweet cravings and hunger signals, so maybe. WTG on the TM. You got it done.


Nick and Shanti grouphug.gif.


With my serious school intervention, ds has now received two near-perfect scores on two LA projects. One more big thing to finish this week, and then the sleepover. Wind is gone, so today I head to the beach for a good run. Actually have a plan to do a split road/beach run, but I realized the long run on the pavement (in shoes) caused some pain over the tops of my feet. Hm. Anyway, today will be an outside day.


We had another bus incident yesterday. Dh is going in to the school today. Dd got off the bus crying, and within seconds of dh stepping on the bus, the two bullies (brothers) were crying. Nothing dh said, just the fact that they got caught at all. They were so sure of themselves. I am so disgusted. This has been so hard.


Loving the playlists. Makes me want to go and listen to some of my old favorites. love.gif


And I wish the writing were more to report than just submitting 50 pages of pre-existing material. But at least it's something. And, AND, if I get a totally manic wave in the next 24 hours, I might also submit for a poetry competition. It's spring enough that it could happen. energy.gif

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Oh, jo. I am so sorry your DD is going through that. hug.gif

poppy~wave.gif and joy.gif

real~Add me to the list of confrontation-avoiders. orngbiggrin.gif

Well, so much for our idea of having a relaxing day today. That didn't quite happen. I went to spin class this morning, and then as soon as I got home, DS and I headed out for errands which ended up taking longer than anticipated. At least we were productive. Well, except for the part where I could not for the life of me find chorizo. In Denver, which, as you probably know, is a fairly large city. How that is possible, I do not know. Oh, there is Mexican chorizo galore, but not portugese chorizo. I ended up having to use the Mexican variety, which just was not quite the same in my caldo verde. rolleyes.gif The rest of our afternoon was spent making jam, since we FINALLY used up the last of the peach jam that I made right after starting nursing school. orngtongue.gif We now have a dozen jars of strawberry jam all set for DS's school lunches.

rr~Spin class was pretty blah this morning. Substitute teacher. He's awesome as a person, but (and not to be mean)...he's a geezer. Seriously. The man is at least 75 years old. Needless to say, it was not a super-hard class. The entire class was 3, 4, or 5 minute intervals with 1 or 2 minute recoveries in between. In the saddle. Who the heck can spend an hour + class in the saddle?? Not me, that's for sure! I did at least half of the intervals out of the saddle, both to give my crotch a break and to attempt to get more of a workout in.

Tomorrow, I will run after my morning of orientation. I will.
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1jooj--sorry about your DD and the bullies. A better schooling option can't come fast enough.

Nic--yes, you need a shield. How one does that, I haven't the faintest idea though. If you figure it out, please let me know.

kerc--that's probably what I'll do. I generally do steer clear of her -- primarily because she gets into my personal space every time we talk, but hopefully this will clear the air. Yay for speedwork and an even bigger yay for snow for you though!

RR: 11 miles, done. At least the wind died down. After 4 miles, I decided to stop thinking about the woman at church and let Lenten hymns run through my head instead. It was strangely comforting.

NRR: Thanks for the advice. I'm not a fan of confrontation much either. Mostly, I wish I would have just dropped what I was doing and walked away rather open my mouth. Very few weeks go by in which she's not talking about some aspect of her situation, and she's been around for a couple of years now. Probably the most, um, "interesting" was the time after church when a bunch of people were gathered around and she was talking, loudly, about how if he ever got out of prison and tried anything she'd shoot him, no questions asked. I don't necessarily disagree with the action, but dude, can you say premeditated? Colorado has a "make my day law" so it's best to keep your mouth shut and do what you have to do if the situation arises, yk? There's a lot of stuff about that situation I find odd (primarily, loudly broadcasting to everyone in earshot that you're in hiding), though that's neither here nor there. And darn it all, why didn't I just go someplace else and mutter my comments to myself. banghead.gif I is an idiot.
Let's do something totally novel -- goals for the week -- list as many as you want running related and one personal goal.
Mon or Tues: run 3
Tues or Wed: run 6
Thurs: run 3
Fri or Sat: run 6
Sun: run 12
short abs work out 2x, and hopefully one strength workout

Personal: Um. Mostly I'd like to get through it with as little drama as possible, whether from other people, the husband, the small children, or myself. It's gonna be kinda ugly (car in the shop/P on a business trip/several early morning school drop-offs that I usually avoid/and more) so um, yeah.
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The school Veep was on the phone within an hour of my email. We reiterated our appreciation for the bus personnel and our disappointment with the kids. irked.gif I don't want to come off as a total jerk (maybe just quarter jerk?), but there's more to American school than curriculum, and at our best, Americans value and respect the individual in ways that many cultures don't. I think some people enroll their kids in "American" school with an eye on a US-university education and (they hope) a ticket for their kid to make a lot more money than they might otherwise. Today, I really do think this. Especially in a place like here. Anyway, that bus thing is done, and dd should be bully-free for the rest of the quarter at least. eyesroll.gif


I got my run in and had more in me but ran out of time. So going to try adding a couple miles tomorrow, plus abs and upper body. Going to have to get out earlier to beat the sun. And, the scale moved! So I am hopeful to see more movement over the next few months. I'd like to fit in my clothes when I go back home and actually have to wear them. Here, I wear my running clothes or an abaya, usually. My size 8 khakis are taunting me.


I'd like to set hard goals, but I don't feel like anything is solid. Short term, I want to vary runs to include 2 with shoes and at least 3 without, with one of each (shoes and barefoot) longer than the typical 4-ish miles. I want to get up to 10 miles, preferably barefoot. Also doing strength and yoga 4 times a week. I guess that's as hard as my goals will be for now.


NRR, I've decided I will submit to the poetry competition I've been considering. I put together what I have, and I think I can realistically add quite a bit of work that's already in drafts. It feels good to assemble bits and pieces and find a body of work, even if nothing else comes of it.


In other news, today I bought face cream, eyeliner and mascara. And I intend to use it once in a while.

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Wow, big changes poppy!  Congrats on all fronts!  OK, no congrats on the IT band, except in that you are giving your body a chance to heal.  We know you'll get there.


Jooj, so when is the end date for school?  It seems as though the forces are indicating sooner rather than later might be wise.  What kind of intervention led to your DS' great performances?  Lots of running, yeah scale movement!


Real, I read about people like that and wonder how much of it is even the truth.  Call me a cold-hearted skeptic, but geez.  Might be just best to keep your distance.


Yay snow, kerc!  Better you than me.  I'm kinda liking my shovel-free winter.


hugs Shanti & nic


BBM:  Stone Soup! http://www.stonesoup.com/ 



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Jooj ~ I'm glad the school was so quick to respond to the bus incident.  I really hope that your DD doesn't have to deal with any more of that kind of garbage.


Real ~ what a strange situation at church.  I agree with the "steer clear" and just remind yourself that she has some issues and baggage (obviously).  And yes, NO local/state mandate or funding for G&T eyesroll.gif.  It used to be included under Special Education funding, but a law passed in 2002 removed gifted education from that funding bucket.  School districts can choose to implement a gifted program, but ours has not chosen to do that (once again, no money).


My running playlist right now:

Get Back Up - Toby Mac

I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

Oh, Happiness - David Crowder Band

Saturday Night - Bay City Rollers

Tonight - Toby Mac

Rolling in the Deep - Adele

Lose Yourself - Eminem

Move - MercyMe

A Million Pieces - Newsboys

It's Magic - Pilot

Dynamite - Taio Cruz

Mean - Taylor Swift

ShowStopper - Toby Mac

Gone - Toby Mac

Hey Soul Sister - Train

Mambo #5 - Lou Bega

Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heros

Shake Your Booty - KC and the Sunshine Band

Amen - Edens Edge


kerc ~ I like the goal-setting idea smile.gif.  My running/exercise goals are 3x walking/running, 2x boot camp, 1x Pilates (at least).  Personal goal is to exercise patience with DD1, who is trying said patience these days.


RR ~ 3 miles of walk/run yesterday.  Felt great, although the space between my big toe and second toe tends to go numb after a few minutes.  This morning I'm headed to the Y for a walk and a spin class.

NRR ~ DD1 is entering the surly teen stage about 6 years early.  Snooty, rude, disrespectful, tantrum-y, and generally a PITA.  I seem to remember her doing the exact same thing last year just before her 7th birthday, and here we are only a month away from her 8th and it's the same exact scenario.  Last night's piano practice, for example, almost made me lose my marbles.  ARGH!!!!!!

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Morning DIngos!


Monday - Lower body weights, help dh continue to trouble shoot what is killing our chickens and try to fix.  Also, help dh do the right thing with the sick hen we found last night when moving flock around to try and keep them out of mystery predator's grasp.

Tuesday - Boxing and be very mindful about form over power with right punch so I don't cripple myself.

Wednesday - Upper body weights, spend a little time at rehearsal focusing on tender moments so kids don't let them slip.

Thursday - Boxing, with attention to wrist, later, take dd over.  Stay with her? Or leave her to it?

Friday - Spend time with little dd so she isn't plugging in to boob tube.  Lower Body weights.  Friends over for dinner?


This weekend was nice, a friend turned 40 and wanted people to come out and sing karaoke with this band that does is every now and then in town.  It was packed, I made my karaoke debut with Free Fallin and dd made hers with Don't Stop.  I'm constantly amazed at how brave my kids are.  At 10 you could not have paid me to get up onstage with a strange band and sing a rock song into a mic - to a roomful of adults. 


Real - you know, she sounds like such a drama diva that maybe it would be better to just let her have the last word and try to avoid her.  It's just a little too weird to be announcing your intention to murder someone while you're still at church. (x-posted with Geo and JG, so yeah, what they said)


Poppy - So happy for all of you!

Bec - Just because you aren't the only Daisy leader in the world you shouldn't think that it means that you don't have a special skill set.  I think you have some talents that can't be taught, don't sell yourself short!


Shanti, Mommajb, NIc and Everyone - Dh asked yesterday when the DIngos were going to come here and do a big camp jamboree.  I said Kerc was thinking about it, but it sounds like the need is here for a Good Excuse to Get Away From Home.  I'm thinking about calling A Very Important Conference for this summer.  Discuss.


Okay. time to wake kids and then check hens.  Wish me luck.


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Originally Posted by Plady View Post
Shanti, Mommajb, NIc and Everyone - Dh asked yesterday when the DIngos were going to come here and do a big camp jamboree.  I said Kerc was thinking about it, but it sounds like the need is here for a Good Excuse to Get Away From Home.  I'm thinking about calling A Very Important Conference for this summer.  Discuss.

Still thinking on it.  We did our taxes. Recall dh last year picked up two new teaching gigs. So none of the three places of employment withheld enough federal taxes. And now we have to come up with multiple $K before April 15 AND adjust our current withholding to make up for the first two months of withholding at a less than appropriate rate. 

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Kerc - greensad.gif

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RR - walk/run 30 minutes, a 45 minute spin class, 15 min absorngbiggrin.gif.  At least I know my leg will be good and numb for tomorrow's appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.


Kerc - we're in a similar boat.  For some reason DH entered "9" for exemptions on his form.  Ummmm, no we don't have 9 kids and now I know why his paychecks have seemed rather generous.  We also owe a couple of K.

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Posting quickly from my phone- the forecast was wrong, and it only hit -12C. Totally tolerable for snow shoveling and a walk this morning with the kids.

Goals for the week:
Mon: swim with kids, lower body and core strength exercises
Tues or Wed: Treadmill run. Maybe another swim
Fri or Sat: Run or snowshoe
Sun: Drive home

NRR: Have empathy for the difficulty of being 2 1/2 and away from home. Rise above the whining.
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All the talk of snowshoeing has me interested. I bet that burns a lot of calories - would love to try it some day.


Kerc, JG: we also have a big tax bill looming in April. We usually make quarterly payments for our business, but after 2 years of declining income, weren't required to do that last year. Which means that we will have to catch up with a payment on 4/15 plus make our first quarterly payment for 2012 on that same date. YUCK! Dreading that already.


Poppy! I'm so glad for you, your DH and your DS!! You guys are just the coolest family, and as karma goes, there must be lots of good things coming your way.


Love the playlists!! KC and the Sunshine Band: I remember doing "the bump" to that song at a 7th grade dance back. Trying to remember the boy I was dancing with... Jeff something-or-other, a very popular kid, so I was totally thrilled and mortified at the same time.  blush.gif


Dingo meetup at Plady's?


RR: 2 mile tempo run at the track. I warmed up for a half mile, then ran the 2 miles at what I felt was a little more effort than 5k pace. I didn't look at my watch until I was done, and it turned out to be 9 min/mile the first mile, then 8:45 the second mile. I was very happy about that, because it is fast for me. Then 2000 yds at the pool.


This week:

Tues: haven't decided yet

Wed:swim in the a.m. and track later

Thurs:swim + short run

Fri: no plans

Sat:long run, thinking of repeating 11 miles.

Sun: no plans


Hm, seems to me that I need to get my bike out of the garage and start riding it again.



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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Kerc - we're in a similar boat.  For some reason DH entered "9" for exemptions on his form.  Ummmm, no we don't have 9 kids and now I know why his paychecks have seemed rather generous.  We also owe a couple of K.
But at least you know your tax dollars are going to things you support, like GT education and .... oh wait rolleyes.gifdisappointed.gif Cant wait to hear about the appt.

Real - I might respond with a quick note - oh, I think you misunderstood... all the best - and then avoid her. It's a sad situation, but it sounds like she has turned being a victim into a source of attention

Plady - Very cool about the karaoke and raising bold children!

Poppy - That all sounds great! And the trail run luxlove.gif Congrats to DS

RR: cycling and run/walking intervals for 75 minutes. Mostly good, strong beginning, tight and tired end. But done...
Edited by sparkletruck - 2/27/12 at 3:41pm
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I have to admit, I am relieved to see that we are not the only ones that have withholding issues.  I am not even sure how it happened, as this hasn't been an issue for many years.  And, I'm not the one in control of it, as it is not my job that is the problem.  Anyway, the end result is owing a couple thousand rather than getting anything.  Bah.


I have been a lump all day long.  Mostly sitting on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy.  I knew I have tri class tonight, so wasn't anxious about it.  And, I did get dinner made!  Pork chops, eggplant in the crockpot, and quinoa. 


Some sort of brick workout to come.

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I'm here. I'm reading.  But dang I'm busy.


Goals? Survive.  Maybe later in the week I'll have more time to think of specific ones. I know they exist.


Good day at work.  I'm really loving my work again.  


Plady - I wish! But we are so strapped for cash. But hey, what's new.  


On taxes...when I first went independent contractor it was a nightmare.  Now I just know that for all intents and purposes, Jan, Feb, March, and April belong to Uncle Sam. For reals.  ~30% is a chunk of change.

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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post

Goals? Survive. 

Good goal. Hang in there! love.gif

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

But at least you know your tax dollars are going to things you support, like GT education and .... oh wait  :tsk

federal taxes is what we owe. Because we live in one state and work in two (more complicated IMO) and they got that right. :rolleyes And around these parts: it's the lack of local funding that means we don't have G&T up to snuff. Otherwise I can't really complain.


what were my goals?

today: treadmill run happened. yay! ski did not (boo!). Too much work to get done between 9am and 230 pm when I need to be home for the bus.

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