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Our subversive curriculum for the day is Beethoven's music. To push the envelope a bit, I think I'll contact that bagpipe guy I know. Or the Ghanian drummer. orngtongue.gif

No TM, thanks to J waking up within 3 minutes of me laying her down. eyesroll.gif She'd like to spend the next two hours asking to nurse every 5 minutes instead.
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Cleaning for 4 hours. Throwing a bunch of DD1's, um, trinkets/"treasures" in the trash. Aah, I love throwing things away. I cant wait to move when I throw half my house away lol.gif Not kidding

Mel38 - I had to laugh at the "entry way". The entry way here is; the living room.

Nic - I hope the school can re-organzie the schedule. It sounds like a foot in the door of a good gig

Plady - Dog Days are Over reminds you of me b/c I have such a hard time being happy? lol.gifwild.gif

RR: Bailed on bike/run intervals for cleaning. Plus, I am just pooped this week. Not sleeping (stress?), exercising hard for my lack of fitness, and too much whining - NOT me irked.gif

NRR: Just got an email accepting me to the program for the Fall. I wish I was excited....redface.gif
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sparkletruck - I am in cleaning mode too. The girls are too needy for me to get any work-work done but they don't need me the way little ones do. I cleaned up their room today and hope I managed to hide my glee as I disposed of the half-used craft kits that they have been "saving" for the last 4-6 years. It's time. 


1jooj - what a great trip to join your ds on. Hope you are having a good night's sleep right now!

geo - that's great news on the testing. broc1.gif


Realrellim - I so want to sit in on your classes!


babybugmama - I hate the stress that comes with "late but just in time." I get that a lot - demands that I must be prompt but almost always left waiting when I have a time commitment. I have a couple of cast iron skillets in my kitchen - must exercise self-control.


RR - managed to get out and walk for an hour today. That felt so good. I am so tired from getting up a few times every night but I am still trying to fight the lethargy that wants to take over. How did I do the nighttime parenting thing for so many years?????


NRR - took dd1 to the ER last night because she was breathing funny and looked panicky after climbing the stairs. Turns out she has strep throat. I am at the point where every time any one of my children makes eye contact with me, I hand them a vitamin C. dd2 might be able to handle school tomorrow. I am hoping that next week everyone will be well enough to go to school every day so I can get some work done before they are off a week for March break. 




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I am going on a major cooking and cleaning frenzy tomorrow when all are in school. 


Tonight is major rush rush rush. Dd2 to and home from gymnastics already, dd1 to karate in a few minutes. Ds to his last night of wrestling and then next week he'll join dd1 at karate, which mercifully is twice a week for an hour each time and is for 5-14 yr olds and we will be carpooling with a neighbor as soon as I can figure out the logistics.


Went to the meeting, very productive. It all depends on the scheduling but they have at least two classes for me, and that's two brand new preps (AP European History; and Honors/Academic American History II) so that might be enough to make it worthwhile; also the other history teacher is already retired from public school and thinking of cutting back in the next couple years so that's an open door for me to walk in, please G-d, if I have some patience and luck. Hoping it works out.


Then ran to the supermarket, because the one near the high school there has the kosher section, and stocked up on chicken and meat (they have family pack sizes which is about half the price, then I come home and divide everything up and freeze in smaller bags). I got dizzy.gif because the Passover aisle is already out and stocked which makes me crazy stressed and nervous, but trying to have some namaste.gif as it's 5 weeks away. 


On the up side if I do a major clean/purge over the next week or so, that should be a good start to Passover cleaning (or at least I can call it that). My kitchen is kind of ... old(ish) and has some of those weird crevices and spaces which have probably never been cleaned out and I would just as soon not go there grossedout.gif . Might be a good time to ask Mom for an early birthday gift of a cleaning lady session.


No run today, except running around like a lunatic.

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banghead.gif So pissed. Mortgage lady didnt underscore for us the importance of calling before 7 am this morning! Just ("we should get on this". Could have paid $900, now its up to $3000. A little clarity please!!!!
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Sparkle, wha?? Does that lady need a hammer.gif Please tell me you don't have to pay an extra 2 grand for something because of a few hours... Congrats on the fall program!


Nick, I like the idea of a cleaning lady. Especially because this hasn't been your home for so long and there is nothing grosser than having to clean out someone else's old crevices and spaces. lol.gif Presumably the cleaning lady would be fine with it.


Shanti, honestly, such a run of illness in your family - I can't believe another one is down again!! Although strep can be recurring - I have heard multiple reinfections from so many at our school this year.


Lisa, I'd love to hear Beethoven played on a bagpipe. Intriguing!


No FM today, and no decisions made on the doggy. She's feeling well for now, though.


I better dash, the kids are calling for bedtime stories.



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I got out of the house for a couple of hours tonight and NOT to go to the pharmacy, the grocery store or the hospital with someone. I play in a couple of local concert bands and I went to a rehearsal with one of them tonight. We have a big concert on Saturday and I am determined to be there so I decided it really doesn't matter that I haven't picked up my flute in weeks and just went. It was amazing!!! We are playing some really upbeat and downright fun music - Blues Brothers, Tijuana Brass, Pirates of the Carribean  - and a few others that are a blast to play. I feel so much better, ready to handle another long night from the looks of the girls when I got home. 


I think I need to try to get dd2 in to see the doctor tomorrow. She just isn't well - exhausted, achey and dizzy but no real fever, congestion or anything. She is not even operating at 25% of her usual energy and the chicken pox are all cleared up. Is this normal? She went back to school for two days a week ago and has been totally zapped and wiped out since. Should she be seen or do I need to just let her ride this out?

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So far behind here.  For those of you with race list requests, I have just now handed off the lists to a new keeper.  Give her a few days to figure it out!  I just can't keep it up any more - and I feel guilty for doing such a poor job recently.


kerc - several of my kids have flown unaccompanied on Southwest.  You have to book the flight, plus pay $50 extra each way.  The child has to fly with id (birth certificate generally) and you have to take them to the gate and wait until the plane is in the air.  They must be met at the other end by whoever you designated guardian, and that person has to go in to the gate to get them.  My kids had a good experience, but the youngest of ours that flew was 9, so pretty able to entertain himself.  They aren't able to stay with the child the whole time, and you'd want to go over the basics with them - what do I do if i have to use the bathroom?  etc. 


Plady - I couldn't agree more with bbm; this bullying behavior is so not ok.  I'd do anything in my power to stop that.


Shanti - ugh, mama, you have been through the wringer here.  It's not uncommon for teens/adults to be really wiped out by chickenpox.   I'd probably give it through the weekend, and make sure she gets plenty of rest, fluids, healthy food, and see how she feels next week.


sparkle - I vote for minimal prep for the realtor.  She'll be able to tell you how much you need to do either way.  And wth with the mortgage stuff!?


bbm - I hate to add credence to your theory, but I've noticed more anxiety in the week before my cycle recently.  I don't even really have anything current to be anxious about, but that doesn't stop me from being anxious.  Realizing it seems to be cycle related has helped a little, and I'm trying to be good about taking my fish oil - and of course running.  In my case, I've had so many life changes in the last year I think the aftermath is fueling some of the anxiety.  All good changes, but even good change is stressful!


Geo - glad some things are figured out for at least 1 kid!  And go liberal agenda!


NRR - In discussing kids learning to write, I realized that I've been pretty impressed with how much writing my little dd's 3rd grade class is doing, and the things they are doing to promote both reading and writing.  I was worried at the start of the year when it seemed like they were doing busy work that just made reading/writing more chore like, but they have moved on to a lot of cool projects.  They have "writer's workshop" where they work on different projects, starting with brainstorming ideas, outlining plots, adding details, writing drafts, revising, and then "publishing" (making their finished project pretty, basically.)  They do a lot of less formal writing, too - they write letters about their weekends, short responses to things they read, keep a journal, etc.  They also are doing "book clubs" now - the kids are grouped roughly by reading level, they chose a book as a group, and are reading together and the teacher is helping them with discussions.  My girlie is really enjoying 3rd grade these days.


RR - I'm running.  Lots, even.  6 weeks to my target half!  I did 9 on Tuesday, with 8x800 at 7:42 pace (7.8 mph) and was really excited that I actually managed to hold that pace for all 8 of them!  Next week I'm on the medicine service all week, though, so we'll see how that goes.  Have to be at the hospital at 7 am every day, so I'll have to squeeze runs in at night.

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