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I suppose you could do your no poo routine just prior to getting your hair cut, so your hair is wet and conditioned and they don't have to do anything.  I guess?

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You could just ask them not to use products in your hair. If they ask why you could tell them you are sensitive to a lot of commercial hair products - that is if you don't want to just tell them you don't wash your hair :D That's what I have done in the past! thumb.gif

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I get one yearly hair washing when I get my one yearly haircut.  The place I go to tends to use stuff on the natural side, though.  I amd very open about not washing my hair, and they always ask if I want shampoo.

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I tried just my lemon juice rinse today, and it was great!  Why in the world didn't I think of it before?  I think I'll start doing an ACV/EVOO dandruff treatment (dairy gives me dandruff, but I love cheese more than I hate dandruff) monthly as well as some warm coconut oil treatments every once in a while to help combat dryness. And making a chamomile infusion as my lemon-juice diluter (rosemary is great for brunettes btw.)

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My hair is starting to adjust to the no-poo lifestyle and I think I love it.  I had no idea my hair was still this curly! I thought I'd "lost" my natural curl over the years but nope, it's still there in full force.  My hair is still kinda gross and greasy at the crown but it's getting much better.

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I just let them wash it.  It's never made much of a difference, plus I like the scalp massage that she does :-)  She sometimes cuts it dry, so you could ask for a dry cut?

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Well that settles it!  Time to go no-poo for Ryan Gosling!  ROTFLMAO.gif

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He's so freakin' adorable. love.gif

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lol.gif lol.gif lol.gif

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Wish I'd seen this earlier.  We do No Poo.  I use baking soda and vinegar, but hardly any compared to what most sites say.  We put 2 tsps BS in a shampoo 250ml (half pint) bottle and that will do for 2 washes.  I mix cider vinegar and water at about 1 part vinegar to 5 parts water, and keep it in a spray bottle.  I spray a bit on my hair after the baking soda is rinsed out.  I do find that the BS has to be left on for about 5 mins to work, but the vinegar can be just put on and rinsed off.  


I did this for about 18 months before my hair got yucky whilst pregnant - I guess it was the hormones changing things.  Then I started using shampoo every 3 weeks or so to clear the grease, with No Poo washes every 3 days inbetween.  DP has been No Poo for 2 years, just using BS, no ACV.  My scalp is much less itchy and flaky than it used to be with full time shampoo.  I just find No Poo a bit harder at the moment with a little baby because I can't take long enough in the shower to really leave it in and let it work.  I tell everyone about it but I haven't managed to convert anyone yet!  My hairdresser looked at me a bit strangely when I told her...  And I just let the hairdresser wash it with shampoo, though I only go about once a year!

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I have been using only BS right now as well.  My hair was getting a little too heavy for my liking.  I might try just spraying an ACV solution on instead of pouring it on my hair.  Maybe that will do the trick!

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Thanks for chiming in munchy!  Spraying the vinegar on sounds like a plan- I just bought two new spray bottles (to use with my new e-cloth that I'm also psyched about...funny what gets me excited these days!).  I don't have any empty shampoo bottles that I can refill.  The shampoo that dh and I have been using comes in a tube that doesn't open.  Sigh.. I'll have to buy something to use... hmm... the dish soap is almost out.  Maybe I can use that!

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Okay, so today was my first time using the BS and ACV!  I had mixed several TBS of BS into a 13 oz bottle of water and several TBS of ACV into a spray bottle of water.  I felt uncertain how much of the BS solution to put on my hair since it just feels like I'm pouring water on my head.  I tried to massage it, but again, it just felt like water- do I not have enough BS in the solution?  I could feel that there was something on the hair after I had let it sit for bit, so maybe it was enough?  Then I washed it out and sprayed it all over with the ACV solution.  Again, I was unsure how much to do, but I didn't have a mass of snarls to detangle, so I guess it was enough?

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Yes the BS solution should just feel like water.  Some days when I massage it in it lathers a bit?  Kind of weird, but I guess that means it's cleaning.  

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So now my  hair will become sort of gross over the next two weeks?  Is there any chance that b/c I've been using a more natural shampoo that it won't be so bad?  Probably not...  I just realized this was probably bad timing considering my SIL and later my IL's are coming to visit and will want lots of pictures.  LOL.  Anyway, I'm also breaking out all over my face.  Super awesome.  Obviously my hormones are changing again!  I'm ordering some oils through a co-op to do the the OCM, but they won't be here for another couple of weeks.  Do you break out more with that at first?


So looking forward to being a greasy mess for a while!  lol.gif

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I don't think your hair will look too bad- if it starts to get too greasy, just don't use the ACV for a while and up the washings to daily :-)  You can wean again once the time is right :-)  You have long hair, so if you brush it and distribute the oils, it should just make it look really healthy, not greasy and gross.  

As for OCM, yes it does cause quite a bit of a breakout but it's not huge pimples, it's more like a change in the texture of the skin.  If you've ever changed products and had this happen you'll know what I'm saying- it just gets... bumpy.  Tiny bumps.  As if all the oil glands are purging the yuck= which is supposedly exactly what they are doing.  It takes a week or two to get back to normal.  

My skin is breaking out right now too (big zits!) so it must be a hormonal shift!  

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I went no poo a while ago but ran out of baking soda and gave it up. When this thread started I decided to just go cold turkey. I haven't used anything on my hair for the last 2 weeks. In the shower I just scrub my hair really well under the water. When I get out I comb it ( pp hair loss, wow) and once it dries I comb it again. My hair looks greasy around my face after a few days if I don't rinse/scrub. I only told DP. Lol. I have actually gotten tons of compliments on my hair the last 2 weeks. It makes me giggle.
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Katie you went cold turkey too, right?  How is it going?  Photos?  

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Good to know!  Thanks!!