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I DID go cold-turkey but my hair was just... smelling really bad.  Like, dusty or something.  Gross. And just not looking or feeling good at all.  And I was pretty diligently scrubbing under the water and brushing it out (Sara - yeah I second that PP hair loss - holy crap).  So I've been washing it about once a week with my morrocco method shampoo (https://morroccomethod.com/) - pretty much as clean/chemical-free as a product gets!  I figure I'll keep spacing washings farther and farther apart until I run out of my shampoo and then I'll try cold turkey again.



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Okay, so I've been at this for 5 days I think, so I know it will take some more regulation, but I want to ask if what I'm experiencing sounds normal.  My hair doesn't exactly look dirty, it doesn't exactly feel dirty, and it doesn't smell dirty, but it looks quite different.  The color looks duller and it has a ton of static.  I'm brushing with my bore bristle brush and my hair is just flying away with static.  And it feels thinner.   Is this normal?  When my hair regulates will the static go away?  Will it return to its normal sheen and volume?  Or am I doing something wrong with my ratios of BS and ACV?

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To me it sounds too dry. 


I used shampoo last night. I decided that having to brush it every day was too high maintenance. So back to my old routine, I take a little squirt of shampoo, put it in a ketchup bottle and fill that with water. That lasts me a couple of weeks but it's good to know that my hair can go without shampoo if I just brush and rinse it often. 

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I've never had static issues, but it's humid here in the winter months.  I would increase the ACV for a while?  Or you can do a coconut oil deep conditioning.  I've never done it but I'm sure there is info online!

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Okay maybe more BS on my scalp and none on the rest of my hair?  And more ACV on the rest of my hair, less on the scalp. 

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sounds good!  

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Just found this http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/03/homemade-coconut-milk-shampoo.html#more

Might be worth a try, Jaimee?  I think I might give it a go!  

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I can't decide if I should give up or wait it out the 2ish weeks to see if my hair calms down.  What do you all think?  I tried less BS- focusing on just my scalp and more ACV on the rest of my hair.  We'll see what it looks like when it dries, but I think I can feel the static already.  Ugh! 


Thanks for the recipe idea, J!  I'm thinking about trying a shampoo bar if this doesn't pan out.  My friend makes her own and I know that JR Liggett will do co-ops, so I might run one of those.

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Hmm I think that it would be a totally different situation if it weren't winter... I remember how dry that midwest winter air was- even when I was using normal shampoo and conditioner (i always used LOTS of conditioner).  I think the coconut milk shampoo would be much more moisturizing, or you could simply rub a bit of coconut oil on your hands and smooth down the frizzies after doing the no poo.  Are you washing daily?  you could probably go a few days if you're experiencing that much dryness.  Of course, do whatever you are comfortable with :-)  

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When I was doing hard core no poo last year I didn't do the BS every time I washed - some showers were just water. I don't think you're supposed to use the BS every time - it really kind defeats the purpose of being 'no poo' in the fact that it still does do some stripping of the oils in your hair - hence making your hair dry and dull. I was only doing BS like once a month - or every 9-10 washes or so. And even then I was diluting it down to like a tablespoon in a cup of water and pouring that over my head. Followed by ACV. 


Just a thought :)


And the only reason I stopped the no poo was because I ended up on hospital bed rest and my hair got nasty from laying on the bed all day and I needed to condition it to get the tangles out. I'm still working on getting back to no poo! But my hair and scalp are SOOO dry right now - I think I may try that coconut milk shampoo!

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I put 3 TBS in about 13oz of water, which is about 3 cups and I use about half that solution with one wash, which I'm only doing every other day (I only shower every other day unless I run 2 days in a row).  My hair does not feel clean.  I think the additional ACV did help though.  It's still drying now so I'll see in a few hours how static-y it is.  Next shower maybe I'll just do ACV. 

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I think that if your hair feels staticy and not clean then maybe you should just drop the BS all together for like a week or two and see how your hair feels. In reality, we don't need anything at all in our hair - it's designed to be just fine getting wet every now and again and doesn't need washing with soap - just like our skin! But, of course, that's personal preference. I think the BS might just be too harsh for some. It is for me. shrug.gif

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Hmmm... okay I will try no BS for the next week- just ACV- and see how things go.  Thanks!

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Let us know how it goes for you! thumb.gif

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I thought you guys were nuts but after reading more about peoples great results, I am on day one of no poo!  We'll see how this goes...

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3tbs in 13 oz might be a bit much.  I use about 2 tbs in 16 oz which is 2 cups, and I use less per wash but you have A LOT more hair than me ;-)  

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Oh, yeah, duh!  I was counting 4oz to a cup. duh.gif  So it probably is too much!  Okay, backing off that then for sure!

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Yeah, plus if you are using nearly half the bottle each time, you could dilute it even more.  I use 2 TBS over the course of 2 weeks.  So about 1 teaspoon each time.... So maybe just use 1 TBS or less in your mix?

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Yeah, it was half empty, so I just filled it back up with water.  That should be about right, plus I'll just use it once a week or something.  Good thing I've got you ladies to keep me straight!  No wonder I had a mass of static hair!  Sigh....  dh thought I was crazy for trying it.  Hopefully now I'll see some better results!

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Okay, so it's been another 5 days and I haven't used any BS, just ACV every other day.  My hair is STILL static-y.  It feels sort of gross- oily on top and weird on the bottom- and still looks dull.  Should I assume that it's still recovering from my overdose of BS?  Or should I go ahead and do a coconut oil conditioning and then start the BS again in very small doses?