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Little or no milk at night?

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My baby is 6 months old. He still nurses several times a night as well as during the day. I exclusively breastfeed on demand and am always around to nurse him whenever he wants. I have a very strong let down and still feel it during the day. Plus, my milk still leaks from the side baby is not nursing on and sprays from the side he is nursing on if he unlatches.

At night, though, I'm not getting that let-down feeling anymore and I'm not hearing the gulping that comes with my milk flowing. Last night, for example, I woke up 3 times to find him still latched on and nursing after an hour but no feeling of any milk coming out and no leaking or wet spots on the other side. This is my 4th breastfed baby so I have experience but have never had this experience or concern.

Is this something to be concerned about? Could my milk supply be ok during the day but low at night even with baby nursing around the clock?
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A couple of things. First, I stopped feeling that strong let-down feeling at some point, as my body got used to breastfeeding. Second, the more he nurses, the more he signals your body to increase milk production, so that could be going on. If I remember correctly, there is a growth spurt right around 6 months, so that could be involved. Nothing to get concerned about unless he stops gaining/starts losing weight or looks hungry/stops having wet/dirty diapers, etc.


I'm editing now because I see who wrote this now and I think you're been around and have enough experience that you probably know everything I just said, so it might not be helpful! :D

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I appreciate your response. Thank you.

Like I said, the thing that had me wondering was the fact that I do feel the let down still during the day but not at night anymore and no leaking at night but still during the day. I think milk supply was supposed to increase during the night. shrug.gif
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I second growth spurt - your milk supply is likely the same, but baby is eating more ready to pack on some pounds.


Hope that's the case!

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gah! i stopped getting email notifications so didn't know any one responded here.

i think maybe it is a growth spurt. i still haven't felt the let-down at night but i'm definitely leaking again. thumb.gif
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