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Glucose screening test?

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Who's planning on doing the glucose screening test? Anyone plan on not doing it? I'm really on the fence about doing it this time around. I opted to do it with #1 but the test made me soo sick. I really hated it. Plus from what I've researched the test isn't that reliable. Then there is another part of me that says just do it - it's only an hour. 

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I don't do it; I don't do any testing at all. The GTT is very unreliable and inaccurate. IMO it is just another way to get labeled "high risk" and have your birth options limited. Also, having a blood draw is never without risk. The risk may be low but, especially in a hospital, you are talking about opening up a vein in a place and by a person that is likely often exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria. Those two things are enough to outweigh the "just go with it", for me. 

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I'm not doing it this time around, if I get my insurance sorted out in time to get care before then, blah.  It just didn't make me feel good and it wasn't worth it.  I was tested for one out of three prior pregnancies and it made no difference.


Personally, I wouldn't be worried about the risk from being exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria.  The equipment should be sterilized and they swab everything down with alcohol.  There is a 0 second kill time with alcohol and to this date a bacteria hasn't been discovered that hasn't been killed by medical grade alcohol.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work so well internally.  As long as they're following sterile practices, there really isn't any risk there.


However, if you test positive on the first screening, they make you do a second one that's more accurate. This one tests your blood sugar levels three times over a three hour period.  It's far more accurate, but it means sitting for three hours while waiting for them to draw your blood.  It's a royal pain in the neck.  From what a couple of my friends said who had to do it, most people don't show up positive on the second test.  I'd be more likely to consider it if you were just opting for the long test, but who really wants to do that anyway?

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I'm refusing it. No indications, no proven benefit, and the recommendations are not to do it based on lack of research/benefit.

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Thanks for your input. I am really leaning toward not doing it. The more I read and research about it, the less I think I "need" to. 

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i won't be doing it. i'm also not doing any tests whatsoever :) it just seems very unnecessary.

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I did it with my first.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal...I don't mind "sweet" though.  I didn't with my second and I don't plan on it this time either.  If my midwife thinks there is some reason or sign that I should test, then I will.

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I did the 1-hour last week... it made me dizzy and nauseous all day. I knew I would pass it, and I did... I always have very low blood sugar.

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Absolutely no way in hell I would do it. I didn't with my first two, I won't with this on either.


It's unreliable as an indicator, unpleasant and if I'm feeling perfectly healthy, completely unwarranted. If you feel called to do it...do it...if you don't feel called to do it, do NOT let anyone strong arm you into it.

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hope this helps

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I had GD with my first pregnancy. With my pregnancy with my DS I did a 2hr 75g test at 22 weeks as I did not want to do the 1hr and then have to do another test. I passed with DS. After I had him I had my fasting and a random blood test down ad my blood sugars were good. Well i gained some weight (ok a lot of weight over the past 3 years) and was feeling pretty crappy the beginning of the year so went to have blood work done in March and I had a slightly high fasting blood glucose and a high A1C (which looks at your avg blood glucose over 3 mons) I cleaned up my diet and started to exercise regularly and got my blood sugars in control very quickly. When I got pg my numbers were good but at about 11 weeks I started to get an occasional high number when eating a high carb meal. I test at home with my glucometer. Anyway I was hoping not not have to take the GTT at all and just be able to go into the GD clinic with my own collected data but unfortunately I have to take the stupid test (which makes me feel like crap and is a pain) in order to have a Endo look at my data and go into the clinic. Anyway the good part is that I can do it with my midwife at there clinic, which is great as I have to take DS with me and spending 2 hours at a lab with him would be extra torturous. At least they have toys at the clinic ad couches and we can bring books ad be comfy. I again will do the 2hr 75g test.


I do not think that the glucose screening should be an across the bored test for every pregnant women. I also think that if a women has some concerns or some risk factors then she should be able to test with a glucometer over a period of time and that data should be sufficient to get access to a clinic/endo if warranted. Blood glucose data collected over a period of time is a way more accurate look at the health of a women then a one time test plus it doesn't subject the women and baby to a high dose of sugar and food colouring and it is more convenient.

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I'm not doing it either.  The only one I do is GBS.

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I will be doing a modified GT test- with orange juice instead of that toxic sludge drink. 

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I don't do the GTT, but I do test my blood sugar at home around this time of the pregnancy.  As with DS, I'm rather horribly hypoglycemic again. 

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So glad this thread was here.  We are between insurances right now and I'm scheduled to have my test at the end of the month.  I am now thinking about either canceling it or postponing it for another month.  I had the test with my son, had no problems with the drink, and had normal results.  Are there symptoms I should look out for?  I have been craving dark chocolate with this pregnancy. :)

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Originally Posted by SwanLake View Post

Are there symptoms I should look out for?  I have been craving dark chocolate with this pregnancy. :)


Many women have no symptoms, but risk factors include being diagnosed with GD in the past, women over the age of 30, a family history of diabetes, and pervious still birth or birth of a baby weighing over 9.5 lbs. 


If a woman's first pregnancy was GD free, then her chances of ever being diagnosed significantly decrease.  


Personally, I would only take this test if it were my very first pregnancy AND I had two or more of the risk factors.  

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We will not be doing it either. Did it with my first two.  With my first the lab screwed up and I had to do it a second time and it was horrid the second time around.  I don't have any risk factors anyway

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I didn't do it with either of my pregnancies. My MW explained it the following way: If you get a positive result, you will need to go on a diet with healthy food and no sugary stuff. If you already eat well, nothing will change. If your blood sugar is too high to be on medication, you will know because you will have symptoms. So if you have no symptoms and eat a healthy diet with reduced sugar, you may not want to do the test. 

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I am not doing the drink for sure, but I am finding out tomorrow what my options are. I am going to offer that I test at home for a week instead. I think it is worthwhile to be screened for GD, but I can't handle the drink.

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ive never done one

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