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peanut allergies and labeling question

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My two daughters 2 and 4 are both allergic to peanuts.  For a few years now they have been eating things that say made in a facility....


we don't eat anything that is made on shared equipment or says may contain trace amounts of nuts.


My older daughter has been eating birthday desserts at school with no problem so far.  the parents know she is allergic.  


I would like them to eat what other kids do if they can.  


just curious what people do with the labeling.   i feel like almost every things says made in the same facility



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The "made in" and "shared line" information is 100% voluntary. 


What that means is that just because a product DOESN'T say it does NOT mean they are dedicated facilities.  



If I am unsure of a product, I call the manufacturers.  Every family has a comfort zone, other parents making things at home (where they don't understand things like cross contamination and things like that) is not in my personal comfort zone.

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so does this label really mean anything then? 



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Originally Posted by naomiella View Post

so does this label really mean anything then? 



For the allergy shopping consumer?  Not really. For the company it's a VYA statement.

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ok so just curious how do you know if it is really safe

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you don't really know it's safe, unless it's from one of those companies like ENjoy Life..........alot of other companies may be getting their stuff from non US sources.........and those farms/facilities may not have teh same allergy guidelines as US....so you don't know if non US food items are exposed to allergens and bc of regulations, they aren't disclosed...........and companies makes mistakes with their labels too............that the food is processed in...and for some reason, it's not on the label...............as for your child in school eating cupcakes, etc......just because the other moms know she's allergic to nuts, doesn't mean that someone won't forget.......or accidentially cross contaminate........(think about the jelly jar, smudges of peanut butter on a poorly washed knife, etc). Didn't mean to ramble. Contact the FDA.........companies do need to have info on cans/products (I was told it isn't voluntary)....but it doesn't need to be in their catalogs or on website, etc.

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If the product CONTAINS something and it's one of the Top 8 (US includes Peanut, Tree nut, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Wheat, Shell Fish, Fish) it must be listed in simple English.  


Again, shared facility/line info is voluntary.



Many people call, email, word of mouth from other allergy Mom's.  Some companies have good processes and batch test things. Some label better than others.  It's all about investigating and what you feel comfortable with.

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