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Our babies as they grow!

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Clearly we need to continue this thread.



Claire 3 mo 1wk



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Okay supermom, you knitted that, right?

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....maybe.... superhero.gif

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Love her.

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She is adorable!  Love the cardi!


Here is DD at just shy of 4mos wearing her new cardi (buttons are on the way from etsy)



And in her new longies


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Oh the adorable factor is overwhelming! 




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OM, cuteness!!!!!

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I may have just squealed... Mythic, she is LOVELY and such beautiful hair! Starling, He. Is. Precious. Oh my!!!!!
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Such cute babies, and I love the knitted and tie-dyed things.

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loving this!


iona:new iona.jpgiona 3 mo smile.jpg

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I seriously cannot believe how big all these babies are getting! And so adorable too love.gif


Kai in his exersaucer for the first time.... looking to Daddy for approval. LOL!




Big brother smothering him with kisses. "But I'm holding his head, Mom!". Yes, yes you are.




It's a whole new view!




A little iffy since he's so wobbly still.




But big brother always is able to get a grin out of Kai so it's all good even when sitting up! LOL!



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OM, we have cute babies!!!!!

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Four weeks, I think.



Four months  :)

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liv, that's a funny shirt

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Liv, those pics are INSANE!!!!!!  Unbelievable!

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