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KatCooke: Fingers crossed that you did see a line!  Good luck!


To all my sick dearies: We've been sick with colds around my house, with my 4 yo getting pink eye last week and being out from preschool for 3 days with fever and yuck.  Get some rest and take lots of vitamin C!


AFM: Well, on to cycle #6.  Got my AF on Sunday, so please DoulaRebekah, can you move me to Waiting to O? My husband went in for another SA on Monday and failed miserably.  With my son recovering from pink eye over the weekend, we didn't have a chance to DTD when we should have on Saturday, so my DH took care of business on his own on Sunday.  The clinic wanted him to have 48 hours between "donations" but he ended up with 24 hours.  As you remember, when he got his results from the last test the lady on the phone was a bit unprofessional.  She was very unprofessional when he made the deposit in the clinic the first time as well.  I think she thinks she is cute or something.  So when my DH did his SA yesterday, I think her stupid comments really got to him mentally, so his sample was much smaller than last time, and after the fact, they yelled at him for not abstaining for 48 hours like they asked.  They told him not to expect great results, and that the results would most likely be worse than last time.  They instantly rescheduled him for another SA and are having him do it from home and drive it in to them so he'll be more comfortable and get a better product.  This last "failure" was partly our fault for not abstaining the 48 hours and leaving only a 24 hour gap, and also sort of their fault for not providing a safe, comfortable environment.  But this also is a little eye opening since most months we usually go everyday once my AF stops. I know you should go every other day, but my ovulation is so wonky that we never know if we're going to miss it, so we just did it everyday, sometimes 10 days in a row, to make sure we hit ovulation.  If his numbers are drastically reduced and don't bounce back within 24 hours, this may be part of our problem.  Honestly, I don't know if his numbers were down because a guy's sample isn't as great if he isn't "turned on", and procuring a sample by yourself at a clinic is not sexy or if its because there really is a problem.  Having to do it a second time after less than stellar results and being mocked or belittled won't produce a better product.  I'm looking at getting my husband on some sort of natural supplement to increase his count. Anyone have experience with or know of a good supplement?  Also, DH is an avid bike rider, so I'll have him cut that out.  The sad thing is that most natural methods of increasing count take MONTHS to really do anything.  It feels like one step forward and two steps back.  Not really moving toward our goal of getting pregnant, but understanding why we haven't. 

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Way to go KatCooke! I hope you post the dark line soon!


myllissa - really sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope you're on the path to fixing things, even if it's a long path.


dbl_my_luv - when do you plan to test? I am in a similar place (no AF, but temps are low). I'm trying really hard not to waste a test.



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Analily, yay for broccoli!  My kids used to love it, but they've gone sour on it.  Not sure why, but they're into kale these days, so I won't complain.  Hope you feel better soon!  Being a SAHM mom takes a lot of adjustment time.  Not to paint a gloomy picture, but when I left my job, even though I loved being with my son, it took me a year, at least, to feel like this was the new "normal."  But wow, it's been so worth it!


Stevi, yay for cheap tests!


jpack, I agree... let's hope the O pains were super eggy awesomeness!  FXd for you!


myllissa, OMG!  I can't believe that the clinicians would be so unprofessional.  That's got to effect the results.  Ick.  I'm interested in herbs for DH, too, so if I find anything out, I'll let you know.


LindsayDawn, I actually tested this morning because I'm 13DPO and I don't know how long its been since I've seen a 13DPO!! innocent.gif  BFN though.  Should have known because I have backache and I never had backache the cycles I was pg.  But I am so so so super-excited about my LP!!


AFM, I'm in the middle of a 21-day cleanse diet, so nothing but veggies and protein shakes for me these days.  I'm doing ok with that, except that I haven't lost any more weight :(   I need to lose 75 pounds to be in a decent range of a healthy BMI, and having cut my calories to 1400-1600 per day and not seeing any results is FRUSTRATING! I just want a freakin' cracker! lol!  Will talk to the naturopath about it today.  Hopefully we can do something to boost the burn.


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Can you add me to waiting to "O".  My hubby and I, after trying not to conceive naturally for 3years now, are going to start trying this month.  We have three children already DS 6.5yo, DD almost 5, DD 3.... It seems kind of crazy but we never thought we were done... just needed a long break!  I think making a baby should be fun after avoiding it for so long!  Good luck to you all!

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Not sure when to test next- I'm thinking I'll hold off as long as possible (which for me, will likely be tomorrow morning...lol)

I'm wondering about prenatals now. I'm taking the nature made prenatal with dha, but it's got some scary chemicals and dyes in it, so I want to switch to either the new chapter or garden of life prenatals, and getting a separate omega/dha supplement?

What do you ladies think about prenatals in general? What sort of supplements are you taking?

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I take the Rainbow Light Prenatals Ones-the ones you only have to take once a day.  I also take B6, B12, and sometimes garlic.

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I can't afford the fancy stuff, I've been on Prenatals since 2006, so I just take the cheapie brand.

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Natures made from walmart.
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Meagan, are you taking the B vitamins for any other reason- are you veggie?

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No I was taking the B6 to increase my cm quality/amount and the B12 is something I have been taking since high school.

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MindlessChrissy...   Mine are from Walmart too, but Spring Valley rather than NatureMade.

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I'm with Stevi on the prenatals. Been taking them forever, so always get the big cheap bottle.


BFN on a FRER today.  :(

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The rainbow light brands aren't that expensive for me since I get them at the commissary, otherwise I used to just always take whatever I found at wal-mart.

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LindsayDawn, sorry about the BFN, but hang in there!  It's still pretty early, and your chart looks good!


Prenatals... I take Ultra Natal from Biogenesis Nutraceuticals.  They're expensive though, so I'll probably switch to something easier on the pocketbook after the next baby.


Had another appointment with my naturopath yesterday.  For the first time every, my TSH tested high.  So we looked back at past bloodwork that other docs have ordered, and it turns out it's been climbing and climbing for years.  Argh... I wish I'd been in tune with things enough to have noticed that.  Anyway, now more tests to see if this is Hashimoto's Hypothyroid or some other variety. 


Aaaaannnnd... I'm 14DPO today!!!!  I'm wondering if it has to do with the vitex or all this other stuff I'm doing.  Just so excited to have a longer LP!

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Thanks for all the responses! I'm hoping to get on one of the auto ship programs with amazon, so it's a little cheaper for me. 


I had some period-like cramping last night, I'm hoping it's just implantation/hormones, but I'm not so optimistic today. It could just be my body being used to AF at the full moon maybe, but I don't know.


Trying to wait until tomorrow or Friday to test again. Wish me luck!



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I don't know where you Ladies are all from, but here in Michigan you can get free prenatals at Meijers. They doctor has to order them in. D&W and CVS/Riteaide also have free prescription prenatals. I want to take a test so bad. But I have to wait to at least tomorrow, or the weekend.

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Hello new thread!


I'm in the trenches studying for the bar exam and keeping myself off of the computer.  Sorry I have to be absent so much from the forums right now.


So I did the wrong thing and took this test out of the trash. I was taking the trash out and I "looked" at a two day old test. I tossed the test thinking it was defective. After 3 min the whole results screen was a big pink blob - no control line. I assumed I added too much urine and didn't look at it again. Of course it was my last test, and of course I haven't picked up any more yet and my kids are in bed asleep. Today there is a pink control line and a pink blobline in the test space. I know I can't think it means anything, but will some one pull their hair out with me please!? Why didn't I wait 10 min before throwing it away?! Time to send someone to the store...




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Angierae- I hope you get your BFP when you test again!

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UPDATE: Negative.


This is your public service reminder to not look in the trash. What you find can only make you crazy. ;) (and wait 10min before you throw the test away.)

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WOW! Angierae! That looks very promising!!! OMG, bar exams... I took MA this last summer and NM the year before. GOOD LUCK! Happy to help if you need anything (not like I can really do much, but I can totally cheer you on!!)


AFM good lookin' progesterone from what I think was 3 or 4 DPO, 11.7! Retested today, so that'll be interesting. Also, good looking results on the thyroid, but I don't really know much about those values. So I'm happy about those things. BFNs so far... I've got another couple days before I'll count myself out, though. We'll see! In other news, I did take my DD to scope out a preschool. I know everyone's enroling for next fall, but I'd love to get her  in somewhere now. It just so happens that it's the same place I went for three years - wow was it weird to be in that space! I remembered it so clearly, but it was all so much bigger when I was three feet tall!!! FXed the teacher agrees to enroll another student in that class,  if he does, the director said it'll be a go!!!


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