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Oh NO! Angierae, cross-post! Crazy Crazy!! Bummer!!! I'm so sorry!

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Jpack...   You remember preschool?!?!?!? I remember very little of my life as a young child, like before 13. LOL

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Angierae:  So sorry for the dashing of your hopes. I guess that's why they say NEVER trust the results after the allotted time window.  hug2.gif


Prenatals: I take GNC brand with Iron.  I took them with my son and they never upset my stomach.  They have a no iron formula as well if it upsets your stomach during the first trimester. I also take Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA.  


AFM: So we got the result from the 24 hour SA test, and the numbers sucked.  Bad.  They are still going to go through with the home test in a week with a 48 hour wait to see how the numbers look then.  Right now the clinic wants to prescribe my DH something to increase count.  DH got the actual numbers from the lab this time, no condescending BS.  HIs first test, which ended up being a 5 day wait instead of a 72 hour his numbers were at 24million and anything between 20-30 million are good, I guess.  Once it goes below 20 mil, there is a problem.  DH's 24 hour test came back at 15 million, so definitely not good, especially since we pretty much BD everyday during my fertile window since we never know when I'll ovulate.  Sometimes that is 5 or 6 days in a row, and one month it ended up being 10 days in a row.  According to the clinic, no matter how many back to back 24 hour turn arounds you have, the base number won't reduce, so allegedly, every time we repeat within 24 hours, we will get a result of about 15 million.  Who knows where the magic number is when it restores to 24 million, so they are going to allow us to test as often as we want until we are happy with the results.  My husband is pretty defeated as he was sure he wasn't the problem.  His poor ego has been crushed.  Part of it has been my fault for not truly sticking with the every other day protocol that is really recommended, but I didn't really expect him to be a factor and only suspected it to be me, my thyroid and my hormones.  Lesson learned and now we are going to move on and figure out a plan.  We are looking at buying Fertilaid for Men, which runs about $35, so not as expensive as I've seen some male "supplements", but not exactly cheap either.  That brand also has a "count" increase supplement that you can take in conjunction with the men's FertilAid to allegedly boost count.  I just want to say thanks for all of your guys' support.  I get down once in a while, especially since I have about 7 of my friends pregnant, most by surprise, right now.  Little misty eyed sometimes when I'm around them.  Normal, I know.  Just sucks sometimes.

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Hey ladies! So sorry I've been MIA this week, the start of the school year has been so full on I've barely had time to catch my breath. Friday tomorrow and the weekend can't come soon enough! It's also insanely hot here at the moment with no aircon in the classrooms so I ended up taking my science class outside for the hour lest I melt/go insane. 


I'm going to catch up on all the personals tomorrow, but I wanted to say a big welcome to keylimecutie! Hope your stay here is short, good luck for number four! I also wanted to say thanks to jpack for your sweet words :) 


AFM - 5DPO here and a few weird cramps and twinges but nothing too much from what I can tell. I had to buy myself a new BBT because mine was giving me some pretty weird temps. Hopefully this will even things out a bit and I can stop obsessing! 

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Angierae- I am so sorry about the BFN!  I would beat that mean test up with a hammer to relieve my frustrations. 


jpack- How many dpo are you?  I know you are close to me.  At 8dpo I still got a BFN this morning, I know it is early but I am already feeling down about it.  I guess whatever will be, will be.  I hope the teacher agrees to let your Dd in the class, I am going to school for Elementary Education and before the Army moved us to Cali I did all of my observation hours at the elementary school that my brother and I went to.  The teacher I actually did them with started teaching the year I was in kindergarten so she remembers me and my brother and I loved observing with her because it felt so personal.  I agree though it was totally weird walking through the school and thinking "everything is so much smaller than I remember it"


myllissa- I hope the home test comes back with better results.  Hopefully the more comfortable environment (without the very unprofessional lady) will help some.


doularebekah- Good luck! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!


AFM- I am 8dpo today, BFN this morning.  I am trying not to let myself feel down about it because it is still early.  I guess if the Lord means for it to happen, it will.



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Mylissa...   I am betting that your DH's 48 hour test will come back good. It will mean doing every-other-day BDing, and he can still take some supplements to boost his swimmers, but it will still give you that BFP! That was a very bad sentence, but my brain is apparently not working yet today. LOL


Oh! Search this site for raising sperm count. I am pretty sure I read about someone putting their DH on some sort of supplement and having really good results with his sperm count.

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Hi guys. Sorry I've been so MIA. It's been the best and worst emotional roller coaster 2 weeks of my life. The following Wednesday (Feb. 1st) after we found out we were pregnant, DH got a call in the middle of the night that his dad had been killed in a motorcycle accident while coming home from work. He was only 50 years old and most likely was really drowsy (from being moved to the late shift just a few weeks before) and drifted and hit the guard rail. We're devastated. I mean, my DH is only 25 and lost his dad. He was one of DH's best friends and our family's co-spiritual leader. He seeked after God with all of his heart, and although we know that he's truly happy and at peace where he is now, we miss him so much.


I've been so worried about our little baby since it is so new. But, thanks to God, our strong little bean is still holding on!! I never had any idea that being a wife, daughter-in-law and mom would be so difficult all at once. Trying to support a grieving husband, a brand new life and grieve the loss myself has been the hardest thing ever. But God is carrying us through this.


I truly saw my husband with new eyes Wednesday night when he came home from work (after getting the call) and immediately sat down and thanked God for giving him the time that he had with his dad and the reconciliation they shared for past hurts. He actually thanked God for taking his dad back home, even though it broke him to say it. I wouldn't have been able to do that.


DH and I told our parents about our little baby as soon as we found out, and we're so thankful we did. His dad got to know that he was a grandpa for a whole week! And somehow in that week, he managed to tell almost the entire city of Topeka that he was going to be a grandpa. Haha!


Sorry to unload all of this... It just helps to say it. And at least as far as I'm concerned, people are called to seek fellowship with others in both good and bad times. So if any of you have any good thoughts and/or prayers that you could send along for us, we would deeply appreciate it. DH's dad, Todd, left behind a wife and 4 kids.


Thanks for listening and hopefully not being too irritated with my really long post. eyesroll.gif

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Regarding the earlier question about prenatals: I absolutely love my New Chapter prenatals. I take them along with a New Chapter fish oil/DHA. I buy mine through the Amazon.com subscribe program, so they're usually about $50 for a 3-month supply, which seems pretty cheap to me for the quality. They're literally about 4 times that much if you buy at Whole Paycheck (oops, I meant Whole Foods, haha). And the vitamins are extracted from actual food, so there aren't any synthetic viatmins and they're really easy to digest. I used to take a Centrum multi-vitamin and I would get physically ill if I took that without food. I've never felt even queasy with this one though, much less been actually sick. They also contain probiotic support, which is not only good for me but for baby's digestive system as well.


doularebekah: Will you please move me to the graduates list?


I hesitated about moving because I don't want to leave here yet and have to meet new people. But I've decided that since I don't want to leave, I just won't (if that's ok?). I enjoy chatting with you guys and want to keep cheering for you all until every lady gets her BFP! smile.gif


Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to everyone!! joy.gifgoodvibes.gif

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SkinnyLoveBC, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your FIL. What a tragedy! I'm so sorry that you have to struggle through loss now, but it seems like you and your DH have a great support system in place. Wishing you peace through this tough time. Don't worry about venting here, I hope you find lots of comfort and support.


Stevi Yes, I totally remember it! I have clear images of all kinds of things from there in my min,d but it helps that I was there for so long and that I stayed friends with the same kids through elementary school and after. I know it's super silly, but I totally do! Except how I feel like a giant there now!


Mylissa good luck with the next SA and coming up with a game plan. I hope you find supplements that are very successful! I'm sure it's tough for your DH. It's so hard for them, culturally, I think. Keep us posted how it goes!


John16n33 I'm 9 dpo. Possibly 10? But nothing - BFNs! I'm still feeling pretty pessimistic, too. That's cool about your teacher! YES! DD did get into the preschool! They added her to the class! Turns out I know the teacher, too, so I'm extra super psyched!

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So sorry to hear about your FIL, SkinnyLove.  What a sudden, heartbreaking loss.  I'm sure you feel like your world has been knocked off its axis.  I'm so glad to know that your FIL knew he was going to be a grandpa, though.  Your baby will have one heck of a guardian angel!!!!!!!


This might be inappropriate, but I want to tell you that my beloved 7-year-old dog was hit by a car and died suddenly this past November.... one week before I got my BFP.  So I was actually pregnant when the accident happened, but didn't know it.  I know that you can't compare a pet to a person, but losing my pup was a huge loss for me.  She truly was my best friend and first baby... the first pet I'd ever had in my life.


I'm telling you this because through all of that turmoil, this baby has hung in there and is growing away.  I know that I was so worried about whether it could survive with me grieving so hard, but it did.  So please don't worry about your little bean.  Fingers crossed that it is burrowed happily in and chugging along, growing and developing right on schedule!!!!!!!  Even though you're having an incredibly hard time.  I know my little guy? girl? is doing fine, and I had a rough time there, too.


I wish you peace, mama!

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So sorry skinnylove, what a horrible tragedy. greensad.gif You and your family will be in my thoughts.

Angierae: BAH on that evap! That was definitely a good/bad one!

I don't know what hormones are at work right now.... but I don't like them. I've been just downright mean and depressed the last 2 days. I don't know if it's PMS (too early, I think... I have no idea when I O'd for like the first time ever but I'm on CD 21) or what but gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I don't know how much more I can take. My husband's going to make me sleep outside if I don't get my act together. I'm going to hope that it's just soaring progesterone in preparation for a little bean! It makes me feel better about my meanness.
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Skinnylove so sorry for your loss. Hopefully the new life you've got in your oven will help heal the loss.


A2E: I have also been mean and moody for the last few days. I can't decide if I'm hormonal or exhausted- but it's making my DH crazy!


AFM: I'm planning on re-testing soon, probably this evening since I can never get it together for FMU. I have been waking up in the middle of the night to pee, so I cant imagine too much is stored up in the morning anyway. In the meantime I've been "holding it" since 3pm with little to drink, so I'm hopeful that my reading will be accurate.


Thanks for all the responses on prenatals! I think I will be following Skinnylove's advice and going through amazon for the garden of life prenatals/omega.

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BFN- I'm very bummed. But I'm sure it's for the best. If I don't see AF, I will retest- but I'm not hopeful.

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Thought I'd get on the thread and introduce myself.  This is DH and my first time TTC.  I'm 31 (32 at the end of the month), and DH is 26, will be 27 at the end of the month.  We're waiting to O right now, should be at the end of the week, or beginning of next, not charting , crazy schedule, but we are using a CB fertility monitor, and I am paying attention to CM.  This will be our third month TTC, my first AF since getting off BC just ended, and I'm here to learn.  I love the 2WW support thread, and I love hearing good news from all of you with BFPs.

i hope to get to know all of you, and I look forward to moving to a DDC with some of you (hopefully sooner rather than later). whistling.gif

I've been lurking for the past couple of weeks and have since gotten hold of some pre-seed, TCOYF, and researched doulas (definitely going to take advantage of that!) This really is a great place to learn and come to for support, thanks for that! namaste.gif

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I've been there, A2E, and it ain't pretty!! I know how you feel and hope things are looking brighter today!


Rikkitikki, welcome! I was a little confused - did it take you three months for AF to return after stopping BC? Sorry, I just wanted to make sure I was reading that right. Welcome!


KatCooke, I'm so sorry about the BFN. What dpo are you? You thought you got a squinter a while ago, yeah? Again - I'm sorry for sounding so redundant - just making sure I've got it right!


SkinnyloveBC, still thinking of you and hoping you're managing OK. Please reach out if you need any support from here! Sending you peaceful vibes.


Belia, how are things with you? Hanging in? I was stalking this thread when you lost your dog, I'm so sorry for your loss. My best friend is my dog. She's 13, but she's definitely fading. It is so hard.


AFM Anyone want to share their thoughts on progesterone testing? I'd appreciate it. I posted this on the #2 thread, but I'll mention it here, too. I've been suspecting low progesterone since I spot 10 and 11dpo and then new cycle starts: crummy LP. I had a blood test on 3dpo (maybe 4) that was 11.7. I was psyched, it seemed so high for so early. Then retest at 8dpo(maybe 9) was 11.4. I was really hoping for something really high. And I've read plenty that you can't rely on a single draw - that it fluctuates a lot throughout the day. And I know 11's not that low. But I was kinda hoping it'd be like pregnant high. Any one got any thoughts? TIA!


Oh, and DD starts preschool on the 28th where I went to preschool. And the teacher's wife teaches at the high school. His wife was the best teacher I ever had in my whole student-career. YAY!

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SkinnyloveBC- I am so sorry to hear that, my heart breaks for you and your Dh's family. Y'all will all be in my thoughts and prayers.


AFM- Ugh BFN at 9DPO today, I'm not feeling very optimistic.

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rikkitikki, *enthusiastic wave hello*


SkinnyloveBC, it sounds like he was a wonderful man. Glad to see you're holding on tight to family (even the unborn family member!). 


AFM, throw me back up in Waiting To O on the next thread. 10 day LP. I hate you AF. Looks like I need to buy more Preseed and OPKs, ugh.


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SkinnyLove - Oh friend, I'm so sorry. You must be feeling a little emotionally overwhelmed at the moment. I'm so happy for you guys that he knew about the new babe, and that you have such assurance as to where he is now :) Please don't apologise for posting about what you're going through, we're all here for you and that's what this thread is all about! Please let us know if there's anything more we can do to support you. You're both in my thoughts! Also, I'll go ahead and move you to graduates now (Yay!) but yes, please do stick around - I would miss not seeing you here!


Mylissa - It sounds like you guys are having a pretty rough time! I agree with Stevi that your 48hr test will likely be much more positive, and I wonder if the every other day thing will also help in reducing pressure and stress levels - you know? This doesn't mean you're out, there are plenty of women who have gotten pregnant in similar circumstances so try not to give up hope. In saying that, I've got a number of pregnant friends also and you're right - it sucks, as much as I'm happy and excited for them, it's hard. hug2.gif


A2E - Haha, yes meanness due to pregnancy is so much easier to justify! I'm of course crossing my fingers that that is what you're hormones are up to :)


KatCooke - How many dpo are you? I'm sorry you're feeling down, it's never easy seeing that negative. Perhaps it's just too early?


rikkitikki - Welcome to the group! This is a great bunch of ladies with a huge amount of knowledge so no doubt you'll learn a lot here, I know I have. It's also so encouraging to hear people are looking into having a doula, of course I'm a bit biased being one myself but I truly believe they make a huge difference to birthing families! 


jpack - How're you going? I'm interested to hear thoughts on your progesterone testing question. I don't know much about it, but suspect I have low progesterone due to my short LP and spotting before AF. I'm hoping that if this isn't our month I can get some testing done next month. Did you just ask for it or was it recommended?


J16n33 - How long is your normal LP? It's totally possible that it's still just too early to tell. Try not to get too down, we're all hear cheering you on!


LindsayDawn - Oh man, I'm sorry! I hope you get to take a couple days out to relax and look after yourself before this TTC cycle get's going. I forget, are you taking anything to try and lengthen your LP? I'm currently taking a B Complex and Vitex in the hopes it will help mine. 


AFM - 7DPO here, although TCOYF has removed my O date and FF wanted to put it at 29 which just doesn't seem right to me based on CM and temp. So I discarded a couple of temps due to me basically not sleeping those nights and it's moved it back to CD25 which makes more sense to me. I was sure my BBT was faulty and so bought a new one on Thursday only to get home and find that it wasn't working either, the screen never lit up! Ugh, so I think my temps are correct but I'm not completely sure. It feels like I'm never completely sure of anything! Haha. My cervix is soft and high, which I guess could indicate ovulation but I definitely don't have the cm that matches up with that. Trying really hard just to ride it out and see what happens. I also noticed today that I've used up all but one of my internet cheapies, which is probably good for my sanity but not so much for my wallet!

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doularebekah-  Both FF and TCOYF did that to my chart too.  It wasn't until today that they both moved my O date back to 2/1 on cd 14.  My LP is usually anywhere from 13-15 days although last month it was only 12.  On average it is 14 though.

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SkinnyLove, prayers sent. hug2.gif


I am on CD22, and my cycles are 22-26 days long, so I am roundin' up on the end of this one. We definitely had good timing this time around, all through our potential fertile window.


I have mixed feelings about our chances. We haven't conceived for the four cycles we've tried, and part of me thinks it isn't going to happen this one either. But for some reason I have a sort of pregnant feeling going on... I think I am about 9 DPO and on the 5th DPO I had about a half hour of queasiness that passed completely (implantation?), as well as needing pee constantly all day and the next. (I did have a cold this week, so it could all be related to that...) I have also had a lot of good, productive energy this week, which would be unusual for PMS week. :) I did some major nesting on Tuesday, organized my kitchen, and then got back into my workout groove yesterday with a rockin' Nia class. My sense of smell has been intermittently really intensely sensitive, with things smelling like other things (like tea smelling like banana, etc.) And my boobinses are sore and throbby (not terribly unusual for this part of my cycle). More symptoms this month than I have had since we started trying, so I guess I feel optimistic.


Negative FRER on Wednesday, no surprises. I don't think I spill early enough for them to pick it up any way.


Last cycle was 23 days. I kind of love having short cycles because I don't have to wait that long between TTC and waiting to test. The one cycle I tested, my luteal phase was OK... OK, enough rambling.


Anya out.

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