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What a night/morning....!

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So I dance hoop but I haven't been able to for a while because it hurt my boobs too bad. Now that things are less sore I decided last night it would be a GREAT idea to hoop. LOL boy was I wrong. I starting have contractions, one of which was so intense I had to roll off laying on the couch and get on all fours. WOW So after tomorrow I think I might do some more hooping! After that was all over, around midnight we went to bed. I was able to get to sleep pretty easily for once.


Around 2 am my phone rings.... uggggggggg... I answer it b/c obviously anyone calling at 2 am has something important to say right? LOL No it was just my silly little brother (who's a junior in high school) rambling on about when is his nephew going to be born. Well damn kid, I wish I knew. HAHAH


So then I couldn't get back to sleep and DD wakes up around 3:30 screaming for me. She's been doing this almost every night. It's always one of two things. She's scared of the dark or if we leave the light on for her she's cold and needs to be tucked in again.... because a 4 year old can't cover herself up again?? So she got a stern talking to and I attempted to go back to sleep. It wasn't happening. I got up to pee twice, checked my email on my phone and changed pjs and tossed and turned. It didn't help that DH was snorning up a storm! Finally around 5 I was able to get DH to stop snoring and FINALLY fell asleep.


So I was HOPING to sleep in when DH comes in at 8:45 and say "Monet escaped" (monet is our hedgehog). In complete disbelief, thinking he was just trying to get me out of bed I was like "oh yeah okay...." He insisted he was serious and said he couldn't find him yet and that his cage was in the middle of the floor on it's side and he's missing. He said I could sleep but just be careful when I come downstairs as to not step on him or something. Of course now I'm awake! He's just a baby, he could have hurt himself and who know's where he is. So I come downstairs and we search and fianlly find him. We were able to get him to calm down and come out of this little space under the radiator. Then he needed a bath as he was gross from his litter pan flipping on him. I gave him a bath and his cage stuff is in the washer.


Then we find out, in the dead of winter, rats had gotten into our trash out back...

What gives... I thought the full moon wasn't till Tuesday.... HAHA


Well I just thought I'd share for anyone that needs a laugh the crazy night here in this house...

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Wow, sounds like a crazy night!  I hope you're able to get some better rest before your little one arrives!

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LOL, I doubt it. I just figure it's just good practice for when baby gets here. I never sleep. Then again I didn't sleep before I got pregnant either... I figure it'll catch up to me one day but hopefully my kids will be older.


Thanks tho. It was quite an interesting day.

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