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Flat temps luteal phase only

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Hi ladies. I'm hoping some of you charting experts can help me.  I started charting again this cycle after a few months break.  My pre-O temps fluctuated normally, but my post-o temps have been totally flat.  I started taking prometrium on 2 DPO at night and my temp has been 98.4 every morning after that.  I'm not sure if there is a correlation or not, but just wanted to add that info. If I temp at other times, the thermometer shows a different temp, and the batteries are new.  I'm using a BD BBT thermometer - the one that beeps every 4 seconds.  Also, I'm temping vaginally and I've been using metrogel (vaginally) for BV since 2 DPO.  


Here's my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/SKJ2011


Thanks for any thoughts!

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I'm not sure how the meds might affect things, but I think it's most likely that you're just experiencing a plateau.  I have a few charts like that.  Sometimes I'd get a pattern going from one temp for a few days to another temp for a few days and then back again.  But it always dropped for AF and I always got that biphasic pattern so I never worried about it too much.  Your chart looks awesome, btw... very clear O, nice spike.

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Thanks Jaimee.  I'm really glad I charted this cycle b/c I am happy to see my temp jump.  This is the best cycle I've had PP.  Here's to hoping for this cycle or one of the next few.

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Prometrium is progesterone, the hormone that causes the temp jump after ovulation. If you are taking a regular dose of it every day, it's not surprising that your temp is the same.

I hate to be a downer but, since you started taking it at 2dpo, you cannot be sure that you Oed. The temp jump was most likely caused by the prometrium. I'm not saying you didn't O. I'm just saying that you can't know for sure since you need at least 3 consecutive high temps to confirm O. Taking progesterone will also stop your body from producing fertile cervical fluid even if you didn't O. That's the purpose of progesterone. It's supposed to stop the body from being fertile and possibly releasing another egg after ovulation and to make things conducive to a pregnancy.
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I agree that progesterone will raise temp, but your temp spiked and your cervix went low and firm before you started taking the meds.  Yes, technically you need three high temps to confirm O, but you've got two and other signs, so I'd say it's pretty likely.  Again, I don't know the affect of the meds on your body- whether it would make sense that a regulated dose would cause regulated temps or not.  It seems to me that things would still fluctuate a bit based on what your own body was producing, but I have no direct experience.

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I took progesterone many, many times and it always flattened my temps. Of course, I can't say that will happen to everyone, every time but it's normal.

Problem with the 2 day temp spike is that they are open circled, which means they aren't completely accurate for some reason. You really need to wait until you have at least 3 consecutive high temps before starting progesterone. One or 2 days is not going to make much difference at that point but too early could stop you from Oing at all.
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I agree with Jaimee.  I had clear signs of O, other than just the temp jump.  I've never had an annovulatory cycle, so I have no doubt that I did O.  Also, the temps I had before starting the prometrium (night on 2 DPO) are much higher than my pre-O temps. On 2 DPO, my temp was 98.2 at 5:10am, an hour before my usual temping time (615).  And, the prometrium temps are in line with my temps on 1 DPO and 2 DPO.  So, I think it's peculiar that the prometrium didn't raise my temps much, but that they are the exact same everyday.  I could see it being just the prometrium if the my temp went up more and stayed there.  But the flatline just seems strange regardless.  

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The other thing is that cervical fluid dry up and a change in CP are secondary signs of O. They only help to confirm things with temps. Temps are the only accurate way to confirm O. CF and CP can go to infertile as much as 3 days before O actually happens. Another thing to keep in mind is that progesterone supplementation can delay or even prevent AF from showing even if you aren't pg.

Again, I'm not saying you didn't O. I'm just saying you can't be sure since you started the progesterone supplementation before you confirmed O with temps.
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I think that MarineWife makes a good point about waiting 3 full days before starting the progesterone, but I also think you did O, especially since the temps are disturbed b/c they were early, not late.  Just something to consider for next cycle (if necessary).


So, is the idea with supplementation that you test at the time of expected AF and if it's negative, stop the progesterone to make sure AF comes?

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Yeah. My OB actually told me to start the progesterone on the day of the +OPK, but I knew better winky.gif  Since I wasn't charting before this cycle (second one taking progesterone), I'd forgotten that 3 temps confirms O, so I started when I was convinced.  For next cycle, I'll remember to wait.  


I have 12 days of progesterone, then I test and if positive, I call doc to see what to do.  Before I started on the progesterone, my LP was all over the place between 7 to 12 days.  November's cycle was 12, December was 7, then first cycle on prometrium (last month), LP was 12 days, but I started to spot on 12 DPO and bled without needing to stop the progesterone. So, we shall see what this cycle brings. 

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Just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts MarineWife and Jaimee.  I hate hearing that I "might not have O'ed" after being at this for nearly a year, but I understand what you are saying about the 3 temps to confirm O.  Sorry if I came across as snappy - just ready for this TTC thing to be behind me.

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no worries. most people don't like it when i point out stuff like that. i'm not trying to be discouraging. i just think it's important to understand exactly how things work so you can have the best chance of getting pg. I want everyone to maximize their chances.

i know how frustrating and heart wrenching the TTC journey can be. I've charted since 2001 after having infertility problems and have been able to have 3 babies since then. I did have to take progesterone after O to help sustain my lp. I did it for many cycles so I know how it works.

I'm glad you knew better than your OB and waited at least a couple of days before starting the progesterone. Not only does a + opk not guarantee O, it also doesn't guarantee O for the very next day. You can O as much as 72 (maybe even 96, can't remember now since it's been a while since I did all of that) hours after your first + opk.

I hope this is it for you! fingersx.gif
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Your chart is looking good!  When do you plan to test?

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Funny you should ask.  I was going to wait until Saturday b/c that's what FF recommended and it was to be my last dose of progesterone, but my temp was WAY up this morning so, I test and BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tested twice on two different brands and both were nice pink lines before the time limit.  I'm in total shock.



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YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   joy.gif  Congrats!!!!!!!!!!  HH9!!!!  Go join your DDC social group!!!  Looks like you're due October 22nd!  Yay!

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Thanks Jaimee!!!!  

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Congratulations! joy.gif

Have you called your OB about continuing the progesterone?
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Thanks MarineWife!  I talked to the OB today and I'm going to keep taking the progesterone until my first appt at 8 weeks.  Then, we'll see how my progesterone levels are and go from there.  Sounds like a reasonable plan to me.  

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That does sound like a good plan. I always had to continue the progesterone until 12 weeks but I know some people stop it at 10 weeks. I think that's the earliest that the placenta takes over and starts producing hormones instead of the corpus luteum.
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