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Recommendations, please! =)

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We're expecting our 3rd in May, and while I am so thankful to not have to buy an entirely new wardrobe (3rd girl) or crib or furniture, there are some things we do need.


 I didn't use bottles at all with our 2nd and discarded all the regular plastic bottles we had with #1 b/c of the BPA. Due to stuff going on in our lives, it will be necessary for someone else to feed this baby pumped milk sometimes, so I'm looking for glass bottle recommendations. There are SO MANY out there...are they basically the same? Does your usually-breastfed baby need the 8oz size ever...and if so, at what age? I know kids are ALL different, but an age range would be awesome.


ALSO - we make our own detergent (thanks to Pinterest! haha) and I've purchased a few Bumis and FuzziBuns to use. Do any of you have experience cleaning cloth diapers with homemade detergent? Do you still need to strip the diapers? We use vinegar and essential oil for fabric softener and those felted wool balls in the dryer...I don't THINK those things leave a residue, but am I wrong?


Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate any input you have!

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Just a POA about bottles.  I knew I would need to have bottles on hand because I was planning on pumping and returning to work and DP was going to have to feed him bottles while I was gone.  I would have loved to buy all nice glass bottles but things didn't work out that way.  From what I have found, a lot of babies will have nipple a preference and every bottle has a different size nipple and aren't interchangable.  It is really annoying and could be pretty expensive if you buy one kind of bottle and come to find out the baby won't take that nipple and you need to try other bottles ($$) then eventyally buy some of the bottles you find she will take($$$.)  This isn't always the case, but it is common.  I spent tons of money on bottles just figuring out which ones my LO would take.  In the end we have like 15 bottles and only use 2 of them.

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tank makes a really good point!

but as a rec for one to try, a friend uses Born Free glass bottles. the nipple looks really BF-friendly. I wish I woulda known about them when DS was small 'cause we tried quite a few bottles and never really found one he liked. he'll take a Breast-Flow now (at 10mo) but we're moving on to "sippy" and open cups now, so it's a bit moot.

g/l! and congrats on your 3rd baby girl! orngbiggrin.gif
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We have used Dr. Brown's glass bottles and Evenflo and Munchkin. My kids have never been bottle-nipple picky, but we like Dr. Brown's best, despite all the extra parts.


FWIW: most standard size nipples will fit interchangeably with most standard size bottles. It's when you get into various wide mouth bottles that you run into that issue with non-interchangeability.


I like the Medela nipples.


DS did bottles of pumped milk up through 11 months - and the most he took was 5 oz. Now, DD is a piggier sort and she might do 6 oz at some point. but right now, she's happy with 4ish.


I only strip diapers if they start to repel or leak. I've never made my own detergent, but have used a WAHM - made one and I just followed her directions for use.

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5 oz is the absolute most my BF baby has taken at a time (he's 7 months now) and that rarely happens. Usually he "snacks" on the bottle if/when I am not there to nurse him, just to tide himself over until the boobies are back lol.gif   so typically he takes more like 2.5 oz.


http://www.amazon.com/First-Years-Breastflow-Bottle-Ounce/dp/B001QVG9YS These bottles from The First Years work well for us. They are plastic but are BPA free and dishwasher safe. 

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No idea about the diapers, but for bottles we do like the playtex ventaire bottles with the slow flow nipple.  Both my kids liked them, despite my wanting to use something more natural.  

We never needed the bigger 9 oz bottles.  Agreed that 5-6 oz of bm was the most my oldest would take at a time.  You should  be fine with the smaller ones only.

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I'll also mention that we got about 10 glass bottles from Life Factory as a gift... he didn't like their nipple but good news is they have a "sippy' cap for when they are no longer using bottles. I thought that was nice for longevity of use, if you use "sippys" that is. wink1.gif
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thank you thank you thank you!



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