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Cesarean birth plan - seeking feedback

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Hello mamas,

We had planned a natural birth center birth, but after a couple of weeks of sobbing and anxiety attacks, I am finally coming to terms with the likelihood of a cesarean birth (due to our baby's breech position and some other issues). I did some research (including in these forums) and drafted a cesarean birth plan, which makes me feel much better about things. We also found a hospital that may be more likely to honor our requests. Would be grateful if folks could take a look and offer feedback and advice.



We respect and appreciate the medical staff’s skill and experience with cesarean delivery. Our family has special needs (mother’s history of PTSD, high risk for postpartum depression) and this particular surgery is also a special occasion for us: the birth of our first child. We are very grateful for your help in assisting all 3 of us to have the gentlest, healthiest, best birth experience possible.



- As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we do not consent to blood transfusions (see attached Advance Directive for more details). Preventative measures should be taken (see directive).
- I do not consent to any pre, peri, or postoperative medication without prior verbal consent from myself, or my spouse if I am incapacitated. I wish to discuss the complete anesthesia protocol with the anesthesiologist prior to any medication administration.
- I do not consent to placement of a urinary catheter until after administration of anesthesia.
- In case of a hemorrhage or other emergency, take whatever alternative measures are available to prevent or avoid a hysterectomy. In the event of a hysterectomy, I do not consent to removal of any organs that are not medically necessary (ovaries, etc.)

- We do not consent to (see pediatrician's orders)
        - Eye ointment and Hepatitis B or other vaccinations
        - Bottle feeding or pacifiers
        - Administration of formula, sugar water, etc.



- Please use a horizontal incision and double-layered suture to prevent problems with future births.
- Please allow 2 support people (father & doula or midwife or other family member) to be present in the OR.
- Please play our music in the OR as long as it doesn’t distract medical staff.
- Please do not strap my arms down. Support people can hold my arm(s) in place if necessary. I understand the importance of a sterile field.
- We want to take the placenta home with us (for encapsulation to assist with recovery and prevent postpartum depression).
- Please give the baby to [dad's name] to place on [mom's name] chest immediately with basic assessments and procedures being done while skin-to-skin. He can hold baby there with a warm blanket over her and help maintain the sterile field.
- We would like the baby to remain with us for bonding and possible breastfeeding (if [mom's name] is physically able to do so) during suturing and in recovery.
- In the case of an emergency, [dad's name] or another family member should stay with the baby at all times.
- We wish to give the baby her first bath.




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There are several things on there that my hospital does not allow.  It may be helpful if you find out prior to the day of what things are or are not acceptable.  For example.. the L&D OR's at my hospital don't even have stereos, so no music.  They also will not allow you to take home your placenta.  It must be sent to pathology.  Your OB might be able to override some of the rules of the hospital, so if you run across something that isn't allowed you may be able to appeal to them and have them on your side.

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Of course! We are going to go over this with the OB first. The music is the least important thing of all. I did talk to a midwife who is part of an OB practice at one of the least natural-friendly hospitals in town (Baptist Hospital in Miami) and she said that usually even they let you keep the placenta...you just have to sign some kind of waiver form.

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I'm planning a repeat cesarean and have the same list of desires. What I've been told by the hospital is that it's not so much up to the OB but rather the anesthesiologist about how the mama and baby are allowed to interact during repair. Our local hospital was close to allowing 'natural/family centered/baby friendly' cesareans and it was the anesthesiologists that halted it, not the OBs. 


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OP, I think what you've drafted is lovely, clear, and direct.  I didn't have a birth plan, but have heard that keeping them short is important, which you have done.


As someone very familiar with PTSD, I think having as much control over your experience as you feel comfortable with is important, and I commend you for having the courage to share that intimate diagnosis with your medical team.  If I was your doctor, I would so appreciate your having shared that.


Congratulations on your pregnancy, your birth plan, and your impending motherhood!

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I think that's a wonderful plan.  I had an unplanned c-section (after laboring 3 days at home) and the hospital I went to did a lot of those things without me asking.    Good luck! 

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