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Feb DDC Birth Stories

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I didnt see another thread for this, so forgive me if people are already posting them somewhere else. If you have a birth story to share, post it or the link to it here. I posted mine in the Birth Stories Forum, but I wanted to share it with you all as well smile.gif

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I need to finish mine! Hopefully tonight!

I love your story. Your contractions and the pace of your labor reminds me so much of mine.
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Congrats Adaline!! Beautiful birth!! And now I feel like eating fried PB and banana sandwiches lol.gif

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What a great story!  I can't wait to read some more!!!

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Thanks ladies smile.gif Im excited to hear other stories too.
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I just thought I'd add my story to the mix....hope this is an okay place to do it. :)





Ronan Edward barreled into this world at 11:55 pm on Saturday February 11, 2012. The birth happened at Birthwise Birthing Center and was attended by two of the three midwives on staff, Natalie Lake and Jayme Moore. He was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long.


After my due date came and went with Emery(DS1), I was so ready to begin taking things into my own hands with this pregnancy and did not want to go over my due date by three weeks(like I did wiht DS1).

I began taking Evening Primrose Oil at 36 weeks in order to ripen and soften my cervix. By the time I hit 40 weeks I was getting impatient. My blood pressure had a spike and I was sent for acupuncture to bring it down and start the “induction” process. My blood pressure came down but nothing else happened. That night I had a mini mental breakdown and threatened to check myself into the hospital to have them induce me. (Really bad night fueled by lack of sleep and hormones-I NEVER would have actually done this!) I made an appointment with another acupuncturist two days later and we tried again. Baby was super active but nothing much happened. The next day I had an appointment with April Bullock, the Midwife who had handled most of my prenatal. She checked my vitals and did a cervical sweep while physically applying EPO to the cervix. I was really hoping this would do it, but again nothing much happened. I had my final acupuncture treatment on the 9th. It was a very intense session and a lot of energy was shifted. I felt amazing afterwards and was at peace with Baby coming when he/she was ready. The next day I woke up with a very itchy rash all over my body. I called the Birthing center to ask if there was anything to be concerned about, and what I could do to alleviate the itching. Jayme asked me to come in the following day to look at it and listen to the baby etc. Everything was fine so she sent me on my way with some homeopathic medicines. That night the itching intensified so I called Jayme again and she wanted me to come in the next morning to just check in. The next morning was 2/11/12, 41 weeks. The baby was listened to, my vitals were taken and we discussed what would happen if we needed to induce naturally, how we would go about that. As we were leaving, Natalie said, “Enjoy your last hours of being pregnant.” (She later said that she just had a feeling that it was close.)


When we left I took Owen to work, and went home with Emery. We both took a very long nap. I woke up and felt absolutely fine. Owen came home; we had dinner, put Emery to bed and were just hanging out watching TV. I felt achy in my back so I squatted on the floor. We talked about the baby and what it would be like when it finally decided to come. I mentioned that I thought 2/11/12 would be a cool birthday but that I dint’ think it would happen because we only had about three hours left.


About 10pm, I felt a mild contraction and noted the time, I sat on my birthing ball because my back was hurting, about 15 minutes later I felt another and made another mental note of the time, and then again 15 minutes later. They weren’t intense at all so I told Owen I think I just had three contractions about 15 minutes apart, I’m sure they’ll stop in a minute. Then I felt a “pop” and jumped, Owen looked at me shocked and I said, “What? Did you hear that?” Because I really thought it was an audible pop. He told me No, and smiled at me.


I went to the restroom to check and see if my waters had  indeed broken, and noticed a bit of “bloody show” on the tissue, it was barely noticeable, just a bit pink. No fluids, not even a tiny bit of a drip.  My stomach felt upset so I used the restroom and the whole time was talking to Owen about whether or not this was real labor. About 5 minutes later, I started feeling the contractions, and they were getting stronger. We called Judy (Owen’s mom) and had to convince her that we weren’t joking and she really needed to leave and head our way (they live three hours away). I called the Midwife on duty (Natalie) and asked her if she thought we needed to head to the birthing center as the contractions were only 10 minutes apart, and I could talk through them. She told me to wait an hour, and if they intensified to call her back.


Owen started loading the car and I was trying to pack a few last minute things while dealing with the quickly intensifying contractions. It got to the point where I could only handle them if I was on all fours leaned over the bed or the couch vocalizing or moaning. I timed them and they were three minutes apart. Owen called Natalie and told her we were headed to the birthing center. (She later told us that she heard me on the phone in the background and knew that the baby was on the way.)


Owen woke Emery and took him to the car. I followed them out and had a contraction as I was getting in the car. It was so powerful I wondered if we would make it to the Birthing Center on time. I couldn’t buckle my seatbelt and I had one very long contraction on the freeway. The intensity of it frightened me a bit and I heard Owen say, “You’re doing great honey, we’re almost there”, then I heard Emery say, “I want my grandma.’ He was tired and overwhelmed by all that was happening.

In the 15 minute drive it took us to get to the Center, I had about 5 contractions.

When we arrived at the birthing center around 11:00PM, I had a very powerful contraction and had to lean over the seat with my rear out of the car. Owen asked me if I could walk. I doubted it and was afraid Id have one on the way up the walk to the center.

I made it through the front door and began having another contraction. This one felt different. I could feel the baby moving down and felt the urge to go to the bathroom. The midwife helped me onto the toilet, and I had a contraction and felt the urge to bear down. Natalie asked me if I wanted to have the baby there, or where I wanted to have the baby. At this point I knew that my plan to have a water birth was pretty much out of the question due to the fact that the baby was coming way faster than I had anticipated. I told her that I wanted to have the baby in the water, but I didn’t know if I would make it. She told me to come into the birthing room and they would get the water running. As soon as  I climbed into the bed on all fours I could feel the baby moving further down and my body started to push. Natalie asked if I wanted to feel the baby’s head, being in denial that it was happening that quickly, I remember saying, "No, it’s not time yet.”


Each contraction was coming closer and closer together and I began vocalizing in high octaves, and consciously I thought to myself, lower, make them lower. As I lowered my pitch; I heard Natalie or Jayme tell me that I was doing great. Things were happening quickly, but I was doing great.


Owen was busy unpacking the car and getting Emery situated. At one point he came in and lightly touched my back and I told him, “The baby is coming, I can feel the baby coming, it’s happening so fast!” The next thing I know I feel the baby’s head crowning and I just remember saying “It burns!” I felt a warm compress on my perineum and it felt so nice. Natalie said, “Okay, on the next push you’ll have your baby!” I pushed and Natalie caught him. They helped me turn over and I looked up to see Owen holding Emery. I looked down and saw that Ronan was a boy.


It was only 11:55.


Although he wasn’t born in the water, and I didn’t get to “catch” him, I wouldn’t change a thing about this birth. Emery got to see his baby brother being born, which wasn’t planned, and it was gentle as possible considering how quickly it all happened.


We are so in love with Ronan, and our little family feels complete, for now.


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Aw, congrats Rin!! It sounds amazing. Fasts births are so neat, especially when you are in denial until the very last minute. Its so cool that your DS1 was there to see!
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  • Alden's birth story written to him...... 


    You're here but where do I start? If I jump right to your birth I'll say is was hard, intense, and worth it. First I have to say how lucky I am to be your mom, how blessed I am that I got to grow and carry you under my heart. My love for you was more than words could say before you were born and it grows for you by the day.


    Your labor day began on January 31st, even though labor is a pregnancy long process this is when it got my attention. I had a couple of warm ups in the weeks before that, but I knew this were going to change this time. All day my uterus ached in a way that felt like it wanted to contraction but was waiting for something, perhaps dad being home. He got home and we enjoyed dinner together with your 3 big brothers. Everyone got settled and tucked into bed around 9, but I still couldn't sleep so I laid in bed playing games on my phone. I noticed around 9:30 the aches had a rhythm, they felt like contractions. So I layed next to your dad and brother Bram for around an hour before I started feeling sleepy, but I had to go to the bathroom before I fell asleep. When I did I found the proof things were happening with these contractions: bloody show.


    Foolishly I assumed it would happen as quickly as it had with Kaleb and Bram, 3 and 4 hours. First I woke up dad, our code word for labor was buffalo, so I told him buffalo. Then I texted our friend that would be joining us, Grace, so she would be able to get childcare for her kiddos. I told her I'd be taking a shower and I'd call her in a bit. I took a shower, I felt so excited, but hesitant. I braided my hair, brushed my teeth and called Grace and let her know what was going on. I didn't feel ready for her to come, and told her I was going to try to sleep a bit and then I'd call her again. I had already had an adrenaline rush and the shaking that comes after. This only happens in labor for me so I knew it would be soon, or rather later. 


    So I layed down and turned on my hypnobabies CD and drifted off to sleep. I slept from midnight to 3am when I stronger contraction woke me. The contractions had remained strong, they were still coming consistently, so I was ready! I had dad fill the pool, and I called Grace to have her come down, and dad called my mom to have her come down. I was workong with the contractions rocking against the birth ball when I felt a gush that I caught before it would ruin the bed and ran to the toilet. My water broke! You really were coming. Your birthday would be today. 


    The conractions were getting more intense, still feeling held back I had dad call our photographer. I knew at any moment things were going to get strong and you'd be here. Around 4 Grace arrived, followed soon after by my mom, and within a 30 minute of her the photographer. I got overwhlemed. I was having a hard time integrating everyone into our space.  The intensity of the contractions responded by fading. I needed to escape. I decided a walk at 4:30 in the morning, while being damp, and barely dressed, was the best idea. I took dad with me and our support stayed at home to take care of your big brothers. Dad and I walked for a few blocks and I talked about what I was scared of what I was worried about hoping to clear whatever was holding me back so things could pick up. We passed a few houses and I had a contraction. I had to stop for it, it was nice and strong. I had about 4 more ocntractions on our walk before we got home. They were wonderful. 


    When we got back home the strength of the contractions once again faded. I decided to try the hypnobabies again, but needed dad to lay down with us. He drifted off to sleep but I felt like I needed to keep moving. So I got up, made your brother's breakfast, put together bread dough, and puttered around the house. After a while everyone was resting, except me.


    The sun came up and I got Dad up. I was feeling like a burden to everyone. I wanted to tell everyone to just go home, I give up, baby is staying in forever. I know that was silly and I knew I still had a while longer to go. But I sent our photographer home and told Grace and my mom to rest. I needed to do some walking, get a change of scenery. Dad and I went to the store, got some groceries, and then went curb walking. In the store I had a few contractions, not very strong, but still there. I didn't need to stop for them, just had to walk slowly. While curb walking there were no contractions. I hoped curb walking would help you descend but not much happened. We headed home around 10:30.


    We got home and I was starving, I ate and decided I needed to rest. I told everyone I was going to take a nap, so downstairs I went again, with hypnobabies in my ears and a completely dark room. I slept for about an hour, then I layed there trying to figure out why I was stuck. What was holding me back? Why can't I relax and open up? Bram and Dad came down around noon, so I let Bram nurse and talked to Dad for a while. I was having contractions strongly again, every 15 minutes or so. I felt like things were reaching the tipping point. Grace came down and talked to me for a little bit, I shared my worries with her, that I was feeling like I was keeping her from her family and bothering everyone and she helped me feel better. I asked dad to refresh the pool water, empty out some of it and add hot water to heat it back up. 


    For the most part everyone left us alone for a while. Things started to pick up and get more intense quickly. While the tub was heating up I needed dad to apply pressure to my back and hips, but once the tub was warmed up enough I got in. The contractions required more and more of my attention. I had to moan through them. They were intense, they were so strong, they were so hard. I kept saying that this is so hard but I am so strong, and I stayed strong. I kept telling myself mentally this is not bigger than me because it is me. Dad and brothers took turns pouring water on my back which felt so good. Eventually the contractions were so big I wasn't sure what to do with them, and I got mad. I wanted you here! I looked at the clock it was 4:20. I decided that I would not be laboring for more than another hour, I decided you needed to be here by 5:30 and I got out of the tub. 


    I went to the bathroom and had dad turn on the shower and turn on the massage/high pressure spray on the shower head. I needed the heat, water, and pressure on my back. So I got in and oh it felt so good. I started trying out different noises: low "ooh's" hurt, low "ahh" was ok, "bah" was no good, I didn't even try high pitched sounds because those just sounded like a bad idea in my head. The one that felt best was growling. I had to growl at the contractions. A gutterel growl sound was the only thing that made the contractions ok, so I went with that and I swayed back in forth, lifting one leg at a time, I could feel things opening, I could feel my fundus pulling my cervix up. I could feel your back against mine moving down, down, and the sensation was so big, it felt so much bigger than me, and I didn't know how to make it through. I had to stop thinking, I had to just be and just feel for that very moment and do nothing else mentally. Letting go completely to surrender to what need to be done. Dad came and checked on me again. I asked him to crank up the heater, and he had banana bread so I stole a couple bites. I told him I would have a drink of tea, and get out of the shower, and get in the tub and have a baby. That was my plan.


    Dad came back down stairs, with tea, which I drank quickly, and I got out of the shower, and into the tub and dad got in behind me so he could catch you. The contractions got bigger now, and between them I cursed the couch and said I would sell it and chop it up and burn it because of the back labor. And that felt good. Grace's youngest was with us and she was making growly noises too, I loved it! I had a chorus with me! I decided to push. I felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster about to go down but I had to rock the car to the edge. With the first push I got close, I could feel your head growing bigger outside of my cervix. That first push burned in my bones, your bone moving against mine. Dad told me I had a gush of blood, I told him that's ok! The next push came, closer now to that edge I could tell your head was half way out from the cervix. I said I hate this part because it's so hard, but there it came that feeling of throwing up but only down and tipping over the edge on that coaster and the rush of everything flowing and I could feel your head stretching me open. The burning in my bones went away. The next rush came, then next part of the coaster and you stretched me wider and we relaxed back down. I could feel your head without reaching inside. The next rush, the next wave of the coaster and your head came out completely to fill my hand. I felt your sweet little head in my hand and was rejoicing in the break I would have until I felt your shoulders turn, they did and quickly, and again I had to push. I had to say "daddy catch your baby" and he reached down and he caught you. 


    I turned over and saw you, but it was wrong, you were purple and that was ok, but your placenta. It came with you. And the caul covered you, your head, your shoulders, your chest, and the placenta. You are tiny! I felt the placenta when your body was born, I felt that it was different from the rest of you, I could feel the veins in it. I was so scared, I had no idea how long your placenta had been detached! I break the bag away from you and the cord is wrapped around your neck. Do we call 911? Should we? I blow on you. I tip you with your head lower than your body so the fluids can drain out of your mouth and nose. Look at that patch of vernix on your back! I rub it in You're a boy I see that you're a boy, of course you're a precious boy. I put my mouth over your nose and mouth to suck boogers out and you squirm. I need a sign you're ok, you can take your time pinking up I understand and I'll be patient, but I need to know you're ok. Stethoscope! Give me the stethoscope, and I hear you. TickJa-ticka-ticka, so perfect! I know you are perfect and you are ok and you are, you take your time. You are so tiny, and so perfect, turning a glorious pink and I'm so glad you're here.


    I get into bed with you and a name comes flooding through my head, "Alden"I wait to ask dad about it until we are alone, so we weigh and measure you. Sure enough you are tiny 5lb 10oz, 18 inches long, and a 13 inch head circumference. Things settled our photographer goes home, we say goodbye to Grace. I share the name with Dad and he loves it. I look it up to see what it means. It means old friend. It felt so fitting for you. Thank you for being mine Alden Thomas, thank you for joining our family.


    I measured his cord the next day it was around 15 inches total, with it being around his neck his placenta had no choice but to come with him. I'm so thankful we chose to birth unassisted. He needed a slow and gentle labor and a short  quick birth, and that's exactly what we got. I learned so much from his birth, to trust birth and my babies, and that I am so strong that I can do anything! 


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So beautiful! And 4 boys now - how wonderful for you:)

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Yea! Congrats! What a great story.
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This is my first draft. I'm sure as I re-read it and remember the beautiful details, I will add to it, but for my loving DDC, here it is:


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I woke up at 10 p.m. Thursday (2/23) with contractions. They were strong enough to wake me up, but didn’t require special breathing. I was curious and aware that this was the first time throughout all my contractions that I’d experienced any at night. In the past several weeks, contractions died away at night and resumed during the day. The whole night I felt the contractions never getting harder or faster, but not going away either. I remained gently aware and cautiously hopeful.


Friday (2/24), Michael asked if he should stay home and I said no, I just didn’t want to assume that this was it. Contractions continued through the morning. I gradually started feeling like I was exhausted by them. I had been sitting on the exercise ball since Wednesday night doing hip circles and I continued Friday morning while I tried to meet my accounting deadlines at work. By 10 a.m. I was getting very tired and anxiously waiting for Aylen’s 1 p.m. nap time. I prepared our lunches and put in a call to the women’s center, asking if I could skip my afternoon appointment because I thought I was in labor. They told me I needed to come in anyway so they could check the baby’s heartbeat. I texted Michael and asked him to come home by 2:30 so he could take me because I didn’t feel safe driving myself. Every diaper change or movement to help Aylen made me feel so tired and overwhelmed. I started sweating through the contractions and doing my hypnobirthing breathing whenever one would start to take my breath away. I texted Michael minutes later and asked him to come home now. I was so tired I couldn’t take care of Aylen. A friend stopped by with these special “go-into-labor cupcakes” and I stood outside with cold wet washcloths on my face and neck, speaking with her about how this baby better finally be coming. I put Aylen down for her nap, waited for Michael to get home and then went to bed. I tried to sleep. I may have even dozed a little but the contractions were consistent. At my 3 p.m. appointment the contractions continued and the monitor showed that they were strong and the baby’s heartbeat was fine. I was dilated to 2 cm, which threatened to disappoint me after weeks of contractions. Our midwife Debbi agreed that we were on our way but warned us, it might taper off and if so, just rest. I thought they might stop at night since that had been the pattern, but they didn’t. We ate burgers and fries for dinner and went to bed early. We watched a TV show and I tried to sleep but just couldn’t. I just drank water, breathed through contractions and trusted that we were really going to have this baby.


I wasn’t timing contractions because I didn’t want to get too hopeful or excited or anxious. I just let them come. A little after 1 a.m. I decided to get on the couch because I was too uncomfortable lying down in bed. I was breathing deeper and more consciously through each contraction and then trying to find a comfortable sitting-up position to sleep in. At 2 a.m. I sat up with a loud moan, unable to breathe through a very intense contraction. Michael came running down the hallway and said, “I’m making phone calls.” I told him to wait. What if it stopped? What if the hospital sent me home? I guess he was timing my contractions because after a few he informed me he was calling Lea and Mariela (my cousin to babysit, and our doula, respectively). I was going inward and I’m proud of myself for being able to go into the contractions instead of trying to get away from them, which is how I felt the last time I was in labor. I was accepting of them, grateful for them and I had a mantra of “Love and Oxygen” every time I inhaled through the peak of a contraction. I told myself my baby needed love and oxygen and forced myself to slowly inhale instead of hyperventilate.


Lea arrived and Michael gave her some instructions for Aylen. We waited til I finished a contraction and then we walked to the car. It was freezing, almost 4 a.m., 30 degrees and 65 mph winds. I had on flip flops, sweat pants and a t-shirt. I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a jacket so I wrapped myself in a blanket and hugged my pillow. Once in the car, we saw Mariela arrive and she followed us to the hospital. While we drove I had random thoughts about how I couldn’t believe I was going through this again and it’s so painful, why do people do this to themselves? I would replace the thoughts with other thoughts like, “it’s just one day of my life” and “I get to meet my baby soon.” Every stop or turn intensified my contractions. We arrived at the hospital and I told Michael I didn’t want to be dropped off, I wanted to be with him, so we parked the car and walked with Mariela into the ER entrance where they put me in a wheel chair and took me upstairs. Our midwife was in with another mom who was having a baby, so I just felt my contractions and breathed, waiting for her. I was checked by a nurse and they said I was 4 cm. Since I’d progressed since the afternoon, I didn’t have to go home and that relieved me. I still felt like it might be a long time because I had 6 cm to go.


I got into the tub with hot water and felt immediate relief from the pain of the contractions, though not the intensity. I was so tired. A nurse came in and offered me pain medication through my IV. I thought that if I had that medication I’d be able to rest a little and then I wouldn’t end up getting an epidural. I looked at Michael who said, “I support whatever you want and need.” I got out of the tub and into the bed so they could administer the drugs. I felt so much better and think I might have even slept. About 40 minutes later I felt them wear off. Apparently, they gave me very little. I immediately asked for help, for more, please, before the pain came back. Debbi very gently told me we were going to have a baby soon and that it would be best if the baby wasn’t under the effects of any medication when she was born. A piece of me didn’t care, the same piece of me that thought a c-section would be a great idea because then I could get some sleep. I realized that I was going to have to do this and that I could do it but I knew that I didn’t have much energy.


Mariela continued giving me chipped ice on a spoon and draping cold wet cloths on my face and neck and shoulders. She was such a gentle, strong support that never made me feel overwhelmed or suffocated. Michael stayed near, not asking questions (as I’d asked of him) and just being there every time I reached out to lean on him through a contraction. So many times I would just lean into his green sweatshirt and feel his strength and warmth. I would tell him I love him over and over and know that somehow our love, his love, my love would get us through this. I was 8 cm, then 9, then 9 ¾ and then told I could try to push but I didn’t want to.


I wish I’d waited, but I was desperate to find relief from the pain and so I started to push. Everyone was telling me to push and I truly tried but I was laying on my side and didn’t have the energy or the strength. All I felt was pain and exhaustion. I got on my hands and knees and felt like the pushes were more productive, but still, I just wanted to rest. During contractions I would moan, “Help” or “Please somebody”. I knew nobody could do anything even though I asked them to “get it out!” Back on my side I felt powerless to push again so I got on my knees but we raised the back of the bed so I could lean on it and hold onto it. I felt more control in that position and felt the contractions increasing. Finally people stopped telling me to push. I told them to stop talking. I felt contractions come and go and half-heartedly pushed. But eventually I felt the contractions actually moving the baby and in a very quiet moment I began a push that felt like it lasted several minutes. I heard someone say “Yes!” and Debbi say “Slow down” but there was no stopping me at this point. I could feel that this push was everything. I was going to reclaim my body and hold my baby in my arms. She came flying out, a rush of fluid and baby and then it was over. I frantically said, “Give her to me. I need her. Where is she? Where is she?” Someone said, “Reach down and grab her.” I looked down and didn’t see her and someone rolled her to me and I grabbed her, slippery, wet and probably upside down, I couldn’t tell. They helped me turn around and I sat and held my screaming baby while I sobbed.


Oh she was perfect and beautiful. We watched her gorgeous umbilical cord pulse for many minutes. Michael cut it when prompted. Eventually, she stopped crying and we were able to just be together. Even Michael felt the relief and joy and celebrated with me in a way we couldn’t the last time because of how traumatic it had been. I regret nothing about this birth. I realize that I did an amazing thing and I birthed my baby completely aware and physically feeling every moment of it. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life and yet I cherish that I did it, survived it and can celebrate it.


My family is now a family of four. I am a mother of two beautiful girls. I feel honored to have created this family with my husband and I feel blessed by every minute we spend together.           

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Right of Passage, I am so impressed by your birth story. I love your self-acceptance and your self-love. It's just a beautiful and wonderful birth story.

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