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Overdue Thread!

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Anyone else want to commiserate with me?



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I am overdue too. Just 3 days and I don't think it will be much longer. Had some spotting today and my lower back is achy today. :) How overdue are you?

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Count me in! I really shouldn't be surprised...DS was 20 days late. 

Right now i'm only 1 day over-but no signs of impending labor.

I guess I'm a slow/long cooker. 

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I'm also over my due date. Only one day, but this waiting is making me crazy. My DH keeps telling me the baby's going to come on the 17th. I sure hope baby doesn't wait that long. Please come out baby.......I surrender bow.gif

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I'm 5 days past my due date now. I know that isn't a lot, but still the waiting kind of messes with your head a little bit! I was certain that things were starting up last Thursday, then nothing over the weekend. I just can't even imagine another week of business as usual...just waiting for this little guy to come.

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Well I was right...Baby #3 was born less then 12 hours after posting on the "overdue thread". My little guy was born at 12:37 am on the 6th of February. I hope more "overdue" babies make the journey soon!!


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well naturegirl, just in case it was posting here that did it for you....tomorrow I'm officially "overdue"!

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40w 3d here.  Not terribly overdue, but DH is supposed to fly cross-country for a conference this weekend, which is sort of complicated!  So hopefully we'll see some action before then.  orngtongue.gif

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Well.. Today was my EDD so I'm gonna go ahead and put myself in this group :)

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Today I'm 40 and 5 days. According to my Midwife, I'm not "overdue" until I reach 42 weeks- - - WHATEVER! Waiting, waiting, waiting........

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Overdue like a library book! I'm at 40w6d. Had an u/s on Tuesday and my amniotic fluid is a little borderline; getting rechecked tomorrow. Anyone else in that boat? I'm hoping baby comes on her own before next week so that we can avoid an induction...

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Did they tell you what your AFI number was?  I had this issue last time with DD.  

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Not overdue, but I was just sharing this in another thread and wondered if anyone might find it helpful. It's an article from American Family Physician called Management of Pregnancy Beyond 40 weeks gestation. I really like this journal. They have good evidence-based articles.



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My amniotic fluid was great today, and baby looked great. I need to have this baby by Wed. to avoid an induction! Fingers crossed. 

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Originally Posted by laura1982 View Post

My amniotic fluid was great today, and baby looked great. I need to have this baby by Wed. to avoid an induction! Fingers crossed. 

Good luck!  Glad the fluid levels looked good.  :)


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Originally Posted by laura1982 View Post

My amniotic fluid was great today, and baby looked great. I need to have this baby by Wed. to avoid an induction! Fingers crossed. 

Fingers crossed for you!



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EDD today... Posting here with hope I get naturgirl's luck!

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anyone else just totally frustrated? I'm only 40 + 4 but I am just so BEYOND still being pregnant right now. I want to hold her so bad and I am just so exhausted from being pregnant. So tired of answering the "oh how are you feeling" questions, sick of hearing myself complain but really any positive answer I give is a bunch of bs. I am frustrated from cleaning and nesting my house and feeling like 'okay baby, you can come now' and then she doesn't, the house gets messy again.


I know its completely illogical, but I can't help but feel like I truly am going to be pregnant forever greensad.gif

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Everything you said mrskatiekuj ... Plus I am sick of people "checking in"!

i know they are just caring, or curious, but uuuugh, stop calling and emailing.

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Yea the "checking in" is starting to get REALLY annoying. I am trying to carry on like "nothing" is happening (but nothing is happening!). My husband is very patient and keeps telling me that our little guy is taking his time so that he is nice and strong for our planned home birth (my husband is incredibly supportive and has the patience of a saint). Every time I get a little twinge I tell him which makes me feel like a hypochondriac.

"My back is hurting! Oh wait, just gas pains..." 
"I think I lost my mucus plug! Oh wait no, I forgot these cloth pads are a light pink..."
"I think I'm having a contraction! Oh no, its just my sciatica again..."


AHHHH! This is baby #1 and I am 41 weeks today. My husband's guess date was today, but no sign of anything. I just found out that 1 of my 2 midwives is going to be out of town this week. She wants me to "wait" until she gets back, but that means I will be 42 weeks! My dad took this whole next week off work anticipating the birth of his 2nd grandbaby. We can't please everyone now! My family history isn't great though. My sister was born at 42 weeks (induced), my bro was born at 42 week + 3 days, and I was born at 43 weeks. -_-

My sister's baby is due on March 12. If she EVEN has her baby before me, I'm going to lose it! I originally wanted a Pisces but thought there was no way I would make it to the 20th, now I'm not so sure! I REALLY dont want to try natural induction methods because I feel like it will screw up his star chart (oh, what the pregnant mind makes you worry about!). I really don't mind being pregnant, but I could sure use my own immune system back. The baby has been great, but the head cold, dislocated rib, and sciatica are killing me. I just want to heal!


Oh little guy I know you will like it out here! Give your poor tired mama a break! I promise you will love daddy! He is not as scary as he sounds!

Come to the bright side babies, we have boobies out here!!!

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