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Hope counting more is okay?
Any babies today?

I just feel like this is never going to happen, so I'd love I'd people from here report back when the babes eventually do come.
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I am still waiting here too.

I had an awful expereince today.  Had to go get a NST and BPP tests done today because legally you have to get one at  41 weeks 3 days here in Oregon. I found out that I couldn't go to the doctor that my Midwives at the Birth Center recommended because he didn't take my insurance so my husband and I called around all day and I finally found a hospital that would take my insurance.

So I had to go to the appointment alone since my husband needed to pick up my daughter from school. After the test the doctor was super negative and told me I needed to get the baby out as soon as possible meaning induction or c-section. Just because they did not see practice breathing during the ultrasound and my fluid was low. Baby moved a lot and heart rate was great. Then they said my blood pressure was high...no shit, the doctor was telling me he wasn't going to let me leave the hospital and that I needed to deliver the babe asap.

It was awful. turns our it was a clinic in the hospital full of high risk OB doctors who NEVER allow their patients to be this pregnant. SO he was really uncomforatble with the whole thing. But on the opposite spectrum of the kind of care I want. It was so stressful. I was there for 3 hours.

The baby is doing well, he just was really uncomfortable with me being this far overdue. I am 41 weeks 4 days today.

I also feel like this babe will never come on its own and I am getting scared. I called my midwife and she told me to drink a glass of wine and take a bath and forget the awful hospital experience.

Now my family is freaking out cause they are not so cool with my hippie water birth center births with midwives and are worried that the OB was right. I so wish i never had to go take that test. Like being 11 days overdue is not stressful enough. Now I have to worry about overcooking my baby.

I am so stressed out I could just scream. I have been crying alot. this really sucks. I have tried everything, besides the castor oil but i will try that before the hospital gets me again.


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Humbleluna - so sorry you had this awful OB appointment.  I'm 41 weeks, 2 days and I'm having a hard time with this final stretch as well.  This kind of stress is so hard especially when the end is so near!!  I was told by my OB today that my fluid is also low (she's fine letting me go until 42 if all looks good), but she wasn't overly worried about it.  My doula told me to drink a TON of water and Recharge and really get those fluids going.  But I hope you take some solace in knowing you're baby is doing well and is healthy in there!  I'm also planning on castor oil on Wednesday morning if she hasn't been born by then.  I used it with my son (who's almost 4) and it worked like a charm.  Good luck to you, and I hope you're feeling a bit better!

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She posted on the New Arrivals thread that baby is here. She did end up going to the hospital (i imagine b/c her labor never picked up). 

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Hope counting more is okay?
Any babies today?
I just feel like this is never going to happen, so I'd love I'd people from here report back when the babes eventually do come.


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HumbleLuna  I'm so sorry about your experience. It was/is my big fear. Just remember your body and baby know the perfect time for his arrival. My midwife went over how midwife's calculate dates yesterday. It was really interesting that their calculation would have my "40 week" mark placed just five days ago. Yes, we know when I conceived, but I guess looking at family history (long gestates), my cycle length, the size of my first son at 39 weeks, and a couple other things that they adjust their ETA. So, it's awesome that baby looked great. I hope your midwife's words have allowed you to find some calm and peace about your long cooker ;-), and remember that you are making positive informed choices and the best choices for your baby despite what friends or family might be saying. 


My poor DH got caught up with an OB at work last night as he was leaving. The OB, a customer of DH's, flipped out when DH told him how far along I was and went on a rant about the midwives in the area. Fortunately, DH had no respect for the guy anyways, b/c he had been disrespectful toward DH's boss and a coworker previously. And, it turned into a really good learning opportunity for DH. He asked me questions about going past 42 weeks and why OBs are so fearful about postdates and postterrm. It really opened up a conversation about why homebirth is so safe, why midwives are awesome, and why US maternal care is so poor by comparison to 30 other countries with lower maternal and infant morbidity and mortality rates. 

miblair - I feel like it's so hard to stay adequately hydrated these day. Do you feel the same? With the lack of room, it's like I have to decide between fluids or food. Hope you had a nice recharge last night and that things get going soon for you so you can avoid the castor oil. I thought I'd be doing castor oil today, but my midwife said we could wait until closer to 42w5d before she sends me to the OB since things are going so well. So, I'll be going for castor oil next Thursday if little man doesn't come before then.



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HumbleLuna, bummer about that OB appointment! There is nothing worse than being overdue and people putting pressure on you to have the baby IMMEDIATELY. Like you wouldn't do that if you could. Your baby will come, patience is worth it.


I am at 41 weeks and 3 days today, and having a few contractions at night but nothing too serious. Trying to enjoy these last few days and doing all the little putter things to get ready for this baby like making huge batches of granola, doing ALL the laundry and making lists of stuff for my husband to do. Also trying to get 'special' time in with each kid.

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March 1st baby here! Silas Grey born yesterday. 5.5 hour labor at home. 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 in. We are doing well. My birth team was wonderful!
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Yay! Congrats on your sweet boy! 

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March 1st baby here! Silas Grey born yesterday. 5.5 hour labor at home. 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 in. We are doing well. My birth team was wonderful!


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so, who is still hanging in there? i'm having a hard time keeping track... 

i'm 41+4 today. 

Although the appointment yesterday with the midwife was fine and I felt well taken care for and understood and not pressured, etc., and at that time I thought I felt okay about induction at 42 weeks, I had nightmares all night about waiting for labor and having scary, painful things done to me. 

At the appointment yesterday, the midwife said that at the induction, I would have the option of 1) having water broken, 2) cervical balloon, 3) cytotec or 4) pitocin. If I'm not appropriately dilated, they might give me cervadil first. (I didn't have them check my cervix, because it's super painful for me since my last birth it and it wouldn't have changed any decision for me at that time anyway, but I'd have to think I'm at least a little bit dilated / effaced at this point, because I've been having contractions for weeks and weeks, cervix twinges and the baby is super low right now, 'as low as it can be without actually coming out'.) I haven't done enough research on these induction methods, but initially my thought is that

- i don't want my water broken, because i don't want to be on the clock for infection, etc., i don't want the baby in the nicu on antibiotics after the birth and i don't want to have to get antibiotics.

- the idea of a cervical balloon is awful to me. i hate having stuff done to my vagina / cervix. that being said, i don't know much about this. 

- cytotec i'm thinking i shouldn't do because there's moms who die from it. my friend was like "DON'T TAKE CYTOTEC!!!" but again, i don't know the details and whether there are circumstances where the awful outcomes are even less likely. 

- pitocin is what i was thinking right now would be best, assuming i'm at least somewhat dilated. last time i gave birth, i had 7 hours of uncomfortable, painful contractions, and got to the hospital just 1 cm dilated, got an epidural, because it was too much for me and i was too tired, somewhat after that, i got pitocin, but i'm not sure how dilated i was then when i did get the pitocin. 


do people have any experience / thoughts about this? 

at the appointment, the midwives were telling me that the horror stories about inductions were probably mostly not women in my situation, i.e. 2 weeks past EDD and having had tons of contractions already, and that in my case, all i might need is a little nudge. i'm still freaked out of my mind. today i'm trying to take it easy a bit, got my friend to babysit my three year old, so i could r+r on the couch with project runway reruns and a glass or two of wine, after i had a couple of good cries this morning. 

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Odinsmommy0409, it sounds like you had a great appointment! What a relief to not have to worry about induction measures come Sunday. At this point, every extra day we have makes a huge difference since these babies can pretty much come any time. Hopefully those cx you've been having will pick up and you will be meeting your sweet baby very soon!




As for me, my appointment went perfectly today. It couldn't have gone better in fact. Thus far, my pregnancy has been textbook perfect including my measurements, weight gain, bloodwork, and blood pressure, and today looked just as well. So, my midwife said that we could actually wait until the end of next week before seeing the OB AND that we can wait a bit longer before we consider a natural induction at home. What an amazing relief!!! And, since my appointment, I've been having more moderate to significant regular contractions. I feel so much better emotionally, and I think eliminating the fear around seeing the OB before my boy is likely to pick his birth day has really allowed my body to open up. I'm so excited that I'll have more time (and time in which I think baby will come) to allow labor and birth to occur naturally at home. biggrinbounce.gif



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HumbleLuna, I am so sorry about your appointment! That sounds wretched. OdinsMommy had some great advice. Your body and baby DO know when the time is right--far better than a doctor who is worried about litigation! Try not to stress too much (I know that's easier said than done!) and just know that you're doing the very best you can and everything will unfold as it should :)


mrs sauce, I've been up with false labor contractions every night for the past few nights. It's getting exhausting! One night, they were coming every 8-10 minutes for about an hour and were intense enough for me to need to breath through them. But as soon as I got up and got myself a little snack, they became shorter, less intense and irregular and then fizzled out altogether. It's so frustrating to get my hopes up about "maybe this is it!" only to have them stop completely. 


Jmom713, CONGRATULATIONS!!! It sounds like you had a great birthing experience!


mrscookie, I'm 40+5 today, so I'm about one week behind you. I'm sorry about the induction nightmares :( Just curious though, why are they having you induced at 42 weeks? Is it just their protocol? I kind of agree with you as far as your concerns go with options 1, 2 and 3. I don't know anything about a cervical balloon, though. I had an induction with DD1 (@38 weeks) but I was very favorable with a fully effaced cervix that was 4cm dilated. With that said, I had pit for 6 hours straight with no progress. At that point, my OB broke my water, which REALLY got contractions going. I had HARD labor for three hours after that and then was fully dilated and ready to push. I did not get an epidural or have narcotics, and I have to say, the pit contractions were unimaginably painful and relentless after my water was broken. If I were to do that again, I think I would have opted for an epidural when I had had the chance. I hope you're feeling better after having had some time to relax this afternoon! That sounds heavenly. Maybe I'll convince DH to take our 3 year old out for a while tomorrow afternoon so I can lay around!



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mamashannon - 

i am with kaiser in redwood city, CA, an HMO. it generally has a pretty good reputation, because they are fairly low intervention, low CS rate, etc. they pretty much want to keep costs down and leave you alone if everything is uncomplicated. they have midwives and OBs providing care, and i've been with the midwives for most of my appointments. the midwife said that they don't want to go past 42 weeks, because there is an increase in fetal "demise", and that of the cases of fetal demise that she personally has seen, many were related to going past 42 weeks. now i'm reading up on the whole 42 week thing, and i'm not so convinced anymore. do i want to trust what they do and what she's saying based on her experience, or do i want to put my foot down and say, no, i'm not evicting this baby yet?!?

i wish she'd just come already. 

did some more reading on cytotec, and now i'm even more confused. i definitely don't want to have that kind of precipitous labor that some people experience. (2cm to born in an hour). 

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I was scared to death by going into the hospital yesterday( and the doctor telling my my baby needs to come asap) and am hoping and praying this baby will come soon. I am seeing midwives at and independent birth center and I guess my amniotic fluid level was just at the cut off, if it was one point lower I wouldn't be able to have my baby with them and I don't have a back up!!!So I am afraid to go back for testing again in case it is too low and i can birth with m midwives anymore. It was scary and negative. My midwives are so calm and reassuring, such an opposite kind of care.

good news is I have been having contractions for the past 3 hours, they are strong and pretty consistent. They are not painful yet and I am hoping they wont fizzle out overnight. Please let this be it.

I am 41weeks 5 days today.

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mrscookie, it sounds like the Kaiser you're going to is a good one. I'm with you though, it's concerning when an establishment sets a rule based on an arbitrary number, like "42 weeks," especially since 42 weeks can be very different for a lot of people. The homebirth MW I've been seeing has been practicing for 30 years and has never seen an infant or mother die. She regularly allows her clients to go to 42, 43 + (as long as vital signs, amniotic fluid, etc. are still good), so for her it's a case-by-case basis. But I totally know how you're feeling, it's like "come on already!" You know that going into spontaneous labor will make this issue go away, but seeing as though it's pretty much completely out of our control, it just leaves you so helpless. 


HumbleLuna, I sure hope your contractions picked up! Hope to hear an update from you soon!

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UpDate: had a baby! 12 hours from first inkling that these might be real contractions to baby out. Pushed just 24 minutes. Second degree tear, but of a bummer, but she was just 6lb 15oz despite showing other signs that she was in fact two weeks post EDD (mec, dry skin, long nails, lots of hair). I did have an epidural, but didn't need any pit. 



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Yay! Congrats on your little girl, mrscookie!

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UpDate: had a baby! 12 hours from first inkling that these might be real contractions to baby out. Pushed just 24 minutes. Second degree tear, but of a bummer, but she was just 6lb 15oz despite showing other signs that she was in fact two weeks post EDD (mec, dry skin, long nails, lots of hair). I did have an epidural, but didn't need any pit. 




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Congrats Mrs Cookie! Love her name! Hope you will post a picture!



I am still hanging in there 42 weeks pregnant today. Is it just you and me still waiting, OdinsMommy, or are there others?



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Super overdue over here too!! 43 weeks + 1 day. Baby looks fine from an ultrasound done at 42 weeks, they adjusted due date from Feb 12th to Feb 25th (so I guess I could be 41 weeks + 1 day) but hours of walking each day, sex everyday, breast pump, tons of raspberry leaf tea, squats, aromatherapy baths, a membrane sweep on Thursday from which I have been having show & losing mucus from every since and hiking today (seriously an hour+ of hiking) and still nothing - I don't think I have had a single contraction. It has been an emotional roller coaster! What are you guys doing to pass the time and keep your mind off of baby coming??? 

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What was so funny was that on Saturday (before my labor started in the evening) I decided to eat a bunch of pineapple since I had my son right after having pineapple. That was back when I took advice from babycenter... So I think she was just holding out for some pineapple. I ate about 1.5. Before I had tried lots of acupuncture, cohosh, borage oil, etc
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CONGRATULATIONS mrscookie!!! I'm so happy for you! Everything turned out just fine, YAY! Enjoy your sweet Stella London!

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