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"Fat Face" Pics!?

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Ladies, I am 18 weeks pregnant today -- thank you, thank you.  Can anyone explain why my face has tripled in its padding?!  shrug.gif I mean, I'm not planning on birthing from MY FACE! 


Seriously though, I have been trying to eat very well and exercise daily.  Rarely do I break a sweat, though, and I think that this has something to do with my extreme face-weight-gain.  Then again, I did a Google search and found that women often complain of something called "fat face" during pregnancy -- usually during the 3rd trimester. 


I thought that for those of us who need some emotional support as our faces gain weight (that sounds so silly!), we could post before and after pics of our faces?  I will get my pic up soon. 


Have other women already started experiencing this?

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Very likely it's swelling not actual fat/padding... especially since you aren't breaking a sweat. A way to help it, increase your water and sodium intake.

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I wish I could blame my fat face on pregnancy...

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Originally Posted by BigMamaBear View Post

I wish I could blame my fat face on pregnancy...

sad to say, this was my first thought about mine... mine's actually gotten LESS fat this pregnancy, but I think that's due to the hyperemesis first trimester.

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One of my friends, after finding out about my pregnancy, told me that he could tell because my face is fatter. Geez.

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Well, I went crazy and blogged about "fat face," including lots of pics up until week 18.  Feel free to peruse.  We may as well make the best of it! 


Find me at: http://number2-7.blogspot.com/2012/02/week-18-fat-face.html#more


(I think you have to scan all the way  up to the top to see my pics.  The link shoots you somewhere to the middle of the page, for some reason.)


My guess is that my face will continue to get "fat" as we go.  But, that's ok.  It seems really worth it, and it's a great lesson in vanity.

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Originally Posted by sjdragonfly View Post

One of my friends, after finding out about my pregnancy, told me that he could tell because my face is fatter. Geez.

Really, a little fattening up should be considered a great thing.  Our bodies are so adept at change.  It astounds my husband. Or, maybe that's just his way of saying that he's shocked how any single body can gain so much weight so quickly!? whistling.gif

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I'm okay with it, I just found that an odd thing to say, especially because I don't really feel like my face has gotten that much fatter so far. 


I'm actually pretty excited about my body changing shape. I'm curious if my nose will widen. I've seen a few women whose noses get huge when they're pregnant!

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I always feel like mine is more gradual. Then when I look back at photos, I think - wow! My face was really fat. But really, all of me gets pretty fat when I am pregnant. The last two pregnancies I have gained 50lbs and 60lbs.
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2824_185222875006_504625006_6557854_4582385_n.jpgThe photograph on the right is from my pregnancy with dd, just because my fat face hasn't gone quite that extreme yet, but I get it bad, especially in my nose!!!!!!!!!! The photograph on the left is me not pregnant with my normal face! 

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And I'll post one more of me right after the birth of my daughter in the hospital. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE THAT I USUALLY HIDE, BUT PERHAPS IT'LL MAKE SOMEONE FEEL BETTER! orngtongue.gif Check out that double chin! Sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxy! I was one of those people that blew up like a balloon everywhere. I even got stretchmarks on the back of my legs from swelling. In a month after birth it was gone, which makes me an even bigger advocate of breastfeeding than I already am! winky.gif



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I honestly have never thought about it, but since its been mentioned here, yes, there is something to the "fat face" of pregnancy.  When my very good friend was expecting last year and finally told me about it, I said "oh yea, I could see you get a bit rounder :)", and she replied "I actually haven't gained any weight yet". Fat face? lol


it doesn't bother me honestly.  Our bodies change so much that there's no point sweating over these things. I did have trouble seeing my usually pretty slim waist turn thick and very ungraceful (before the bump made its definite appearance).  I guess we all have our vanities,orngtongue.gif

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Has anyone experienced the "mask of pregnancy?"  It seems that I am attacked by fat face, but that the "mask" has left me alone. 


Every single day, I am excited to see these changes!  What an exciting time!

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I don't get pregnancy mask, I'm not really in the highest "at risk" category (ladies with brownish skin tones... so my DD1 will likely be at risk as she has gorgeous tan skin)

I do get the linea negra though... though not as dark as SOME women get!

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I have already noticed a few areas darkening a bit near my eyes. It's not really a mask per se. I have a lot of freckles, so probably no one will notice if it stays in those areas. I'm hoping I don't get the mask, though. 

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Im 18 weeks as well and i just had my hubby take a pic of me and our kids the other day and thought on the camera it looked like a good picture, then i saw it on my computer, blwon up and i have fat face already :( i was too sad to even think about posting it. meeeh.  i wouldent care if my body got huge so long as my face didnt, but sadly, my face gets big EVERY time, booo.

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Originally Posted by MaerynPearl View Post

I do get the linea negra though... though not as dark as SOME women get!

Two days ago I woke up to a very dark linea negra.  Pics to come!  It's very exciting!

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Well this thread invaded my dreams last night.  Had a dream that my face swelled to a size that made me look morbidly obese.  Thanks ladies.


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i was lean pre preg. now i am 18 weeks, and not. not anywhere. legs are stumps and face is fat. 

essentially, i look like i have the Nutty Professor make up on. it is not awesome.

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Here is a sense of my "fat face" progression so far:


217.jpgWeek 19 face.jpg


First picture is right before I got preggers.  Second picture is at 20 weeks.  It's crazy!   Hoping to triple my face size again in the next 20 weeks!

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