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Need help with rear facing in mazda5

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Hi. I need some help here. We just bought a 2007 Mazda5. We have a 4 year old in a Nautilus and a rear facing almost 2 year old (about 25lb). We need the drivers seat to be all the way back and my husband likes it to be a bit reclined. The seats we have available are an older Radian which rear faces to 30lb and a newish scenera (rf to 35lb). I installed the scenera using the latch and one noodle and it is rock solid. It's not at 45% though and I'm confused about whether that's OK or not. The drivers seat is not touching the scenera but only has about 5mm to spare. Is that OK?
I know I could get the angle adjuster and use the radian but I only have 5lb to play with and as we're in Canada, I don't even know if I could get it here. Does anyone know if it works out in a mazda5?
I could put the rear facing child behind the passenger but my 4 year old can't stop putting his feet on the seat and I think that would by so annoying for the driver that it would actually be dangerous. 
Here's a picture. After I took it I discovered I could recline the seat more without it technically touching. 
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Eh... I think that passanger seat can go back further.   Or you can put down the bucket seat and use one of the back seats.  You'd be pulling the kid out from the rear though.  Seriously I've done it.  I fit three carseats in mine.  Took me an hour to get them in right and safely. 


Otherwise I think it looks fine but I can only tell so much from the picture.

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Dorel technically requires that their seats be a full 45 degrees reclined, but also says they pass testing at 30.  Do with that what you will. LOL


The Angle Adjuster is fine for Canada and 5 lbs could be another year of growth if that's a route you want to pursue.  

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For a two year old as upright as 30 degrees is fine.  It's actually safer for older rfing children to be more upright, the 45 degree thing is just so newborns don't have their airways obstructed.

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The angle adjuster works really well in the 5 (even lets you put a RFing Radian in the third row!).  I'd go that route just because I don't care for the Scenera at all.  If you don't mind it, your current set up is fine.

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(Oh, alternatively, I'd just train your four year old to keep his feet down.   The danger from having them up against the seat is pretty minimal.)

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