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Feeling pretty accomplished right now

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I just needed a place to post this where people understand how much work this all is. :)


I have 3 girls, the youngest two have eosinophilic esophagitis and cannot have dairy, soy, egg, wheat, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shell fish, beef....then one is most legume free, the other is trialing corn right now and will be scoped soon to see if we pass.


Anyway, they are little and unable to police themselves well.  I do the meal planning and shopping and everything.  DH and grandparents are learning and are pretty good, but not confident to not feed the wrong thing and end up with a child in pain and vomiting.


We are having baby 4 in 10 weeks or so and I am MORTIFIED to leave them for a day or two with grandparents and the food situation, as well as how to keep them fed safely after baby comes when people are wanting to bring things and cook for us.  We are having a hospital birth due a lack of midwife presence here, but have been in and out in 36 hours beginning to end the last 3 times, and grandparents are awesome and will come cosleep with our littles.


So after two weeks of prep, I now have frozen:

Frozen Food List:

2 mini loaf trays of regular turkey spaghetti sauce (family serving, SAFE)

2x – 6 pks of chicken muffin meatloaves (SAFE)

1 x turkey meatloaf (SAFE)

2x – 2 servings of frozen shredder taco chicken (SAFE)

8 stuffed peppers (2 NOT SAFE and 6 SAFE)

1 mini tin of pepper stuffing (For girls, 2 servings, SAFE)

1 family sized crock pot meal of chicken/sausage jambolaya (SAFE)

2x containers of chili (SAFE but HOT)

1 family sized batch of turkey meatballs with Italian sauce (SAFE)

2x turkey meat loaves (NOT SAFE)

1 x chicken caccatore (family sized – SAFE)

1 small batch turkey enchiladas (NOT SAFE)

1 small batch turkey enchiladas (SAFE but SPICY)

2 containers of chicken taco soup (SAFE)

1 batch turkey enchiladas (UNSAFE)

1 batch turkey enchiladas (SAFE)

2 mini tins, one full family batch, of spaghetti sauce with turkey (SAFE)

2 mini tins, one full family batch, of turkey sloppy joe (SAFE)

2 containers of ham and beans (SAFE)

1 tray of plain turkey meatballs (SAFE)

4 pieces of corn bread (SAFE)

Brownies (SAFE)

Pumpkin and chocolate chip oatmeal muffins (SAFE)

Chocolate chip cookies (SAFE)

Spiced cookie dough for baking (SAFE)


I also made a list of the top 20 things I buy for them at the store that are safe (cereals, milks, meats, etc) and a list of the handful of things they can eat at various food establishments in town that I know are safe.


And we have an emergency pack of non parishible snacks in a bag in case we have to run quick and need to drop them somewhere, we know we have a bag of safe food.


Anyway, I feel like I have climbed a mountain and can relax and have a baby without the other kids getting sick.  And grandparents are glad I have idiot proofed it. :)


Just need to brag to a group that understands the stress of feeding allergic kids!!! Thanks for letting me. :)

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Impressive! I don't think I could do that not pregnant!  That's a ton of food!  

Brag away!!!

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Thanks. :)  I have just been cooking double of the easy things when I make something, and freezing half. 

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What kind of oats do you use?  I haven't found a GF and nut safe brand.  And a recipe for the pumpkin muffins would be great ;) 


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We use Bobs Red Mil Gluten Free Oatsl and haven't had any issues. There is also a site called www.glutenfeeeoats.com.  I will post the recipe tomorrow! I got it from the Sophie Safe Cook Book which is a must have for anyone top 8 free. Cheap, written by a mama and everything is really good.

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Wow!!!!!  That is awesome!  Way to go!

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Cool. I'l have to look at GFO site.  Bob's told me all GF are processed on nut lines while is out of my comfort zone.  Lots of people have had issues with the GF stuff from them too. Glad you haven't!

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