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anyone use a britax roundabout for a newborn?

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I have a roundabout and now a marathon. Dd is currently still using both as she has not grown out of the roundabout yet and we needed one in each car. I am spoiled by britax as I firmly believe that these are the best car seats available.

Problem...with dd I used an evenflo infant carrier carseat that came with the travel system stroller that we recieved as a gift. I hated lugging this thing around!! After a few weeks of this I finally realized that babies don't have to stay in the seat when we go into places (grocery store etc...) and I just took her out and carried her in the sling. Now, this car seat is about 5 years old and I no longer have the stroller. I don't want to spend the money on another travel system. Also, I am sure that I would never be satisfied with the seat as far as my perception of safety as I now have experienced britax seats.

So, has anyone ever used the britax roundabout for an infant? it does recline and tether in the rear facing position. The weight limit is 5 to 40 lbs. I bought a snuggly car seat insert on sale a few weeks ago. I wonder if the roundabout will just swallow a newborn even with the insert? Any shared experiences are appreciated!

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I used our britax RA for my son from birth. It was big, but he fit snugly and I felt a lot safer with him in that than a bucket. The straps fit fine, and while he looked tiny, he was safe.


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We used it from birth, and are still using it at 2.5 years.
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I started using the RA with my DS when he was 2-1/2 months old. In my opinion, it doesn't offer enough support for a newborn's head and neck. No matter which inserts I used or how I tried to keep his head in a semi-upright position, it was always flopping around. The lack of head control/head support concerned me.
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We didn't use one with ds, but they do seem far superior, so we're planning on getting one for the baby and using it from birth. I'm eager to read the responses. I'm debating getting a second one for ds, but am I nuts? He's 3 and seems quite secure in the Cosco Omega we have, which fits quite well in the car (and will be even better when we get the carseat restraints anchorages installed this Friday (just traded the Honda Civic for a used wagon).
Would I be nuts to get one for ds now?
(sorry to ask this on your thread gigi, seemed related tho, I can delete and move if you want.)
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Love, love, love my RA. Used it with dd #2 from birth and with an insert had no head-lolling problems at all. DD#1 had the Cosco Alpha-Omega, which is now in dh's car for dd#1, but even though it is as easy for me to get it as snug as the RA, I don't like it nearly as well. For one thing, the straps twist all the time.

dalai mama, the Britax Marathon would be a good choice if you still want to keep your 3-yr-old in a 5-pt restraint. The weight capacity is considerably higher than the RA. My friend bought one for her 3-yr-old ds and they really love it. My 5-yr-old has the Britax booster and we love that as well; the head supports for when she naps are awesome.
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Thanks for the replies

Dalai mama--of course I don't mind your post!! I agree with the op that the marathon would be a better choice. We just bought this for my dd at 4 years old. It is a convertible car seat with the awesome britax 5 point harness that goes up to 65 lbs!! The roundabout only goes to 40lbs. If the marathon had been available when I bought the roundabout 3 1/2 years ago I would have bought it instead just because it would last longer. However, I love the roundabout too, and am glad to hear that others have liked it just as well with a newborn

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What newborn head support insert did you use with the Roundabout?

It sounds like the Britax Roundabout is the best way to go, but I need to know what moms used as inserts to help the head. ?? What we used didn't work for dd. I helped her by holding her head.

I posted this on the main site not knowing this thread was here. I'll paste it here:

"I'm wondering if everybody has a car seat. ?? We bought a Britax Roundabout for dd in '99 b/c I heard it was the one they use in Europe... and they drive so fast there...

But, when she was tiny (8 lbs.), I remember riding beside her & holding up her head even though we bought little wing things for the straps & a little neck pillow/brace thing. While I loved knowing it was a safe seat, I didn't feel like it was the most comfy for a tiny baby. I wish she could have been lying down in a natural position--one that's could for digestion & the spine, etc. I just had an overall bad feeling about carseats with dd--esp. when she was a baby. As a toddler, on the other hand... I felt that it was safer for the driver for her to buckled instead perusing around & distracting, etc... So, I want something safe & sturdy but also comfy. Any advice? (I don't plann to carry around the car seat/ attach to a stoller, etc. so that's not a consideration/isssue in deciding... b/c I prefer the old fashioned carrying in the arms or sling.)"
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I just bought the newborn inserts at Babies R Us. It was basically a double insert, with a smaller newborn head cradle inside of a larger one. My dd was less than 7 lbs at birth and this worked really well for us.
Here's what we used: This is a really long addy so you may have to retype it.
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We did.
Ds was almost 10# and we never had a worry.

btw: I THINK you're not supposed to use inserts. At least, that's what I heard at a baby fair a few years ago; ie. car safety people say they're not approved.
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I've read car seat safety people advocate against ANY add on item, as it is one more thing that could potentially come off in an accident and compromise baby's safety. I guess it kind of makes sense, but I'm not totally convinced, so I will probaby get one, unless someone can weigh in iwth some more details on why not (in leiu of trusting my pregnant brain :LOL ). Sorry for the run on sentence. . .
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I, too, think I'll go ahead and get the britax roundabout and add the infant inserts (Thank you for the link!!) for the newborn.

Like sharonal, I'm concerned about a flopping head--in case I'm driving & can't ride beside the little one to hold up the head.

IF that doesn't work, I'll get some other seat until the baby can hold up the head
(That really doesn't take long. And, I hope we're not in the car very much with a newborn. I'd like to relax here for the 40 days that's prescribed in other cultures.)
& move over to the Roundabout at that time.
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ordered 2nd britax roundabout

I went ahead & ordered the Britax Roundabout today @ www.babyage.com and it was $181.94. I looked at www.froogle.com and on www.ebay.com and it was the best deal I could find (with shipping).

I feel better now that I have this taken care of. Hope you are finding good deals!
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