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Concord Women's Care (NH)

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I'm really struggling to find an OB that I'll be comfortable with after having gone the midwife route with my last pregnancy. Can anyone tell me about Concord Women's Care (Drs. Walsh, Mitchell and Chaudhari)?


Thanks so much!

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Dr.Chaudhari is the Doctor that would not treat me after my home birth. If you don't mind traveling to Bedford Dr.Kinsler with DHMC is amazing! She was one of the doctors that saved my life. She is kind, caring and very natural birth friendly. She delivers at CMC. Good Luck!

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dr chaudari is the back up dr for my midwife (if you risk out or need further care or whatever), so not sure why he'd refuse to treat someone after..very odd. he attended my first son's birth, was the on-call that night. i had never met him before. he completely respected our birth plan, which requested quiet, dark, and pretty hands-off care. he sat in the rocking chair for a good portion of the delivery and coached my dh thru the catching for the most part (which is what we'd requested). i was very happy with him!

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Happy to know the Concord Midwifes work hand in hand with Dr.Chaudhari now. That would have been extremely helpful a few years back. Dr.Walsh delivered a friends girls and she loved him. Did you check out the DHMC Midwifes in Concord?

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