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Need a response...

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This other mother that I know is constantly telling me,


"You have to understand that when you choose not to vaccinate your children you are relying on EVERYONE else to keep your kid from being sick because they ARE vaccinated."


Every time she says this I get really angry.


What would you say?

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I would say "No, I'm not.  I'm relying on a healthy immune system to help him not get sick, and if he does get sick, I trust that his healthy immune system will help him recover."


What illnesses, exactly, does she think he is at risk for?  Most vaccine-preventable diseases used to be relatively mild and common childhood illnesses.


Or just don't engage with her.  Just say that you need to agree to disagree and don't bring it up again.

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You could remind her that vaccine immunity does not last a lifetime, so many adults are still able to spread illnesses. Until every single person is fully vaccinated and has all available boosters, then she cannot expect herd immunity from vaccines to protect her children. She should consider these adults to be just as dangerous as the little unvaccinated children. (this is why there is a growing campaign to vaccinate all people--infants through adults.)




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I just say, "that would only be true if I believed in herd immunity.  And I don't."


It shuts people up when I say it.  They're usually not educated enough to get into a debate with me, so they walk away muttering that I'm crazy.  whistling.gif

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I say - "we are relying on DS's immune system to work the way it was intended to do so and some how my relatives immune systems (who did not have vaccines) have also worked the same way, we trace out family back several generations- do you?"

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I usually ask if they are up to date on their immunizations and how recently their last booster shots were.  Unless they work in a healthcare field where boosters are mandated, odds are miniscule that they even realized boosters were necessary, let alone actually got them.




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I would tell them I did not ask them to vax for me - and I won't have them put it on me.


They vaxed because they thought the benefits outweighed the risks.  I did not.  End of story.


In the context of the online world, I would not debate pro-vaxers or encourage new parents to thoroughly explore their options  if I thought non-vaccinators were riding on vaxxers coat tails and wanted to keep the vax rate high.  I would keep my mouth shut.





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I would say "oh really, what herd are you depending upon to keep you from getting sick?" since chances are they have not had their vaccines (convenient time to indicate all the vaccines for which they are likely due).


That or I just say ~ I do not believe in herd immunity. If they continue to press I invite them to read up before discussing further so we can have an educated discussion regarding vaccines. Most of what people string together into conversation regarding vaccines is from hot topic media stories about how the Typhoid Marys of the world are making everyone get sick.

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