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Getting Help

Thanks for all the imput ladies... it has helped clarify matters alot! Jerome has stepped up to the bat, regarding car seats (As well as slings, diaper bags and reference books) So, that helps alot! It turns out the Burlington Coat Factory 5 minutes from our apartment stocks Britax.... as well as lots of other car seats. So, we are gonna go in person to look at them soon.

We worked on our registry together last night for about 3 hours. He picked out a sling and diaper bag that have his name written all over them... te hee Check them out! Zippers, pockets.. a rugged 'manly" look! http://www.ebags.com/baby_sherpa/bab...?modelid=17222

Now, we just have to wait and see what people actually get us!

Anna Banana
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Ooh, I like that baby sherpa backpack! Jo's been looking for a non-froo-froo baby bag that also isn't too huge. Maybe she'd like that one! Price is steep though! Phew!
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That is a nice backpack. I was able to get a Lands End diaper backpack on clearance right before Jack was born. I wanted to get a backpack that didn't look to "froo-froo" for David. It's all black, and I had our last name monogramed on it. Figured one of the kids could use it as a regular backpack later.

Jen- Land's End has a newer backpack now, it's about $40. The padded shoulder straps are awesome. Maybe Jo would like it?
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Another gear question:

I received an umbrella stroller for my shower and I'm wondering if I should keep it or not. I know we'll primarily use a jogger when we're out and about on walks/runs and other times I'll be slinging baby. I thought I could keep the umbrella stroller in the car in case we need it, but I can't think of when we would need it. Any thoughts/experiences?
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I got a hand-me-down stroller a while ago and I plan to keep it in the car for 'just in case'. I have heard it's handy to have. Maybe if you are not sure of it and can return it for the money to buy something else you need more then you can just get a second-hand one sometime if you think you really want one. Even new they are so cheap.
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