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parent study group nj

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Parent education is very important to Waldorf education. Waldorf teachers encourage parents to learn as much as they can about Waldorf, Rudolf Steiner, and Anthroposophy. Familiarizing yourself with Steiner's writings will help you better understand your child’s education as well as “bring home” aspects of the approach that you like.

Here is an overview of the proposed Early Childhood study group.

GOAL: To embark on an 11 stop journey during which we hope to come to a better understanding of how Waldorf education works and how our children are growing. For parents, the group will become both a source of support and intelligence for better raising our children.

TIME: The group will meet once a month starting in June.

CONTENT: The study group will begin looking at three lectures by Rudolf Steiner on the foundation of the first Waldorf School and then proceed to 1-3 books tbd that deal specifically with the age our children are passing through (and ahead). The 3 lectures can be found in the book: "What is Waldorf Education: Three Lectures by Rudolph Steiner". You may be able to find them for free online or at amazon.com.

Each 1 hour group session will be comprised of:
Review of selected reading by one parent and questions (one parent will be asked to volunteer a review each time and each parent is asked to bring a question each time). For the first session, please attend having read the first lecture.

LOCATION: Meeting places and times are TBD

We are looking into running a Sunday Child and Parent class in addtion.
Please let me know if you have any interest in either..
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I am interested.  Where in NJ are you located?  I am in Monmouth County.

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Morris County.
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If anyone is looking to save money on books for school, I would recommend that you rent textbooks. They are so incredibly, and unfairly, expensive that it adds such a huge burden to an already expensive education. It is also possible to sell textbooks that you are no longer using, too.

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Is this still going on? Where in Morris county?

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