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How is everyone feeling??

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I was just wondering how you all have been feeling? Has morning sickness kicked in?  Headaches? Extreme Hunger? 


I'm feeling strangely normal, which I guess isn't too big of a surprise considering I'm only 4w pregnant!  With my last pregnancy I started feeling like crap around 5w.  I'm kinda looking forward to that.  Reminds me that the little bean is still there and growing strong!!

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Sore, swollen boobs, post-coital spotting, feeling snacky but food tastes blah. No nausea yet. I'm 5 weeks 3 days today.

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I started in with the MS this weekend!!! I hope this time I'm not sleeping 16 hours a day, cause that really puts a kink in getting anything done...


Icy~ Sending slight cravinging and very light MS your way, cause I know how you feel!!


I'd be ok if I felt normal, but it helps remind me that I need to be extra healthy!  When I feel like hurling everywhere, I drink my water and have a healthy snack!

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I'm just past the 5 week mark and feeling nothing but some uterus stretching.  I swear I have a little pouchy tummy already too.  I'm hoping that I don't have the food aversions that I had last time.

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Am 6  weeks today.  Was very lethargic and queasy yesterday morning and early afternoon, but was energized enough to go to gym and work out for 1 1/2 hours last evening.  Today, haven't felt queasy at all or even very tired.  Course, that freaks me out b/c I think bad things...like something's going wrong.  But maybe my symptoms will be back tomorrow!

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Last night my boobs got sore and even more so today!  How crazy since I wasn't sore there with my last three pregnancies.  First was the worst. Ugh! I don't mind though and actually it's great to be having pregnancy symptoms. I have had morning sickness with this babe, too, and I have never had ms before. Strange.  Thankfully, I can control the ms by eating reg., small meals, and taking digestive enzyme and staying away from fatty foods and other triggers. I'm more tired and I'm taking it easy and getting as much rest as I can and that is keeping me feeling pretty good. Last night we stayed up late with friends and made me realize how much better I feel when I get to bed early.  Thankfully, I was still up before the kids and not dragging too much!

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ow ow ow ow


I'm pretty tired too... but I've been doin' alright if I get a little nap in with my 2 year old

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Im feeling downright yucky.. I don't know if its morning sickness or Im catching the stomach bug my son has. As much as Id love to say its a stomach bug Ive had slight to severe morning sickness with every one of my pregnancies except those I miscarried. So its a good sign but its going to make moving a bear.. I have 4 shipments of our household items (2 from Japan, 1 was a storage unit the military set up for us before we went to Japan almost 5 years ago and the last is our things from Florida) coming as soon as we find a house that I will have to unpack. Other than that Ive had really bad headaches the last few days but again I don't know if its from taking care of a sick baby or if its because of the pregnancy.

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So, so tired!! Very mild nausea on occasion, but oh, so tired all the time!


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Tired here, too. ((yawn)) My last pregnancy was almost 5 years ago, so I'm forgetting what I felt like in the beginning, but the food aversions are definitely present this time. And vary day to day. The sauerkraut I was wild about yesterday? Well, I just got queasy typing that word today. Fruit seems to still be a winner. As long as it is really cold.

I am so happy to be having symptoms, though, I'll take it, you know?

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haha! I read sauerkraut, and I got hungry!! Mmm... schnitzel.

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and I'm FREEZING!!!!! cold.gif  Right now I'm wearing socks (which as a rule I hate and don't do!), long sleeve shirt, short sleeve, Sherpa sweatshirt, two blankets, and two dogs snuggled up next to me and I'm still almost shaking I'm so cold!!  Note to self... Never EVER get PG in the winter again!!!



I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing ok and not feeling horrid!!!! 

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mostly normal here so far.  Sore boobs though, esp. while nursing.  Any other nursing mamas?  DS is 2 1/2, and nurses about 3-4 times a day.  I think I'd be happy if he weaned during this pregnancy, I'm not sure I really want to tandem.  And I was super sleepy the last couple of days.  It's going to be tough to get my homework done when all I want to do is sleep.  I'm supposed to graduate this semester, but I've got a fair bit of work ahead of me before I do.

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Esma.... I know, right? Why are we cold? I thought our we were supposed to feel warmer, not the other way around. I get hot flashes occasionally, but I'm mostly freeeeeezing!

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I'm 6 weeks and I've been feeling pretty...ugh...for lack of better words...My boobs hurt, nausea, headaches (I have migraines with or without pg but I think now they are worse)  and I've also been cold. It's been almost 5 years since I've been through all this PG stuff too but I don't ever remember feeling this icky! Almost feels like I have the flu at times...almost makes me want to stay in bed all day. Can't wait til all this passes so I can enjoy being pg :) 

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I'm only 3w2d (9dpo) so I feel basically normal still. I haven't really noticed any symptoms yet although earlier I did almost gag when washing old milk out of a sippy cup. That was one thing that bothered me during my last pregnancy, too. That, and poopy diapers, would nearly send me to the toilet every time. But no headaches, no boob/nipple pain... I guess maybe a little bit more tired and emotional than usual. I do have thick mucus on the TP. Had that with the last pregnancy too. And very early RL pain. Kind of excited for symptoms to kick in! Am I crazy?

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Almost 5 weeks and mild morning sickness has started ... will keep you all updated!

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6w5d here, had some red on the TP this afternoon.  Trying to keep calm and not stress out (though we're approaching the time of my loss in September), but it's hard.

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I was thinking about you today Red Sonja, crossing my fingers for a sticky babe!

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