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Denver area chiropractor?

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Does anyone have a suggestion for a chiropractor in or near Denver that has experience with prenatal care?  I looked at a list of Webster certified ones, but none of them have any reviews that I can find.  Is there any other certification I should be looking for?

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I see Mark Wolf at green mountain Chiropractic in Lakwood.  He saw me through my previous pregnancy and I am seeing him once again.  He does acupuncture if you need it and has massage theripsts on staff if you need them.  Insurance is accepted.   He will be out of town until  2/20 I think it is.  He has a large number of prenatal patients.  


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You can search for a Webster Technique certified chiropractor from this website:  http://icpa4kids.com/about/webster_technique.htm


That's what I did and I found a great one (though she's in Loveland) who helped me very much throughout my pregnancy.  I had a fast, totally natural birth.


Good luck!

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Washington Park Chiropractic Care came highly recommended by my doula, but didn't accept my insurance. I went with Corrie Pillon http://www.drcorriepillon.com/ She specializes in women's health, including prenatal.

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