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Please help! Where can I find these beds?

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My little girl's birthday is coming up in the end of the month and while I'm glad she already found the perfect gift, it also troubles me. The problem is he found a type of beds that are supposed to be popular in the UK, but not so much here in the States:


I did found a few of them on Amazon, but would like more options.

Please help

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My daughters have a loft bed. The top bed is about chest high to me. There are stairs going up to it (rather than a ladder). The stairs are drawers. The bottom could have had a set of drawers and/or bookcases or another bed. The lower bed is just barely off the ground and on casters. We keep it perpendicular to the top bed and a little bit underneath it. 


Ours is not nearly as fancy as the one in your link. It is MDF with a wood look veneer. I had not seen anything like it until my mom saw it in an add. In Googling just now I can't find one quite like it (not even on the website for the store where we bought it) but it seems that many furniture stores have them. Searching for "loft bed" seems to work. There are some really cute ones including ones with slides!

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This site seems to have them but they are $$$.  http://www.luxurylamb.com/sub/childrens_furniture/childrens_beds/theme_beds_1.html It might be cheaper to get a local carpenter to build something like that.

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These really are pricy :/

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I'm thinking get a plain wood loft and get a sheet of plywood cut into a house shape with a window (maybe by a local handyman/carpenter if you don't have the right wood cutting tools). Then pretty it up with some wood trim and paint and bolt it on.



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Wow. Those are crazy expensive. Ours was around $650 which isn't bad considering it was two beds and a chest of drawers. The "house" underneath = priceless. 


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Masel, I know these cost more, but I guess they are worth it. The space you mention will come extra handy, because my daughter has a smaller room, so every inch counts :)

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I would also caution not to get anything too youthful and remember that a teenager will be sleeping in that bed in a few years. I LOVED the first bed in the link above and thought it would be OK for my girly girl. But at 8, she thought about it and decided she wouldn't want it when she got older. 


We got this instead and we love it. 




The panels change color and I figure we can put something funky in there (fabric, wall paper, paint) when she gets older. 


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Eileen, did you get it in the store you linked to, or were you able to find it cheaper somewhere else?

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I got mine at Ashley furniture. They aren't carrying it anymore, but linens n things had the low bunk and I've seen the furniture a few places.
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