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Feb 6 Weekly Chat

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Hey all, how's everyone doing this week? 


I had my first official appointment with my new doc and I love her so much.  We heard the baby's heart beat for the first time ever (my tipped uterus didn't let me hear it before) and I measured at 15cm for fundal height (I don't really know what that measurement means, if anything... she said it doesn't matter until week 20 anyway).  We talked a little about birth plans and I got her ok to do without the saline lock at the beginning, which I was getting tons of pressure from various people to do, so I'm really psyched she didn't think it was a big deal.  She also said I could sleep on my back with impunity until I couldn't anymore (she said you feel it when you can't do it, so it's not like a magical date or something), which was really reassuring. 


Other than that, I'm having raging headaches and a horrible skin infection on my calf from my razor (WTF?) but am generally energetic and eating ok in the early part of the day.  Sleeping is hit and miss, but I'm super lucky I can sleep in if I need to.


What about everyone else?  Fun doc appointments?  Weird symptoms?  Exciting changes from last week?

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Hi LilyTiger (and everyone else)! Thanks for starting this thread. Great that your appointment went well and all those measurements sound great! Um, I don't even know what a saline lock is. I guess I need to read birthing books; I've been trying to get my info overload under control.


I've been having headaches too, and after a week of calmer skin and clearing up my chest (thank goodness!) my face is back to hellish acne. I give up, as I've said before. I hope your rash gets better. Did you lubricate well when shaving? I think our skin in general is more sensitive these days. My breasts are still sensitive


I've been a bit more tired lately, after a few weeks of increased energy. I get up once a night to pee (and feed cat since she comes bounding up to beg when I get out of bed), but otherwise have been sleeping well, between 8-9hrs. The problem is that I am having knee and hip pain on the left side, but it seems to be subsiding since we bought a memory foam mattress topper and I've tried to keep the space between my legs more even. I start feeling it around the time I get out of bed, so it doesn't keep me up yet.


I've definitely returned to feeling more famished in general. Happily, I am craving more fruits and salad and only little bouts of random, slight nausea that are totally manageable. 


I have an appointment next Tues and we are scheduled to hear the heartbeat and, I think, have an u/s. I hope it's a good visit. I am happy to be in week 13, it's definitely a good number for dh and me for a number of reasons.

Hope the week has started well for everyone!

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oh lilytiger  I am so happy to hear you like your new doc!! Thats so awesome. Sorry to hear about the skin infection, I stopped shaving a few months ago (in the winter its so cold here no one ever sees my legs any way) and andaluza congrats on making it to 13th week! If I remember right this is the time when a lot of stuff goes away (m/s etc).


As for me, no real news- I am still sick with this cold. I am going on day 9. Its like a super bug. .. Its been especially hard because I am so congested and ill feeling I haven't been able to exercise, so I've been feeling really depressed. Tomorrow I have a big meeting with the dean here to negotiate a contract/position but not sure I even want it at this point-- although the stability and income would be really nice this time next year- right now it just feels overwhelming. . . I am going into 14week but still SUPER exhausted, if I could I would sleep 12 hours every night.. my toddler wont allow for it however :(

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I'm 14 weeks today, so good-bye first trimester and hello second! energy.gifI'm really hoping that more of the fatigue starts to fade. I had a great second trimester last time. Of course, last time I didn't have an energetic toddler who was giving up naps way too early...

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I'm 14 weeks today, so good-bye first trimester and hello second!



yah for second trimester! I didnt realize the first was already over for some of us-- where'd it go.. what happened? :)  This morning I looked in the mirror and thought 'oh my, I already look pregnant' then had to remind myself I was 14 weeks.. :)



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Yeah, I still don't think I'm really showing, I think I just look fat-- but I don't have the ability to suck in my stomach anymore, so I guess something's happening!

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LilyTiger - That's awesome that you have a doctor you love. Finding the right one can be frustrating, but it's always such a relief when you have a good fit!


Andaluza - A saline lock is just the needle end of an IV that stays in your arm. They put it in so that it's already in place in case you need fluids or something.


I'm glad you're starting to feel better. I felt better for a while as well, but I was nauseous again this weekend and had a headache last night. I can't wait until we're "safely" in the 2nd trimester. I'm sick of feeling sick. :)


Aimee - I totally feel you on the lack of naps. My son has been taking naps every other day or so and I need them every day. The upside is that he goes to bed early when he doesn't nap (early for him is 7:30 - 8:00). When he naps, he's up past 10 and I'm generally way too tired to do anything productive with him. I usually have to pawn him off onto my partner. Sheepish.gif


I've been having some random bursts of energy and hunger, but nothing constant. Today, I'm just exhausted. I decided to take my son by myself for a little trip this weekend and neither of us slept very well. We had a lot of fun, though; we stayed in a hotel with a waterpark and hung outside for a while. It was in the 40s, so we totally took advantage of the warmth (I know that's not warm for some of you, but 40s and sunny is a freaking blessing here). 


I'm planning to go to yoga tonight, so hopefully that will make me feel better!

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Yeah, on no-nap days Cecilia goes to bed around 8 and sleeps for 12 hours, so I can't really complain (even if I could use a nap so desperately).

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God, I wish my son slept for 12 hours on no-nap days. He tends to get up way earlier when he goes to bed early - like 6:30 am. :-( I feel like he has to be so deprived on sleep, but maybe he doesn't need as much sleep anymore? 

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Yeah, she only sleeps that well when she doesn't nap. When she does nap, she sleeps about 8 hours. If she goes to bed at 8 on a regular napping day, she's up by like 4 am! So on those days she doesn't go to bed until 10 or later. No nap days are nice to have the 8-8 or 9-9 block.

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Oh, yeah, naps screw us up here too.  Unless we're talking about a little snooze in the car or something.  If she takes a full hour/hour and a half nap anytime after 2, she's up until eleven or midnight and up at 7:30 or 8 and I can't handle that anymore.  Sometimes she wants to nap, I can tell, but I know it's better for all of us if she goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 pm, because then she'll sleep her full 12 hours.

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Hello everyone - glad to see some of us are starting the second trimester and doing well!


I had my first long walk in weeks today and it was a mild day and sunny and it felt so damn good! I have really fallen off the exercise wagon with the vomiting and fatigue and I know that I will need to get more active again to get my energy back. Baby steps ...


My daughter has been sleeping well and, reading your posts made me appreciate it. She has finally gotten into a good rhythm with her sleep and it is such a relief (she was an hourly waker as a young tot). I am committed to not taking uninterrupted sleep for granted since I know my days are numbered. I am also grateful that working from home allows me to sleep a bit each afternoon. It's a real privelege and I am feeling thankful for it today.


I am waiting for a call from the "old moms' ward" (for 35+) to book my NT scan. I'm actually really excited for the ultrasound, but also, of course, terrified there will be something wrong. I really don't want to go down the road of invasive testing (CVS, Amnio) but at my age, if something looks weird on the NT scan they push for more. yuck to think about.

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Originally Posted by Lily Tiger View Post
What about everyone else?  Fun doc appointments?  Weird symptoms?  Exciting changes from last week?

Hi everyone. Nice to read all the check ins.  I heard the heartbeat again this week, love that sound.  I have been having a lot of symptoms but they are manageable.  I am still one very happy pregnant person but also emotional in that I will cry so easily, which is really not me at all.  Tears of joy come so easily it is hilarious.  I wasn't a big meat eater before pregnancy and the two I did eat I haven't really been able to stomach but I am so convinced fish is good for the baby I am still trying to eat it as much as I can (once a week at least).  I am starting to feel a lot better which is great.  Picked up some maternity clothes which really are neat as they seem to make the bump much more noticeable than other clothes.   I am looking forward to summer.   I have to start taking shots next week, I am a bit anxious about that but it will be fine.  


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Hello Ladies, Happy February!  Nice to hear how you are all doing.  Hopefully more and more of you will catch up with the 2nd trimester "improvements" if you haven't done so already....


Feeling good here (in week 15), I've got my energy and normal appetite back and can survive the day without a nap now.  That is making me a little stir crazy around the house though, as my husband's out of town every other week and I'm no longer in pregnant zombie mode (we just moved to Winnipeg where I don't know anyone, and it's too cold to go out and do anything!)  Had my first (Canadian) doctor's appointment last Friday and I heard baby's heartbeat on the doppler which was great.  I missed the opportunity to get any 1st trimester screenings done, but will be getting some blood tests done next week and plan to take a tour of the local hospital w/DH while we're there.


I'm waaaiiiiting to feel any flutters or movement here!  I know it could still be weeks, but that's my next big milestone that I'm looking forward to!

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Sol, what are the shots for?


I'm feeling more and more free to just not visit the doctor.  I think I can convince my DH to just go to the consult and file for a bc.  Yep.  I think that will work.


My bp has gone up a little and my DH worries so much...so I started taking some Mukta vati.  I'll let you know when it goes down.  I'm on day 4 and it will probably be done in a few days.  This stuff works fast!


I've actually been feeling rather sick lately.  I hvent been able to eat like I'd like.  I'm really ready for the aversions to be gone, too.


Some of you are 14 weeks, wow! Are you due in the end of July/beginning of Aug?

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they are for a healthy baby related to my health issues.  I hope your BP levels out and you start to feel better so you can eat.  I have never heard of Mukta Vati but it sounds likes it works well.  I am ready for my food aversions to leave as well but they aren't stopping me from eating thankfully, but I don't know much about the food in Singapore.  

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intime0, I was 14 weeks on Monday and my due date is August 6, so we're creeping up there!  I still can't believe the first trimester is over.  I remember week 5 and thinking it would never end.


NewMumJoy, I can't wait for movement either.  I thought I felt some the other day, but it was just gas.  :( 


MsZelda, we had a mild day this week too and I had an amazing long walk with the dogs.  It's crazy what a little bit of sunshine can do for my mood!


Sallyrae and ithappened, thanks for the congrats on the doctor!  I am just so happy with how wonderful she is.  It's a total 180 from my last doctor who made me feel so out of control about the whole experience.  As just an example, I still have not had anyone go over any of the three blood work sets I did.  I got a bill for an HcG test and a few others but I never heard anything about what they said or anything.  So stupid.  But my new doc explains everything.   Yay!


My crazy calf infection is getting somewhat better, but slowly.  I really can't stand not shaving... I have super thick, dark hair that grows in twos or threes (it's insane) so if I don't shave I look manly and am really uncomfortable and itchy.  Let's hope this clears up soon!


I hope everyone's week is going well so far.  Other than the continual headaches/nausea in the evenings, I'm doing pretty well.

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I just realized that lilytiger and I have the same due date! Although with DS I was almost 2 weeks late, so Im not counting on it happening on time.. .. but I hear often you are 'early' which twins, which means perhaps maybe I wont be as late this time along.. one can hope :)

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Happy week everyone!

Sounds like everyone is either coming out of the fog - or closer to coming out of the fog. YAY!!!


I'm on Zofran - so very little fog for me - except for this morning at 4am where I had my first vomit session in 2 weeks. It came out of no where when I tried to take my prenatal pill. Baby tba just wanted to remind me who is RUNNING things - I guess.


I had my 14 week appt yesterday. My BP is great at 110/68 - normal for me pre-pregnancy. I've only gained 4 lbs since my last appointment at 8 weeks. Baby is still REALLY low in my pelvis so it took the midwife a while to find the heartbeat. Since my fibroid makes me look HUGE - it's hard to gauge where baby might be hiding. BP has slowed down to the 130s - so now I'm going back on my thoughts that it might be a girl. Only time will tell! I go for my fetal scan on March 7th. I see the midwife again at 20 weeks - although this time they want me to meet another midwife in the practice. Interesting - since I wanted to go over my fetal scan results with my own midwife - but I guess it doesn't really matter - since you have a chance to see every midwife in the practice before it's over - in the event that you don't get your own for your delivery.

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I am also feeling quite a bit better! More energy, no nausea, etc. My due date is August 1, so I am actually 15 weeks today! I can hardly believe it.

The only thing that's bothering me is that my boobs still hurt :(


The next thing I am really looking forward to is feeling baby move. I have a posterior placenta, so I should be able to feel it soon. I have felt a few flutters, but they might just be gas!

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