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Tonight I am FINALLY feeling better from this cold/flu, its been 10 days.. I am really ready to be able to go for a run again which is a good sign when I start thinking about those things :) but it is FREEZING here right now. I am considering going for a run with my ski clothes on.


My next appointment isn't until the end of this month when I have the anatomy scan (I think its that week/appointment anyway) and hoping at that point I can find out the sex(es). Normally I wouldn't be as curious but since its 2 vs 1 babies. Suddenly that feels like waaaaay more kids .. going from 1 to 3 I am not sure we will ever leave the house in under an hour whistling.gif and Id like to know if I am going to have 3 boys, 2 girls/1 boy or 2 boys/1 girl..  anyhow..  Symptoms lately include sore sore boobs, very very dry skin and a lot of peeing :)


Happy Wednesday everyone!





ccoello - wow 15 weeks! amazing how time flies!   My boobs have been really hurting lately, its been in the last week or so I noticed it started (Im 14w2d).

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I'll be 14 weeks on Friday. I have a birth center appointment tomorrow evening and they are apparently going to talk about my cervical polyp (which I assume is what's causing bleeding every time I strain on the toilet) and hopefully I'll get some sort of answer on what to do at the appointment. 


I got my initial results from the sequential screen (still need 2nd tri bloodwork). My risk of Trisomy 18 is now 1 in 10,000 (lowest possible) but my risk of Down syndrome is 1 in 165, which isn't positive and the genetic counselor said it fits my age-related risk, but the internet says it should be more like 1 in 300? But it's just a preliminary result anyway. I'm not too worried since it's still less than 1% chance. 


I also got a copy of my ultrasound report from last week and my placenta is currently anterior. I'm hoping it will move because I'll be sad if I don't feel as much movement (or as early) as I could, plus I read it can make a posterior birth position more likely, which I'd rather avoid. 

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Ithappened how exciting about your anatomy scan.  I also have that appointment late this month (it is for something else but I know they can tell me then if I want to know) and will get to see if my strong feelings are right about the sex.  

eleuthia hope all goes well from your ultrasound report.  

LilyTiger your new medical care sounds so great!  I am very happy to hear that. 

Andaluza That is funny your cat demands a feeding, but hey, at least kitty waits until you get up right?  

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lurk.gif I'm reading along, but still have super long hours at work and super short, tired nights.

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Last night my bp was down from the Mukta Vati.  That stuff is a miracle herb!  Seriously.  My dh was SO HAPPY and relieved.  LOL


ithappened, glad your cold is going away. man, this stuff hung on, didnt it?  I wonder if it had something to do with us being pregnant.

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I wonder if it had something to do with us being pregnant.


yeah horrible. I cant believe I basically have has a cold for 12 days but I think I will be almost 100% by the weekend... I hope.


I did cave and spend 25$ on a neti pot here which I think helped a lot.. or at least made my sinus feel better :)

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Yes, I'm wondering how pregnancy is affecting sickness.  I've been sick for nearly three weeks now, but started feeling quite a bit better about a week ago.  My son now has the same bug, so I'm curious how it affects him compared to me, you know?  Last night I was able to go to the climbing gym and it felt good to exercise, but now I'm achy.  I'm worried b/c allergy season is hitting soon...will I know when this cold is done and when allergies start??  HOpe you guys are feeling better at this point.

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Last night my bp was down from the Mukta Vati.  That stuff is a miracle herb!  Seriously.  My dh was SO HAPPY and relieved.  LOL


ithappened, glad your cold is going away. man, this stuff hung on, didnt it?  I wonder if it had something to do with us being pregnant.

Yay! I'm glad your bp went down! 


As for being sick, I'm pretty sure I was the healthiest I've ever been when I was pregnant with my son, but right now I've developed a lower respiratory infection. :-( Granted, I was able to sleep more when I was pregnant with him, but I'm still pretty upset that I'm sick! It's definitely not fun! Maybe my acupuncturist can do something for it....

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yeah my son and husband had the same bug but they were both over it in less then a week eyesroll.gif .. today was the first day I was able to go for a walk and sort of enjoy it rather then feeling like I was forcing myself out the door.. at least now Im riding at 80% rather then 40-50%

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ithappened - so glad to hear that you're kicking this cold finally!  ainh - good luck with your cold, hoping it doesn't turn right into allergy season for you and you get a break soon....

sallyrae17 - sorry to hear about your respiratory infection, hope it can be resolved quickly..... LilyTiger - how's your skin infection doing these days, getting better I hope?

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NewMumJoy, the infection is much better, thanks!  I have to put antibiotic ointment on it three times a day after scrubbing it with antibiotic soap, but it's doing the trick.  I would much prefer this to being on oral antibiotics, which is the alternative.


In other news, nesting has officially gone crazy.  I spent most of today doing laundry, vacuuming, doing dishes, and so on.  I even scrubbed out the floor protector that goes under our dog bowls, which I can safely say has never been cleaned in the two plus years we've lived here.  Of course, the downside of all this is that I was supposed to spend today writing and editing, which did not happen.  I've been obsessed with cleaning and organizing around the house, but unfortunately I have another job that has real deadlines.  Hopefully I get some work done this weekend to make up for this.

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15 wks today (at least according to my lmp), yay!!!  DH returns home after being gone a full week, so we'll see if he thinks mama/baby belly look different!  We need to get back to taking  belly pics....

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I'm so glad everyone (mostly, sorry ainh and sallyrae) seems to be doing better.  


I'm anxiously awaiting both the end of our mandatory 55 hour weeks and my first trimester, which actually mostly coincide...13 more workdays and 2 days off, or 12 more days of the first trimester...you can't tell I'm tracking that can you?  Both have been really tough. I seem to be managing the m/s better.  I'm still nauseous, but it has gone from a constant, to right before mealtime, and I now manage to only throw up in the morning. My bloody noses seem to have stopped, but I'm getting more headaches, and I am still struggling with constipation, which is exacerbated by the Zofran. But I'm going to stop taking it in two weeks, and I'm still only taking it once in the morning, and only on days I'm working (which is 6 of 7).  I think IF I still have m/s after the first tri, I will be able to manage it better when I'm only working 8 hours/day. All of the other little pregnancy annoyances seem to be leveling off.  I know the ladies that are a bit further along said it would happen, but I'm SO excited it really is happening.  

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I certainly had one of my "clearer" days today. Still took some zofran but I didn't have that shadow of nausea lurking in the background like I have the last 3 days. Maybe I won't be one of those 9 monthers with nausea. *fingers crossed*.


Like Veritas - I'm glad mostly everyone is starting to feel better. Wishing the REST of us the end of the extreme nausea and constipation. We can do this!!!

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yeah we all are a bit on the up and up!!!?! joy.gif



I am very much hoping to go for a long walk today with the dog. not sure I can run today but thinking tomorrow or monday is a def. yes (assuming my now massive belly is ok with the idea)

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Great news about the (slow) nausea reduction, everyone (Veritas, Thebyr, and anyone else still struggling)!  I can't imagine what that has been doing to your mood and everything.  So glad it's easing up for you guys!


AFM, I'm doing really well this week.  Last night was the first night in a long time that I don't actually remember waking up in the middle of the night.  Since I developed massive insomnia around 6 weeks, I can say it's been a while.  Sleeping through the night is wonderful!  I'll hang onto that feeling as long as I can (a month or two?).  Workouts have been going great and the relaxin is totally kicking in.  My squats are much better than they were pre-pregnancy.  And finally (and most importantly) the horrible no good very bad stupid migraines I've had for the last two weeks seem to be abating.  I had a mild headache last night but not really any nausea to accompany it.  Still rocking some aversions to meat, but otherwise feeling pretty good.  So, thanks be for 14 weeks (15 on Monday!!!!).  Oh, and I get to shave next week too.  :)

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Lily, good to hear the migraines are getting better.  I had a killer one yesterday. 

Veritas, glad to hear you arent going to be working so hard for much longer. 


Actually been getting some MS at night.  Not bad, but enough to be puzzled as I hadnt had any this whole time.

Also, my pelvis is loose already.  I can feel it grinding when I turn over in the night.  PSD (I think is what it's called) usually doesnt start this early for me.

I so feel teh need to clean and organize and literally do not have the energy to do it.  UGH.  I look around my house and just wish someone besides me would think, wow, we should really clean this up.  It's so odd that NO ONE, not even my husband or housekeeper, can see that the house is messy.  Yes, it's swept and mopped and the toilets are cleaned.  But what about the piles of junk and the toys where they dont belong.  Is it invisible to everyone else?



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