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Postpartum Anger

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I've been feeling intensely angry at my toddler since my second was born (2.5 weeks ago). It's mostly when I'm alone with her and it's stuff she does that's normally annoying, but I keep yelling at her and just generally not wanting to be around her. It makes me feel horribly guilty. Her behavior is definitely worse lately, but I'm sure it's at least partially because she wants more attention from me, but I just have no effort in me to go play with her. I'd much rather sit on my couch and watch How I Met Your Mother on Netflix while nursing the baby. I encapsulated my placenta and I've noticed on days that I forget a pill I start to feel sad, but not abnormally sad. According to people I'm talking to on Twitter, PPD can manifest itself in anger instead of depression. Either way I'm calling my therapist tomorrow. I'm contemplating calling my midwife now, but I don't know what she'd even do. Anyway, I just wanted to hop on this part of the forums and talk to other moms who have experienced this. Does anyone have helpful tips for not feeling so upset with my toddler all the time?

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I felt like that, too, when I had DD2 and DD1 was just over 2 years old.  I was overwhelmed and emotional for a couple of months, had less patience than I should have, and was harsher with DD1 than I should have been.  They're teenagers now, and over all I feel like I've been a pretty good mother to them- but I've always regretted not being gentler to her during that period (probably the first 6 months to year after DD2 was born).  I guess my only advice would be to try, when you're feeling particularly annoyed, to take a long term perspective and remind yourself that this is just a phase and it will pass.


I know it's hard though- good luck and big hugs!

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Hugs Mama. It's great that you're going to talk to your therapist. My anger showed up a bit later, but I had lots of time to rest the first few weeks because I had to have an unplanned caesarean birth. My anger and irritability got worse, so I talked to my doctor about PPD and started on medication. I was experiencing anxiety as well.


I believe I had PPD after my first pregnancy as well, and tried to treat it myself which didn't work so well.


Do what feels right for you and your family and know that you aren't alone. I also didn't know that PPd could show up as anger and anxiety.

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It's weird for me that it's manifesting itself in anger. I have a history of depression and anxiety, so I've been expecting those things, not anger. When I had my first, it was like all my mental problems just disappeared. I have an appointment with my psychologist for valentines morning. :-) 

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